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400 Jobs Coming to Electric Boat

Photo Courtesy of Electric Boat

General Dynamics Electric Boat announced it would be hiring 400 new workers later this year at its Quonset Point shipyard. Those positions, representing a wide variety of trades, will be added to the 2,000 people already employed here and the 1,500 Rhode Islanders working at the Electric Boat headquarters and shipyard in Groton, Conn.

The hiring comes as the Virginia-class submarine program ramps up from the manufacture of one fast-attack nuclear vessel per year to two. The Quonset plant builds supermodules, which are sections that are approximately one-quarter the size of the 377-foot submarines.
Five Year Progress Report Highlights
Job Growth, New Businesses
142 Million Dollars in Private Investment

5 year reportA progress report for the years 2005 - 2009 highlights recent successes at Quonset, mapping the transformation of 3,160 acres of former Navy property into a thriving business park.

In the last five years, 90 acres have been sold and 96.5 acres leased. Jobs at Quonset grew by 2,760, and more than 1.3 million square feet of new work space was built. Private investment in the park during the last five years totaled $142.6 million.

Infrastructure improvements included creating direct highway access with a new Route 403 connector, major rail improvements, restoration of wetlands, replacing the failed wooden bulkhead south of Pier 1, and the creation of a new 2.3-mile shared-use bike path from Post Road to the waterfront. More details about the last five years can be found here.

Quonset Storm Water Management
System Lauded

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has congratulated QDC on its successful implementation of a Phase II Storm Water Management Program during the last five years. In a letter to QDC, DEM's Supervising Engineer from the Office of Water Resources wrote, "The Quonset Development Corporation has made significant progress and has invested time and resources in establishing practices and procedures to manage the impacts of storm water on the water resources in your community."

The DEM Storm Water Management Program is designed to significantly reduce storm water pollution through construction of site runoff controls and illicit discharge elimination. The QDC Storm Water Management program incorporated public education and participation from all residents of the Business Park.