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May   2010 
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:: Nuspark NCP15/25 Case Packer
:: POLARIS Automated Palletizer
:: NTL 50 Toploading Case Packer
:: Memorial Day Tribute
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Nuspark Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized precision machinery for the packaging, food, plastics, beverage and automotive industries.

They manufacture Cartoners, Case/Tray packers, Case formers and sealers,Palletizers, Collating devices, Robotic pick and place systems and Fillers for a wide variety of containers and pouches.
 This bulletin will focus on their palletizing and case packing expertise.
NCP15/25 Single Cell Case Packer
This system can erect, load and seal in one frame. The flexibility of chosing either a single head or dual head unit makes the speed and case size adjustable to your specific demands.
Maximum speed for the NCP15 is 15 cases per minute and maximun case size is 24"Lx16"Wx16"H. The NCP25 has a maximum speed of 25 CPM and maximum case size of 16"Lx14"Wx12"H.
The small footprint of 160" long by 60" wide provides for very efficient space use. Size changeover generally requires less than 15 minutes. The rugged construction, speed, flexibility and efficiency make this top load case packer a great investment.
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POLARIS Automated Palletizer
 Model NP fully programmable unit.

A state of the art automated palletizer suitable for stacking shipping cartons/cases onto a pre-positioned pallet.  Easy computer programming allows the operator to select various carton configurations to maximize each load. The automated empty pallet magazine can hold up to 10 pallets. Maximum pallet size is 48"x48". Maximum stacking height 65".
 Robotic carton/case placement can handle up to 100 pounds per pick-up. The Polaris is capable of stacking up to 15 cases per minute. The footprint of the unit is very compact, taking up approximately 8-1/2'x7-3/4 ' of floor space.  Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel and featuring waterproof control systems, the Polaris is easy to maintain and operate.
Contact us at for more complete information.
NTL50 Top Loading Case/Tray Packer 

NTL50 Top loader 
The NTL Robotic Top Loading Case Packer is a very versatile, compact and rugged machine designed to fit well in exisiting packaging operations. The NTL 50 can handle packing of cartons, jugs and bottles, containers of various shapes and sizes and flexible packages.
This system is capable of a maximum output of 50 picks/minute.  Maximum case size is 24"Lx16"Wx16"D. Robotic placement of product into cases can be set up in various patterns very easily through the user friendly computer system. Please contact us at for complete information about this and other NUSPARK equipment.
Memorial Day Tribute

As we approach Memorial Day, please take a moment to think of our service men and women who are currently defending our nation in many countries around the world.
Memorial Day is also the time to consider the sacrifices made by so many  thousands of men and women through the years.  From two world wars, the Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan - we honor the veterans and their families.  We will also never forget those patriots who gave their lives in these conflicts to protect us. May their families have proud memories to sustain them.
            GOD BLESS AMERICA !Memorial Liberty 
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