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February already! This month is chock full of celebrations with Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and Black History Month in the USA and Teen Suicide Prevention Week in South Africa.

For those celebrating Valentine's Day, we have some special articles below to help you handle all that sometimes comes with it.

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February 13, 2012   
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February 24, 2012
Paula Black to serve as Honorary Chair.
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Click! International Bipolar Foundation's annual fund raiser will take place on Friday, February 24 in Del Mar, CA. Tickets & sponsorships are on sale now for this fast-paced, fun "game show" starring YOU!
Ticket includes dinner, open bar including the famous 'Clickmopolitan', Silent & Live auctions, Hope & Imagine Award presentation, and of course, the uber fun game show!!
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  • The 5 Most Common Mental Issues Teens Face - Dr. Thomas Jensen
  • Going to College with Bipolar Disorder - Dr. Russ Federman
  • Runaway Mind - Maggie Reese
  • A Novel Approach to Treating Bipolar Disorder - Depression Bipolar Institute
  • Irwin Rosenfarb: Family Treatment for Bipolar Disorder   
  • Maricela Estrada: "My Recovery: A Story of Hope and Inspiration"    
  • Dr. Sarah Frampton, Educational Advocate: How to Navigate Educational Services in a School Environment     

Thursday, March 8, 2012 

Carol Battaglia: Planning ahead for a child with Mental Illness

Carol S. Battaglia has been in private practice as a solo practitioner for over 20 years. As part of her estate planning practice, she routinely works with families who have disabled family members to create estate plans using special needs trusts. She also assists trial lawyers in establishing court-created special needs trusts, designing structured settlements and implementing other strategies to receive an injured party's settlement funds while maintaining eligibility for government assistance benefits. Ms. Battaglia is a member of the sections on Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Section of the San Diego County Bar Association, and the Estate Planning Council of San Diego. She is also the Southern California member of the Special Needs Alliance, which is a national network of lawyers dedicated to Disability and Public Benefits Law. She has been working with the Special Needs Trust Foundation of San Diego since 2002 on their project of adding self-settled special needs trusts to their program for which she wrote the master trust agreement. Currently, she is the author of a chapter in the CEB's new book on Special Needs Trusts. She is a frequent speaker and author on special needs trusts and other means of maintaining needs based public benefits. The national attorney's directory, Martindale-Hubbell, gives Ms. Battaglia it's highest rating of A/V. 


5:30-6:00- SOCIAL 6:00-6:45-LECTURE 6:45-7:00- Q & A  

Location: Sanford Children's Research Center, Building 12 Address: 10905 Road to Cure, San Diego 92121  


Save the date for these lectures in La Jolla:       

    April 12, 2012- John McManamy - consumer, activist 

    May 10, 2012- Suzanne Fiala, MD - pediatrician who has bp

    June 14, 2012- Lis Eyler, PhD - research project

    A special THANK YOU to Sanford|Burnham Medical Research Institute for donating the space for these lectures.
                                                                      sanford burnham

Therese's Corner  

Therese Borchard 



You may find this helpful for Valentine's Say


10 Things You SHOULD Say to a Depressed Loved One


Associate Editor


The other day I covered 10 things you should not say to a loved one if you don't want your name to come up in her therapy sessions. It covered a lot of ground, so I get why some folks would say, "Then what the hell CAN I say?" I've been thinking about that, and here's my list. Some of them may require a personality adjustment, so just skip those. Read the rest here 



A United Nations General Assembly Special Session for Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders: The Time Has Come Read the report here


Are anxiety disorders associated with a more severe form of bipolar disorder in adolescents
Among adolescents with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders are associated with a poorer course, lower quality of life, and global functioning. In these subjects, anxiety disorders should be promptly recognized and treated. here
India takes up fight against mental disorders at WHO summit World Health Organization|Mental Disorders
NEW DELHI: India has pushed the world into joining hands to fight against mental disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.
With depression expected to be the leading cause of disease burden globally by 2030, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a resolution on "Global Burden of Mental Disorders and the need for a comprehensive, coordinated response at the country level" at the end of its annual board meeting on Monday. The resolution was moved on January 20 by India in Geneva by Union health secretary P K Pradhan.

Validation of the Chinese version of the Mood Disorder Questionnaire for screening bipolar disorder among patients with a current depressive episode
The results show that the Chinese version of Mood Disorder Questionnaire is a valid tool for screening bipolar disorder in a group of patients with current depressive episode on the Chinese mainland. here
Real illnesses that exact a heavy toll

According to the China Association of Mental Health, more than 260 million people in China suffer from depression, and more than 60 percent of them have never been to even a general hospital seeking information or treatment.
Most don't know they have depression. Only 10 percent of depression patients receive effective medical treatment, the association said.
Mental illness is not a character flaw that can be resolved through will power. Nor is it confined to adults.
In Beijing, the association said, 83 children in every 1,000 had mental illness in 1984, but the rate had tripled by 2002. Of the children who were diagnosed, 70 percent had hyperactive or transient disorder. here

Leif Gregersen's 'Through The Withering Storm' - A Powerful Story For Bipolar Sufferers

Mental illness and resources available in Leeds and Grenville

New Treatment for Patients with Bipolar I Disorder
First sublingual treatment for moderate to severe manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder, one of the leading causes of disability affecting an estimated 623,000 patients in the UK becomes available today. here
Lundbeck Ltd today announced that Sycrest® (asenapine) is being launched in the UK for the treatment of moderate to severe manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder in adults. This offers a new treatment choice for people with this serious and disabling disorder.


Genes May Be Missing Link Between Creativity, Mental Illness
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have been linked with creativity. The relationship may occur because some of the genes that contribute to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder also contribute to creativity. here

Being bipolar in Pakistan

Mood disorder diagnosis still a concern
Leading Australian clinical psychiatrist Professor Gordon Parker is appalled mood disorder sufferers are continuing to go undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and without treatment plans. here

Teen Suicide Prevention Week 12th - 19th February 2012
Suicide rates in South Africa are on the increase, with an estimated 23 people committing suicide daily and about 230 attempted suicides every day, according to leading suicidologist Professor Lourens Schlebusch. "Depression is still a 'taboo' subject and people who are suffering from depression or who feel isolated and alone, often struggle to admit how they're feeling or ask for help because of fear of how others will treat them." Says Wilson. SADAG feels this initiative will have a great impact on getting assistance to people in distress. "People often don't know how to cope or where to turn for help," says Wilson. "Being able to have nationwide access to our counsellors and to receive speedy help for you, a friend or even a stranger who is in distress on Facebook will greatly contribute to decreasing the number of suicide attempts in South Africa."
Please watch out for our PSA which has been playing on DSTV, and the new one that will be on MTV from the beginning of February.
bpmag logo

Help your partner help you

The researchers' task: find ways to improve outcomes for people living with chronic illness, especially interventions that support patient self-management.

Their proposal: Enlist friends and relatives to help monitor symptoms and provide encouragement to stick with a treatment plan.

The result: the University of Michigan's CarePartner program, which helps a trusted individual keep tabs on a patient's condition and learn ways to help with setbacks.  

According to John D. Piette, PhD, a UM Medical School professor of internal medicine, the CarePartner approach has shown good results for individuals with diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and depression.

Having a "care partner" for managing bipolar is a really good idea. In "7 Ways to Help Your Partner Help You," bp columnist Judy Enron, LCSW, lays out how to make it work, starting with "Make a written agreement." (Teaser tip: Record yourself on video reading the agreement so that if a mood shift hits, your future self sees that like it or not, your partner is only following guidelines you set when you were well.)

To read the column,
click here
The Dating Game
Everything about Valentine's Day tell us we should be in a happy couple, but what if that's not the case? Overblown expectations lead to triggers like frustration, self-criticism, and sadness-or worse yet, jumping into an iffy relationship.
Like many of us with bipolar, Victoria A. has had partners who fled after learning her diagnosis, partners who stayed but couldn't see past the illness, partners she turned away from in depression, and others she overwhelmed with manic attention. To read the column: 

The USC UCEDD Policy Series

Update on AB3632-

Mental Health Services for Students with IEPs

Please join us for a webinar on

                           Thursday, February 23, 2012 10 - 11 AM  

Registration is Required and Space is Limited.

Dial in information will be given when you register

To register:
Contact Yolanda Casillas at ycasillas@chla.usc.edu or 323 361-1877.

Two studies which are currently recruiting in the North West of England. We also have a link to the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research which is where we are based. The Spectrum Centre conducts translational research into the understanding and psychological treatment of bipolar disorder and other related conditions. We achieve our purpose both by obtaining significant grant funding and by working collaboratively with third sector organisations and people with bipolar disorder, regionally and nationally. 
The link for people in the UK to get involved in research is www.spectrumconnect.co.uk or more information about the spectrum centre can be found at www.lancs.ac.uk/shm/research/spectrum/    

taxClick here to view the flyer regarding FREE INCOME TAX PREPARATION! Please have your consumers call our office to schedule an appointment on any Thursday beginning February 2 through April 12th. The hours we will have income tax preparers here are between 12:00 and 3:00.  
Reminder that there is valet parking in front, and guest parking in the east lot, immediately to your right when you enter our site.  
Feel free to share this with people that could benefit - which is almost everyone! Don't let people you know leave money on the table - every little bit helps, and you might even learn about some other services you might benefit from!  
Mary Ellen Stives, Executive Director 
Area Board XIII - Office of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities 
8880 Rio San Diego Drive, Suite 250 
San Diego, CA 92108 
(619) 688-3323 
(619)688-4241 Spanish 
(619) 688-3296 Fax 
Every year from February 1 to April 15, the AARP Foundation's Tax Aide program offers the nation's largest free income tax preparation service for low to moderate income Americans. To find a site near you, go to www.foundation.aarp.org/GetTaxHelp 
                                                         BOOK CORNER

When My Mommy Cries
mommy cries
When My Mommy Cries is a tender story about a little girl who feels scared, confused, and abandoned when her mother becomes deeply sad. Through reassuring honesty, gentle compassion, and mutual respect, they nurture the bonds of trust, as the girl discovers that nothing - not even sadness or depression - can separate her from the safety and security of her mother's love. 

storm largeCrazy Enough
Storm spent most of her childhood visiting her mother in mental institutions and psych wards. Suzi's diagnosis changed with almost every doctor visit, ranging from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to multiple personality disorder to depression. As hard as it was not having her at home, Storm and her brothers knew that it was a lot safer to have their beautiful but unreliable mom in a facility somewhere. Then one day, nine-year-old Storm jokingly asked one of her mother's doctors, "I'm not going to be crazy like that, right?" To which he replied, "Well, yes. It's hereditary. You absolutely will end up like your mother. But not until your twenties."

Manic Minds
RIT English Professor's New Book Explores History and Evolution of 'Mania'
 hermsen book
Lisa Hermsen reveals her personal struggle with mental illness and traces the multiple ways in which the word "mania" has been used by popular, medical and academic writers in her just-released book, Manic Minds: Mania's Mad History and its Neuro-Future.
Taming the Tiger
taming the tiger 
Morrissey has written more than 80 short stories, 10 volumes of poetry, two novellas and more recently a memoir, Taming the Tiger, which dealt with his experience with bipolar disorder. here

I am Normal, if You're Bipolar

Terri Callsen is launching her first book I Am Normal ... If You're Bipolar this Wednesday, Feb. 9 on Bell Let's Talk Day about mental illness during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Callsen, who is originally from Williams Lake and now makes her home in the Canim Lake area, says the book will be available only as an eBook for now but if she has 5,000 eBook readers the book will be put into print.

Callsen says she suffers with bipolar disorder and wrote the book to help others who are also struggling with the disorder.
Runaway Mind, My Own Race With Bipolar Disorder Maggie Reese
The new book "Runaway Mind, My Own Race with Bipolar Disorder", tells the story of Maggie Reese who was changed forever by a Bipolar mental illness. Once a care free talented young girl with high hopes for her life, who became a confused, violent, angry destructive mania cyclone. As circumstances appeared at their worst, hope for her life was found through the love of family, compassion of friends and locating the right medication. Over time Maggie learned how to live day by day with her Bipolar Disorder and create a happy and wonderful life. 


Dry-cleaning chemical can increase risk of bipolar disorder: study
A new study has found early exposure to a chemical commonly used in dry-cleaning can increase the risk of developing bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome. here
Link Between PCE In Drinking Water And An Increased Risk Of Mental Illness

PCE in drinking water linked to an increased risk of mental illnessThe solvent
tetrachloroethylene (PCE) widely used in industry and to dry clean clothes is a
neurotoxin known to cause mood changes, anxiety, and depression in people who
work with it. here
Bill-paying program helps mentally ill avoid becoming homeless
Lithium For Bipolar Disorder - Pros And Cons Unclear
The most effective long-term treatment for bipolar disorder is lithium. It
offers protection against depression and mania and reduces the risk of suicide
and short-term mortality. However, according to a study in The Lancet ,safety
concerns have made the use of lithium controversial. here
New Study May End 2 Decades Of Suspicion: Does Borna Disease Virus Cause Mental Illness?
Over the past 30 years, numerous studies have linked Borna disease virus (BDV)
with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder
and dementia. Genetic fragments and antibodies to this RNA virus, which causes
behavior disorders in a range of mammals and birds, have been found to be
prevalent in psychiatric patients, but study results have been inconsistent. here

Metabolic Side Effects Such As Obesity And Diabetes Caused By Antipsychotic

In 2008, roughly 14.3 million Americans were taking antipsychotics - typically
prescribed for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or a number of other behavioral
disorders - making them among the most prescribed drugs in the U. here
Government survey finds that 5 percent of Americans suffer from a 'serious mental illness'
Update on Laura's Law
Lithium toxicity profile: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Lithium is associated with increased risk of reduced urinary concentrating ability, hypothyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, and weight gain. There is little evidence for a clinically significant reduction in renal function in most patients, and the risk of end-stage renal failure is low. The risk of congenital malformations is uncertain; the balance of risks should be considered before lithium is withdrawn during pregnancy. Because of the consistent finding of a high prevalence of hyperparathyroidism, calcium concentrations should be checked before and during treatment. here
An observational nationwide register based cohort study on lamotrigine versus lithium in bipolar disorder
Rates did not differ significantly between the drugs for patients with a mixed index episode and for patients in remission. It is concluded that in daily clinical practice, treatment with lithium is in general superior to treatment with lamotrigine. here
Risperidone and Divalproex Differentially Engage the Fronto-Striato-Temporal Circuitry in Pediatric Mania: A Pharmacological Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
When patients performed a working memory task under emotional duress inherent in the paradigm, divalproex enhanced activation in a fronto-temporal circuit whereas risperidone increased activation in the dopamine (D2) receptor-rich ventral striatum. here
 Comparison of neuropsychological effects of adjunctive risperidone or quetiapine in euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder
Although randomized controlled trials are required to confirm the cognitive side effects of medications prescribed for maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder, preliminary results indicate that addition of risperidone to a mood stabilizer has a negative impact on executive function and verbal learning, an effect not shared with quetiapine. here
Comorbidity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Tourettes syndrome and bipolar I disorder in an adolescent patient with schizencephaly
The authors report the case of an adolescent boy who was diagnosed with both attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and Tourette's syndrome. A full-blown manic episode occurred when he was 13 years old. During his admission to a psychiatric ward, closed-lip schizencephaly in the left frontal lobe and the right parietal lobe was identified through brain imaging. Effective control of his manic symptoms was achieved with quetiapine monotherapy within 3 weeks. here
Replication of ketamines antidepressant efficacy in bipolar depression: A randomized controlled add-on trial
This study replicated the previous finding that patients with bipolar depression who received a single ketamine infusion experienced a rapid and robust antidepressant response. In addition, the authors found that ketamine rapidly improved suicidal ideation in these patients. here
Antipsychotics Market to 2017 - Patent Expiries for Zyprexa, Abilify, Seroquel and Geodon and the Launch of Generic Versions Will Limit Commercial Opportunities for Pipeline Molecules. here
Links Between Bipolar Disorder and Chronic Pain Explained
42 Percent of Online Consumers Think Pharma Companies Should be Involved in Online Health Communities - ADD/ADHD and Bipolar Disorder Caregivers Top Groups to Agree

patrick kennedy 


International Bipolar Foundation is pleased to announce that The Honorable Patrick Kennedy has been able to reschedule his previous engagement with us and will be speaking on May 22 in celebration of  Mental Health Awareness Month 

If you are interested in attending the free Public Forum; 3:30-5:30, please contact areitzin@internationalbipolarfoundation.org   

Sponsored by 


January 9, 2012 issue


January 17, 2012 issue   


 Emotional Pain in Bipolar Disorder

Lithium & Thyroid

Lamictal Withdrawal Effects

Lithium Toxicity

Cyclothymia is Bipolar Disorder

mental health ministries

Mental Health Ministries e-Spotlight - Spring 2012

We are currently featuring resources on mental illness and older adults on the Home page of the Mental Health Ministries website.

Depression is not a normal part of the aging process.  Everyone feels sad or "blue" from time to time.  But growing older involves adjusting to life changes that often involve loss: of loved ones, of familiar routines, of physical health.  Depression is the most common emotional disorder in older adults, occurring in about one in seven people over 65.  The symptoms of clinical depression can be overlooked and untreated when they coincide with other medical illness and life events.  It can also be difficult to the difference between normal grief and clinical depression.  The handout, Possible Distinctions Between Depressive Grief and Clinical Depression, is featured on the Home page.

A video clip on Mental Illness and Older Adults is available on the Mental Health Ministries website under Resources/Video Clips and on You Tube: http://youtu.be/pccmWjdLNSY

The brochure, Mental Illness in Older Adults: An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth, is available on the Home page of the website or under Brochures in the Resource section of the website.

It can also be difficult to the difference between normal grief from loss and clinical depression.  The handout, Possible Distinctions Between Depressive Grief and Clinical Depression, is featured on the Home page.

The most significant transition in the aging years is from a life of productivity in goods and services to a life valued for itself.  This transitional shift invites us into the gift of aging.
~ James W. Ewing, Ph. D.

 Embracing Aging is a 58 minute documentary produced by MennoMedia.  Families, experts and "wise ones" share insights on aging, housing choices, facing illness, and cooperating as siblings in the care of aging parents. Residents of a cohousing community for those over 55 offer attractive alternatives for the aging years.  The DVD is available for sale and includes bonus content on finances, driving, assessing needs, choosing housing, cohousing and the role of the church.  More information on this resource is available at www.EmbracingAging.com.

 February is national Black History Month.  Rev. Barbara Myers, a community minister at Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont, produces a monthly public access television show 'Mental Health Matters - Alameda County", a program that explores mental health issues.   In a  new show on  African American Spirituality, Barbara chats with guests Gigi Crowder and Pastor Horacio Jones about a specialized training called "A Bridge Over Troubled Waters" in Alameda County aimed at educating and encouraging a much needed collaboration between spiritual leaders and mental health providers. Learn how mental health and spirituality intera ct in the African American community and the importance of cultural responsiveness.  You can watch this show at http://www.mpuuc.org/mentalhealth/mentalTVAA%20Spirituality.html
Dear Friend & Advocate

 As the new year begins, you need to think about some common mistakes people make when handling the challenges of special education.

In the next two issues, we will publish articles from the series Mistakes People Make that will help you be aware of obstacles and how to dodge them.

It is good to have an expert in your corner during the IEP process. Experts provide valuable assistance. But sometimes experts make mistakes that can turn a positive situation into a negative.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate attorneys Pete Wright and Bob Crabtree offer advice about avoiding mistakes independent experts may make.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you will learn what approaches parents should take and what to avoid. Find out what advocates should do to keep a cool head and apply informed judgment every step of the way in the special ed process.

Psych Central 

Oxford Study: Lithium Still Best Long-Term Treatment for Bipolar

Virus Ruled Out as Cause of Mental Illness

Family History of Psychiatric Disorders Shapes Intellectual Interests

Co-Worker Support Reduces Workplace Stress, Ups Productivity

Using Facebook Improves Mood



Upcoming Family to Family courses:
Area: Central San Diego County
Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Starting: Saturday, February 25, 2012   


FRIENDS IN THE LOBBY: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 10:00am at the NAMI San Diego office (4480 30th Street, San Diego, CA, 92116) in the front conference room.


NAMI WALK: The walk is scheduled for April 21, 2012 

Two new programs! HOPE Connections & IHOT
HOPE Connections offers adult, youth and family mental health support and referral services, along with side-by-side coaching and education on the Mental Health System of Care. The program is operated in partnership with Mental Health Systems, Inc,  the National Alliance on Mental Illness, San Diego and Union of Pan Asian Communities. This quality partnership assures a strong peer model with an emphasis on cultural inclusion. Bringing together the unique expertise of each agency, HOPE Connections has access to the resources necessary to reduce the stigma related to mental illness that can create barriers to recovery.
The In Home Outreach Team (IHOT), consists of three mobile teams operating in the North Coastal, Central and East regions of San Diego County's Health and Human Services Agency. The program will provide outreach and engagement services to Individuals' with serious mental illness who are reluctant to receive outpatient treatment and to their families or caretakers. Outreach will be done in homes, hospitals and jails, wherever services can be most effectively provided. The goal of IHOT is to effectively connect individuals to outpatient treatment, reducing the effects of untreated mental illness in individuals and to their families.



Tuesday, February 14
D.B.A. Barbeque
1190 N Highland Avenue, NE, Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30306
D.B.A. Barbecue is generously donating 20% of total sales this February 14 to the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research! You'll be sharing the gift of great food while lovingly supporting a good cause. To put it in one reviewer's words "D.B.A. Rocks!" - we couldn't agree more.
Family and Youth Roundtable Presents
Stigma, Discrimination and Disparities in Children's Services Conference 
February 15 - 17, 2012
IBPF President, Muffy Walker will be presenting on February 15
San Diego, California
Click here to register
The Waiting Period: Laughter in the Darkness
Author, media dynamo and host of KGO-TV's 7Live Brian Copeland puts on a special performance of his show The Waiting Period: Laughter in the Darkness. "An unrelenting look at depression during a ten-day mandatory waiting period in which Copeland plans to use a newly purchased gun to take his own life."
Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 5PM
Performance will be followed by a reception with Brian Copeland.
The Marsh Theater, 1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA
Sharp Mesa Vista's upcoming Grand Rounds: "The Anger Inferno: Treating the Impact of Anger on Pathology."
Featured speakers include Raymond Fidaleo, M.D., Fadi Nicolas, M.D., Dimitra Takos, Psy.D., and Rafael Reyes, Psy.D.
When:  Feb 18th 8am - 12:45pm
Where: Sharp Healthcare Corporate Office
Cost:    See flyer
RSVP:  You must RSVP by Feb 15th to attend
CEUs:  CEUs are available - see flyer
All info can be found on the flyer here http://www.dbsasandiego.org/resources/Grand-Rounds-18-Feb-2012.pdf
Boy Interrupted 
On Sunday, March 11, at the Michigan Theatre in downtown Ann Arbor, MI, the Prechter Fund will host a large fundraiser & educational event: "Boy Interrupted" - a screening of a 2009 Sundance documentary followed by a panel discussion to raise public awareness of bipolar disorder and to benefit the Prechter Fund's groundbreaking research into this debilitating illness.
Wednesday, March 14 at 7:00pm
Emory University Briarcliff Campus
1256 Briarcliff Road, Building A, 3rd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30306
Join us for the second in the series on bipolar disorder sponsored in partnership with Emory University's School of Medicine's Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program.
Each lecture discusses a different aspect of Bipolar Disorder and is accompanied by a performance by an artist who is bipolar. All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served.  For more information, please contact info@seancostellofund.org
The most practical Strategies for helping the child or adolescent with mental health issues succeed at school
by dr jay berk

pasadena March 20 and Santa Ana March 21
it's $179 if you pre-register. (www.health-ed.com)
No Foolin'- The Laugh for Recovery is Back! Proving once again that laughter really is the best medicine, MHS is bringing back the Laugh for Recovery fundraising comedy show on April Fool's Day, Sunday April 1st. In its fourth year, the Laugh for Recovery will feature talented, award-winning stand-up comedians. The proceeds of the event benefit MHS prevention, education, treatment and recovery programs. Over the years, the Laugh for Recovery lineup has included nationally acclaimed and award-winning comedians such as NBC's Last Comic Standing Winners, Dat Phan and Alonzo Bodden, Chris 'Kid' Reid of Kid 'N Play, and Chip Franklin of San Diego's heritage radio station, KOGO. The event will be held at the internationally acclaimed Belly Up Tavern located in Solana Beach.

This year's lineup will be announced soon! Visit mhsinc.org/laugh for more information or bellyup.com to purchase tickets.
Speak Up for Kids May 6-12, 2012

Make it your new year's resolution to Speak Up for Kids! We are excited to spread the word about the signs and symptoms of psychiatric and learning disorders in children and teens with our 2nd annual Speak Up for Kids public education campaign during National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week (May 6-12, 2012). here
Jewish Family Services San Diego presents:
Unmeasured Strength with Lauren Manning 
Thursday, May 24. Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, CA

NAMI FaithNet will be offering workshops at NAMI national convention in Seattle, WA, Wednesday, June 27-Saturday, June 30, 2012.  The theme is Think Learn Live: Wellness, Resiliency and Recovery.  There will be workshops available from NAMI FaithNet.   For registration details, go to: http://www.nami.org/template.cfm?section=convention



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