Solutions for your Packaging Requirements.

March 2011

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AMS Filling and Lidding Solutions
We are a specialized organization dealing with many packaging equipment manufacturers.  We provide design assistance for complete equipment and system construction. We cover  Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,West Virginia, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Western Pennsylvania.
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Dear Customer/Prospect: 
This issue of the "BELCORP BULLETIN" is focused on a recent successful machinery installation and the high volume and high quality requirements. This specific case history was an opportunity to provide equipment to a new plant installation that demanded the best high performance machinery that was designed specifically for this unique end use.  AMS FILLING SYSTEMS provided the ideal combination desired. AMS manufacturers a complete line of fillers in single, multihead and rotary configurations for free flowing and non-free flowing products.
We, at BELCORP, continually strive to do exactly what our motto says:
"Solutions for your Packaging Requirements"  You may not require the specific equipment featured in this example, but the end product demonstrates our committment to our customers. 




Larry McGovern


 AMS masthead


AMS Rotary filler revisedAMS High Speed Rotary Fillers

This installation was for 5 high speed rotary fillers with 45 stations each. These units were designed to fill small cans with 36 grams to 45 grams of product, depending on the moisture content of the product. Each production line is capable of filling 900 cans per minute.  Fill accuracy is very precise and each line is checked and confirmed for weight and contaminants by x-ray detection and check-weighing equipment.





AMS High Speed Lidder

In order to support the high speed filling operation pictured and described above, AMS provided five high speed lidders in the production lines. These lidders were designed to accurately provide lids at speeds to match the high speed filling lines.