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Maritime Way Project Opens New Acres for Development
Quonset Seeks Federal TIGER Grants
Funds Awarded for Improvement Access to Quonset
ICON International Explains Strategy for Growth
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Maritime Way Project Opens New Acres for Development

The new Maritime Way road project in the Davisville Water Front district was completed by Fleet Construction, located in Cumberland R.I. The roadway opens up approximately 75 acres for new development and improvement.
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Quonset Seeks Federal Grants to
Support Wind, Port Initiatives
Money Could Create Several Hundred
Jobs, Enable Short Sea Shipping,
Facilitate Wind Energy Production

The Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) has applied for $45 million dollars in federal stimulus grants.  The money would fund a package of projects improving freight and passenger transportation at the Quonset Business Park while also supporting new wind energy and port initiatives at Business Park.

The grant package submitted by QDC, called TIGER- QWEST (Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) and Quonset Wind Energy and Surface Transportation (QWEST,) includes infrastructure improvements to roads, rail, piers and terminals in the Business Park.

Many of the proposed projects are designed to further support Quonset's role as a hub for the emerging wind energy industry.  Deepwater Wind is already on track to create regional off-shore wind farm manufacturing, staging and launching facility at the Business Park.

Included in the TIGER-QWEST package is funding for a crane suitable to load and off-load windmill components as well as containers. Its purchase would also enable Quonset to take advantage of short sea shipping opportunities and participate in the U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) Marine Highway Northeast Corridor.

 (Image Courtesy of Deepwater Wind)
Federal Funds Awarded for Improved Access to Quonset's Commerce Park District
Area Could Support Almost 1,000 New Jobs

The Quonset Development Corporation has been awarded a $3.88 million grant from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) for a road realignment that would better connect the Commerce Park district to the rest of the Business Park. The Commerce Park Connector is a priority project for the Business Park since it will improve access to over 150 acres of developable land, improve rail track safety and enhance traffic efficiency between Park districts. This project will improve access to the Commerce Park District of the Park which can support an additional 998 jobs.

Parcels within the Commerce Park are now under agreement to Deepwater Wind and Alterra Energy.
Quonset Success Story:  ICON International Has a Strategy for Growth in Tough Economy

Michael Goeller, COO ICON International

Quonset Business Park tenant, ICON International is one of the thriving companies at the park. The company provides innovative lighting solutions to schools, hospitals, retailers, offices, museums, transit systems and architectural monuments across the country.  Its research and development and company headquarters are located on Callahan Drive in the Business Park.

COO Michael Goeller explained the company's strategy for growth despite the difficult economy, "I believe three things set ICON apart from its competition: our commitment to quality; our ability to create truly innovative solutions; and our attitude."  Read the full interview in the Providence Business News.