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Quonset, NK Partnership Earns Top Award
Northeast Shippers See What Davisville Has to Offer
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Quonset, North Kingstown Zoning
Partnership Earns Top Award

Earlier today, Grow Smart Rhode Island awarded the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) and the Town of North Kingstown its prestigious "Outstanding Smart Growth Policies & Plans Award." The honor recognized the collaboration between the two in developing what is known as the Quonset Zone, "a model of smart growth innovation," according to Grow Smart. The organization is the state's leading nonprofit advocate for sustainable economic growth that builds upon and strengthens Rhode Island's exceptional quality of life and work.

In making the award, Grow Smart cited the efficiency and cost savings realized by the collaboration. QDC and the Town "forged binding agreements and leveraged millions of dollars of investment at levels that would typically require over a decade of negotiations."  To learn more about the award and other organizations honored, click here.

To learn more about "The Quonset Zone," read this story in the New England Real Estate Journal: click here.
Northeast Shippers See
What Davisville Has to Offer

Rail shippers from across the northeast made their way to Quonset Business Park earlier this week. The visit was part of the North East Association of Rail Shippers (NEARS) Spring Meeting which was held in Providence on May 9th & 10th. NEARS is part of the North American Rail Shippers Association, which  is the umbrella organization that links five regional associations of rail owners, vendors and users in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

As part of the tour, shippers had the unique experience of arriving at the Port of Davisville via rail from Providence. The rail trip and wide-ranging tour helped showcase the Park's modern multi-modal access, as well as highlight the $22.3 million in stimulus funds currently being invested to improve facilities at the Port of Davisville. Attendees included shippers from a variety organizations: Providence and Worcester Railroad, Heinz North America, Owens Corning, TJX Companies, Inc., and the Port of New York. To learn more about NEARS, click here
Quonset... That's Good Water! 

Most Rhode Islanders know that the Quonset Business Park is home to 8,800 jobs and 168 companies, but how many of them know about the water we produce at the Park? They will soon - because it's now award-winning water!

That's right - recently the Atlantic States Rural Water Association awarded Quonset Business Park with 1st Place in a specialized category, and 2nd Place for Best Tasting Water overall. The awards were given during the ASRWA's annual drinking water taste test at Wright's Farm restaurant in Harrisville, where WPRI had the exclusive coverage!  
To learn more about Quonset's award winning water system, check out the Water Supply page on