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Romano Vineyard Way Bridge Opens
Cicilline Likes What He Sees at Quonset
Additional Security Protection on the Way
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New England Real Estate Journal: Quonset moving into autumn with great momentum


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Quonset Park still thriving Toray Unveils State's Largest Solar Farm   

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Romano Vineyard Way Bridge Opens 

Romano Vineyard Way Bride

The Romano Vineyard Way Bridge officially opened for vehicle use on Thursday, November 3rd, on time and under budget. The bridge was built to eliminate a dangerous at-grade automobile crossing over the railroad tracks at Bailey Road and Davisville Road, where rail traffic has grown significantly. The bridge also helps QDC address the historic fact that Davisville Construction Battalion Center and Quonset Naval Air Station were at one time two different bases, which made access between the two difficult.

"This bridge makes the parcels south of Davisville Road much more attractive to the marketplace," said QDC Managing Director Steven J. King, P.E. "Companies would be reluctant to have their employees wait in their cars for a train filled with autos to go by for long periods of time."  

"This bridge solves that problem, along with the safety issues," he added.

Construction of the bridge was a joint effort supported by federal funding and the QDC operational budget - with no funds from the Rhode Island state budget. The project took just over a year to complete and came in under budget. As part of the project, new landscaping was also added to the area, which included the planting of more than 500 new trees to help increase the business park's green space

(Tenant businesses should be advised that Bailey Road will be closed permanently on November 21, 2011.)

Cicilline Likes What He Sees at Quonset

David Cicilline
Congressman David Cicilline recently spent a fall afternoon at the Quonset Business Park to learn more about the significant progress at Quonset. With more than 8,800 working at 168 companies on site, Cicilline saw first-hand how important the Business Park is to the economic vitality of Rhode Island. Hundreds of people working at the park are constituents in Congressman Cicilline's district. After receiving a private briefing and extensive tour of the 3,000 acre site, Cicilline came away more impressed than ever with the park.

"Site of the 8th largest auto importer in North America, home of the largest solar farm in the state, and employing more than 8,000 Rhode Islanders - it's hard to find a better story coming out of the Ocean State these days than Quonset and the Port of Davisville," Congressman Cicilline said. "It's a great example of how the public sector can foster a climate that allows the private sector to create jobs and strengthen the local economy."

Additional Security Protection
On the Way...

Earlier this year, QDC was awarded more than $200,000 to help improve the security features around the park as part of the Port Security Grant Program (PSGP), which helps protect and strengthen the security of Rhode Island's ports and surrounding infrastructure. The purpose of the PSGP is to support increased port-wide risk management; training and exercises; expansion of port recovery and resiliency capabilities; and further capabilities to prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from attacks involving non-conventional weapons. As part of the grant, QDC will look to improve the fencing and gates around Terminal's 4 and 5, as well as upgrade the security cameras at those locations. Completion of the project is scheduled for December of 2012.