Solutions for your Packaging Problems  October 2008 
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Model AU-6 Unscrambler
Model VOL-32 Filler
Model A-6 Capper
Kaps-All Complete Bottling System
Kapsall system
Above is an example of a complete KAPS-ALL bottling line including unscrambler, filler, capper, induction sealer and accumulation table. KAPS-ALL also provides modular conveyor systems that can be easily expanded or reconfigured to meet your requirements.
Contact us at Belcorp to examine your requirements and design a system that meets your exact specifications.  Belcorp and Kaps-All can assist you in finding solutions to your bottling and packaging needs. 

Our Featured Supplier
AU-6 Unscrambler

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This issue of the BELCORP BULLETIN will focus on one of our long-time manufacturer/suppliers - KAPS-ALL PACKAGING SYSTEMS.  Kaps-All has been a major manufacturer of bottling, capping and unscrambler systems for over 65 years. Kaps-All has over 30 exclusive patented features incorporated in their state-of-the-art designed packaging machinery.
They can provide a complete system from unscrambler through cleaning, filling, capping, sealing and accumulating.  Contact us at Belcorp for complete information on the wide variety of equipment available. 
AU-6 Unscrambler
     Model AU-6 Compact Unscrambler
Pictured here is the Model AU-6 compact unscrambler. This unit features a low profile design, rugged construction, quiet and smooth operation with speeds over 300 BPM, depending on bottle shapes and sizes.  The AU-6 is fully automatic and is easy to set up and operate without a requirement for specially skilled operators.
VOL 32 Filler

Model VOL32 Filling Machine

This is the fully automatic volumetric model VOL 32 filling machine. This piston filling unit dispenses an exact predetermined amount of product into each container. Finger-tip controls permit quick change of product, fill volume or fill rate in minutes. Stainless steel construction allows for quick and complete cleaning. Complete portability means the unit can be utilized for several production locations.
Model A-6 Spindle Capper Model A6 Capper
This is the Model A-6 portable 6 spindle capper. This unit handles caps of all materials from 8 mm to 70 mm., including pilfer evident and child resistant cap closures. Portability allows for easy movement from one production line to another. The model A-6 can handle metal, glass or plastic containers from low jars and vials up to 2 1/2 gallon containers.