"Solutions for your Packaging Requirements"January 2011
Anritsu BannerDear Customer/Prospect:
We are very excited to advise you of our new association with one of the premier manufacturers of contaminant inspection and checkweighing equipment in the world.  ANRITSU INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS provides equipment for high quality x-ray detection, metal detection and check-weighing throughout the world. ANRITSU is committed to providing solutions for safety and security for all types of food products and pharmaceuticals, in addition to many other demanding industrial products.

Anritsu KD74 x-ray
Pictured is the KD 74 series x-ray inspection unit. The basic KD 74 system is available in a variety of configurations for your individual application. The systems all provide: (1) masking technology to control the detection sensitivity. (2) Provide shape detection technology. (3) Provide multi-line inspection technology. (4) Provide missing product detection, and (5) provide mass measurement technology for low and high weight conditions. The selection of a proper system is based on the application.  A wide variety of models is available for liquids, bulk items, unpacked products and packed products, including those in retail foil packaging.  Please contact us for additional information about the complete ANRITSU line.  BELCORP - 1-800-555-1781.

Anritsu metal detector
ANRITSU has a long history in Metal Detectors as a basic means of inspecting for certain contaminants. Using the properties of magnetic fields, these systems detect metals such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum. ANRITSU provides systems for standard high speed detection, high sensitivity models, models for bottled products and aluminum foil packaged products.

Anritsu SV Checkweigher
Automatic weight inspecting equipment is indispensible in checking product weight and missing products. ANRITSU check-weighers not only weigh products with high speed and precision, but also can link with data from fillers and packagers to provide supporting validation for coordinated quality control systems. Models are available for wash-down installations, for large and wide products, for bottles, for capsules and for fresh fish and other products.


Ed Kraft, Larry McGovern, Aaron Kraft, Steve Averdick, Chris Young


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Anritsu plants
ANRITSU INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS  has nearly a half century of designing and manufacturing inspection equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging and processing industries. This experience, and a historical installation base of over 120,000 units worldwide, is a testament to the design quality of their equipment and their commitment to satisfying the food safety and quality requirements established by customers and the industry.  Their large manufacturing complex pictured above, is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
We, at Belcorp are excited about recent events.  Expanding our business with the addition of the new Chicago office and now the addition of the Anritsu product line, provides our customer and prospect base with the potential to come to one source for complete system examination and installation.
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