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2012 Cookie Program: January 19 through March 4, 2012   


Upload of Girls into Snap

Today girls have been uploaded into snap from our membership database. If you notice that there are discrepancies between the actual girls in your troop and the girls listed in snap, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager with the discrepancies. Please include when your girl membership registrations were turned in if there are girls missing.   
  • Service Unit Cookie Managers will notify their respective Product Program Manager with a simple email including the following information:
    • Troop Number:
    • Names of girls missing from Snap:
      • Approximate time-frame that the registrations were turned in:
      • Were these electronic registrations via eBiz or paper registrations?
    • Names of girls that are listed in Snap that should not be:  

Upon receiving this information, the Product Program team will work with the Registration Department as well as our Membership Department to correct the discrepancies. We will be uploading girls from our membership database into snap weekly.  


GSEP Cookie Goals:

  • PGA 136 + 
  • 4,305,000 + Total Packages 
  • 90% Participation
  • 7,000 Cases of Cookies for Operation Cookies From Home   

As of January 30, 2012 we're at 76% of our 4, 305,000 package goal. 3,210,720 packages have already been sold! Keep up the great work! 


Walk About Weekend

February 4 and 5 are great days to catch people at home watching the "Big Game."  Gather up your cookies and canvas your neighborhood for a great opportunity to sell some cookies!   


Bling Your Booth!

Join the fun and "bling your booth!" We will be seeking one winner in each of the following categories:

  • What can a cookie do? How does your Cookie Booth reflect the 2012 Cookie Program Theme, "What can a cookie do?"
  • Operation Cookies From Home! How does your Cookie Booth promote our "Operation Cookies From Home" initiative?
  • Taste the Tradition! How does your Cookie Booth celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting?
  • Open! Put your marketing skills to the test and think outside the box to come up with a one of a kind Cookie Booth!

Rules: A troop may submit one entry per category by submitting a photograph of the troop's cookie booth along with a completed submission form by March 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM. Submit photos through the Online Bling Your Booth Entry Form.


Judging: GSEP Staff members will select two finalists in each category. These finalists will be featured on our GSEP Thin Mints Facebook page for fans to cast their votes for the winners. Voting begins on March 20 and ends on April 20, 2012. The photographs with the most "likes" in each category will be our winners.


Prizes: One winning troop will be selected in each category. Winning photographs will be featured on and the winning troops will receive 20 tickets to Coco Key Water Resort in Mt. Laurel, NJ!  At Coco Key Water Resort your troop will enjoy a day packed with fun water activities, exciting water slides and an arcade!


5=52 Customer Contest! 

Is a chance for customers to win a year's supply of Girl Scout Cookies (i.e. 52 packages!). For every five packages of cookies purchased, the customer has a chance to enter a drawing for 52 packages of cookies.  Girls can distribute 5=52 Entry Cards to their customers. Five winners will be chosen at the end of the Cookie Program. Please note that it is mandatory for customers to enter information in the second address field of the online entry form. If the customer does not have an apartment number, suite number, etc. please have them enter n/a on the second address field.   


Financial Responsibility

Here are some good practices with Cookie Finances:

  • If you are a Troop Cookie Manager, please ensure that you are making regular deposits for cookies that you have received throughout the program.  
  • Don't accept checks from strangers. If a check bounces, it is not always easy to track down someone that you are unfamiliar with.
  • At this point, all troops should have 15% of their initial order deposited into the GSEP Product Program account.  

Need More Cookies?

The Council Sponsored Reorder Station Schedule will let you know when and where you can pick up more cookies. 


In order to properly manage our inventory, this year we are encouraging troops to place planned orders in Snap for more cookies.  This is a simple process that will allow us to know where you want to pick up cookies, when you want to pick up cookies and the quantity and variety of cookies you'd like to pick up on a given day.  Planned orders should be placed no later than noon on the day before you'd like to pick up the order. To place a planned order please visit our blog at for a tutorial video posted on January 11. You will still need to bring a completed T-8 form with you when you pick up your order. When you place a planned order in snap, you will enter the date and location that you would like to pick up your cookies. You must follow the Council Sponsored Reorder Station Schedule for exact times that the locations are open. Please note that planned orders must match your T-8 Forms. You cannot pick up more cookies than was previously planned. 


If you are unable to place a planned order, you can pick up an unplanned order at the locations listed below, provided that they are open for unplanned orders on the day you'd like to pick up your cookies; these locations are highlighted in gray on the Council Sponsored Reorder Station Schedule .

  • Lehigh Valley Service Center
  • Shelly Ridge Service Center
  • Valley Forge Service Center
  • Fischer Hughes Lansdale
  • Read's Moving and Storage
Please note that unplanned orders are limited to 50 cases and we cannot guarantee that the exact number and variety of cookies that you are hoping to attain will be in stock. You will still need to bring a T-8 Form when you pick up your cookies.


Cookie Communication Vehicles

Facebook: GSEP Thin Mints: This is our Facebook group where you can post photographs from the 2012 Cookie Program and communicate with other volunteers! Just login to Facebook and add "GSEP Thin Mints" as a friend.


Twitter: @GSEPThinMints: Are you on Twitter? So are we! Receive updates on the Cookie Program by following @GSEPThinMints. Find forms, links and resources for the 2012 Cookie Program under "Cookies and More." You can also check out our "Cookie Alerts" page to find out about reorder station closings.


Product Program Blog: Check out our Product Program Blog for helpful hints and news about the 2012 Cookie Program. Here you'll be able to access relevant forms, documents and videos.


Mobile Payments

This year a small group of older girl troops will be piloting an initiative to accept credit card payments for Girl Scout Cookies with a mobile device. This pilot group has been limited to meet and measure our mission objectives with respect to mobile payments. If this pilot is a success, we will offer mobile payments on a larger scale for next year's Cookie Program. GSEP is strongly opposed to troops setting up credit card reading devices on their own, not related to the pilot. Our reluctance to condone other mobile payments system is due to the fact that not all credit card reading devices and systems are equal, GSUSA has reviewed many systems and selected one which provides a high level of customer data security and ease of operation.  Other program have the potential for exposure of customer data which is not acceptable.  


First Automated Clearing House (ACH) Sweep

The first ACH Sweep for troops participating in the ACH Pilot, is scheduled for Friday, February 3. An email will be sent to all participating troops, notifying them of the balance that will be transferred electronically from their troop bank account. The value of the sweep will be 15% of the retail value of their initial order.



  • Remember that girls must be present at every cookie booth for the duration of the booth.
  • Remember that cookies are $3.50 per box--this is firm and non-negotiable.