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April 2011

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VitaCount Tablet Counter
VersaBlock Vial Filler
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Dear Customer/Prospect:

 This issue of the Belcorp Bulletin features a long-time supplier of equipment to Belcorp customers.  PallayPack offers packaging equipment from a premier group of high quality manufacturers in the cosmetic, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  We would like to highlight two excellent examples from this group.



Ed Kraft

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VitaCount tablet counter

VitaCount Tablet Counter

 The PPS VitaCount is the ideal solution combining quality construction and state of the art accurate counting in an affordable machine that you can trust and depend on for years.


The VitaCount can be configured to operate with pills and tablets as large as OO size, capsules and soft gels.  The stainless steel construction allows for easy dismantling to clean between products or batches. The unit includes linear vibratory feed tracks to keep good product separation.  


We saved the best part until last.  The VitaCount is priced very competitively. We believe you will be quite suprised at just how affordable the VitaCount can be !

VersaBlock vial filler

VersaBlock Vial Filler

Pictured is the VersaBlock automatic monoblock for filling, plugging and pick and place capping of any kind of small bottles and vials.  All of this can be obtained at an entry level price. The PallayPack VersaBlock can handle a wide range of products and has been designed for quick changeover. Basic models are available for glass or plastic vials, rubber stoppers or plugs, screw caps or crimp caps. This unit is ideal for applications where volumes have exceeded what can be done manually, but budget is limited. VersaBlock operates at speeds up to 40 bottles per minute. Please contact us at BELCORP to learn more details about this system.