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Solutions for all of your Packaging Requirements  August 2008
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Simplimatic Automation Systems
Advantage Puck Products
Simplimatic Automation
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Simplimatic manufactures modular conveyors & automation for packaging and assembly production lines. The products offered are specifically designed for quick and simple installation and reconfiguration to handle a wide variety of products. The products range from puck handling, carton and package handling, pharmceutical products and cosmetic and personal care items. They can also design systems for highly specialized industry requirements. Their equipment is shipped, installed and serviced worldwide.

Advantage Puck
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Advantage Puck Group designs and produces high quality reuseable pucks that are individually manufactured to carry unusual shapes and sizes of products through high speed filling and packaging operations.

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Dear Customer/Prospect, 
We are pleased to announce a new association with Simplimatic Automation and Advantage Puck Group. These two companies joined forces in 2005 to provide complete conveyor and handling systems for specialized products in the aerosol, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other packaging industries. 
Simplimatic Conveyors
Pictured are two of the most popular styles of modular conveyor systems produced by Simplimatic. Their engineered solutions keep you moving. Simplimat is a modular, mat-top system available in a variety of straight and curved sections designed for easy assembly and quick reconfiguration. Simpliflex is a flexible chain pattern conveyor system also available in a wide variety of lengths, widths and various curves.
Simplimatic also produces specific systems for handling highly specialized products such as optical trays, electronic components and microchips. Contact us at Belcorp to obtain more detailed information about this line.
Puck applications

Advantage Puck Applications

With the advanced container designs of today, a method was developed to transport, fill, and package unusual and/or unstable shapes of containers that could not be handled on conventional conveying and packing equipment.  Reusable pucks were developed for this purpose and Advantage is one of the pioneers in that field. Pucks are molded out of virgin polypropylene in various colors for each specific product requirement. Advantage Puck in collaboration with Simplimatic can design a complete system for handling and conveying many unusual shapes and containers in the aerosol, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and specialty packaging industries.  Contact Belcorp for more information