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SE1-RNS Food Grade Filler
PT-IF Drum Filler
AE2-CEM Automated Filler
Visit PACK EXPO 2010  Oct 31st to Nov. 3rd in Chicago.
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All staff from BELCORP will be in attendance at PACK EXPO in Chicago beginning on Oct. 31st. We will be working with most of our manufacturers at their booths. IDEAL will be located in Booth N-4304 and we urge you to visit them to learn more about the extensive filling and capping systems they can provide for many liquid and semi-viscous products.
Next month we will be providing a complete lisiting of booth locations for all of the manufacturers we represent.
 Click on the You Tube logo on our web site home page to visit our You Tube Channel and select a variety of video clips showing the operation of many packaging systems that we represent.
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 Belcorp Inc.
September, 2010
Dear Customer/Prospect,
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You may be receiving this "Belcorp Bulletin" for the first time. It is probably a result of your prior contact with Ideal Manufacturing. We are pleased to announce that we, at Belcorp, now are midwest distributors of Ideal products.
In this bulletin you will see a sampling of the various types of liquid packaging machinery manufactured by Ideal. Ideal offers a complete line of filling and capping systems capable of handling products from 1/2 pint to drum and tote containers.  All types of filling configurations are available from volumetric, mechanical, timer and level sensing models that can fit most every specification.
Ed Kraft
 SE1-RNS Filling Machine
Semi-Automatic Mechanical Weight Filling Model
This net weight filling machine is "Ideal" for packaging liquid or semi-viscous food products into 1 to 5 gallon containers. The machine is light and compact so it is easy to position in a manufacturing facility.
The operator simply places a container on the scale and pushes the fill button. The container weight is measured and zeroed out and automatically filled by net or gross weight. Manually place a lid or cap and roll the container off the scale. Combining the filling machine with a roll through closing or capping machine can further automate the packaging process.
PT-IF Net Weight Drum and Tote Filler
Ideal for filling four 55 gallon drums on a pallet or a tote.
The operator moves a pallet with four drums or tote bins onto the scale platform. The nozzle positioning handles are used to position the nozzle to the opening of the first drum. Press the "fill" function and filling begins at the predetermined full flow speed. Product filling slows when the dribble set point is reached.  This is repeated until all drums are filled. The operator then moves the pallet or tote bin off the scale by fork lift or by rollers onto a roller conveyor. (This configuration is also available from Ideal as an option.) Please contact us at Belcorp for additional information and options available to customize this operation for your needs.
AE2-CEM Automatic Filling and Closing
Fully automated net weight filling and closing machine.
This net weight filling machine is ideal for filling open top containers from quart to 6 gallons.
Features of the AE-CEM include patented interchangable fill cart, SPC displayed on HMI, Allen-Bradley PLC, check weigher at fill stations, heavy duty roller closer, machine diagnostics and check weigh data logging.
Options include Ideals' Direct Fill System Cart (DFS), lid placers, rotary tables and extended conveyor lengths.