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Congressional Delegation Urges Washinton to Award Quonset Stimulus Funds
Groundbreaking for NOAA's Okeanos Explorer
Versatility of Port of Davsville
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Congressional Delegation Urges
Award of Stimulus Funds to Quonset
Says Funds are Essential for
Creation of Green Jobs

A letter from all four members of Rhode Island's congressional delegation to U.S. Dept. of Transportation Secretary Raymond LaHood strongly supports the Quonset Development Corporation's (QDC) request for a $45 million grant for infrastructure improvements at the Business Park. The Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grant would be used to support wind energy development, pay for a crane for the Port of Davisville as well as pier and road improvements.  

"With one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Rhode Island, more than almost any other state, needs federal assistance to build a green economy that will help create jobs now and in the future," the letter states. "This proposal is an essential part of a coordinated effort in the state to help Rhode Island become a base for offshore wind energy development."

"The relatively modest investment proposed in this application will help create the infrastructure that will allow Rhode Island to serve as a hub for the manufacturing, staging and construction of wind energy projects off its own coast, as well as off the coast of other states along the East Coast," the letter added.

Groundbreaking for Home Porting of NOAA's Okeanos Explorer Research Vessel

QDC Managing Director Steven J. King, P.E. was joined by Gov. Donald L. Carcieri and U.S. Senator Jack Reed to break ground on construction of a research and office center for the NOAA Okeanos Explorer. Quonset will be the homeport for the 250 foot research vessel, its crew of 24 and 19 scientists.

The Okeanos Explorer, "America's Ship for Ocean Exploration," is a former Navy surveillance ship which was recently converted into a world-class tool for advanced scientific discovery. The ship is currently undergoing sea trials, and is expected to dock in Rhode Island in July 2010.

In making its decision to locate at Quonset, NOAA cited the proximity to the University of Rhode Island's world-class Oceanographic Program. The URI Graduate School of Oceanography is already internationally known.

Both NOAA's Rear Admiral Jonathan W. Bailey and Dr. Robert D. Ballard from the URI's Graduate School of Oceanography center for Ocean Exploration and Archeological Oceanography applauded the opportunity to share resources and research.
Versatility of Port of Davisville Highlighed
with Loading of 200 Ton Catamaran

A 200 ton catamaran hull made at the Derecktor shipyard in Connecticut was loaded onto a large freighter docked at the Port of Davisville for shipment to Europe recently. The vessel, which is the largest sailing catamaran in the world, was loaded onto the MV Rickmers New Orleans using two of the ship's onboard cranes in a process that took several hours and a lot of skill.

The 600 foot Rickmers New Orleans, is equipped with three onboard cranes which also loaded 12 cargo containers for export to Europe.

Also traveling around the world on the Rickmers, are three passengers including a semi-retired couple, John and Jean Locke, who are blogging about their trip and raved about Quonset and their shore leave visit into historic Wickford.