Solutions For Your Packaging Needs  August 2009
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High Speed Feeders
Collating In Line
Tip-On Systems
High Speed and Ready to Run
MFT 350ip
Pictured is the MULTIFEEDER MFT350 ip which is one of the basic models of the MFT series of friction feeders. These units arrive ready to use and can be incorporated into most exisiting production lines with little reconfiguration. Product widths from 1 inch up to 36 inches can be fed through the MFT models and thicknesses up to 1 inch can deliver easily and reliably

Multifeeder logo
MultiFeeder Technology is located in St. Paul, MN. and is the leader in high performance and high speed friction feeders. We can furnish videos of their equipment in full operation. Please contact us at

We provide complete service for all your packaging needs.
Dear Customer/Prospect: 
This month we feature MULTIFEEDER TECHNOLOGY CO., manufacturer of a broad line of friction feeders for automatic product feeding of flat items in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses.  MULTIFEEDER is the leader in high performance, high speed friction feeding equipment and accessories. If you are looking for a simple and economical solution to feeding products quickly, reliably and accurately, contact us at Belcorp for more information about MULTIFEEDER TECHNOLOGY.

MFT Collating Line

This is an example of how multiple MFT feeders can be configured in a high speed production line to efficiently collate and deliver multiple pages or items for binding or packaging in sets. MULTIFEEDER can provide the complete system including conveyor and accumulating equipment as required. All at an economical cost to you.
MFT tipping system

Automatic Tip-On Systems 

This is a MULTIFEEDER application for product feeding, collating and "tipping". The system consists of two MULTIFEEDER friction feeders, a vacuum conveyor, an extruded hot melt adhesive applicator and a belt discharge conveyor. The product delivery can be configured to accumulate and be packaged for the consumer to separate due to the low tack adhesive, or can be designed to feed directly to an application on to the finished product. Contact us at Belcorp Inc. to determine the proper application for your products.
MFT 950 
MULTIFEEDER FRICTION FEEDERS. The Key is Flexibility and Broad Application Potential
The possibilities of products that can be collated, accumulated or fed through MULTFEEDER friction feeders is large !  Blister packs, CD's, coupons, booklets, stickers, greeting cards, credit cards, pouches, labels, stationery, Rx inserts, magnets, posters and cardboard inserts (as shown in the picture above of the MFT 950 delivering 36" sheets of 1" cardboard.) The possibilities are endless !