Solutions for your packaging needs. February 2008 
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This is the problem
stick pak accumulator
Powder stick packs are filled and sealed at high speeds and require accurate high speed accumulation, counting and packaging.  Due to the unusual size and variable configurations, this can be a challenge.
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ZAC "Carry-In" Feature
stick pack carry in
The ZAC patented Dynamic Product Bucket adjusts to conform to the product and gently, in a controlled manner, delivers the contents directly into the carton.
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stick pack carry in

This is the Finished Package 

The net result of this system is the ultimate in adaptability and product manageability. The combination of vertical collator and "Carry-In" loading allows a wide range of product count and packaging speeds. All of this flexibility is provided on a truly modular and stainless steel platform for sanitary wash down ability.

Achieving the Solution

Belcorp brought this problem to the attention of Z Automation Company and their engineering and design staff produced the equipment to meet the challenge.The unique design of their vertical collator combined with ZAC's patented "carry-in" loading feature provides endusers with the latest in packaging for this beverage trend.
 stick pack carry in
Keep it simple, fast and reliable. 
The vertical accumulator pictured here provides the flexibility for variable or continuous motion into the cartoner, pictured to the left, and will accomodate a wide range of product counts and speeds.