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December 2009
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Economy in Filling
AMS A-400
Foundation of the Product Line
AMS A-100 Filler
AMS A-100

The A-100 is the foundation of the AMS product line. This semi-automatic auger filler is versatile and very economical. The A-100 can fill free flowing and non-free flowing dry products as well as liquids, regardless of viscosity. It's simple to operate and easy to set up.

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Welcome to our last bulletin of 2009 ! 
We would like to highlight a long-time supplier to BELCORP.  AMS FILLING SYSTEMS has earned an outstanding reputation for building a full line of quality engineered auger filling systems.  AMS creates all equipment and control systems in house. Please examine a few of the wide variety of filling systems that we are featuring below.  
AMS 400-E Filler

AMS A-400 Series Automatic Fillers

Pictured is the A-400E Single Head Automatic filler. This series can fill virtually any rigid container at rates up to 120 cpm. It features an open base frame, versatile pneumatic indexing and a 6 ft. stainless steel conveyor. More information and specifications are available. Call BELCORP at

AMS 700 Rotary

AMS A-700 Automatic Rotary Filler
AMS continuous motion rotary fillers eliminate difficult container handling and product settling problems while operating at high line speeds. Configurations of up to 36 station turrets can supply production speeds of up to 400 CPM. Let us examine your requirements and suggest a filling system that works for you.  Contact us at