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A real solution: ScanINSPECT BGA
Solder Ball Inspection at its best


LITTLETON, CO, USA  - December 20, 2011 - ScanCAD International  releases its latest low-cost inspection system in its extensive family of process control tools.

ScanINSPECT BGA provides a fast, simple and user-friendly alternative to inaccurate and time-consuming manual inspection methods or expensive, slow, measurement systems. An intuitive user interface integrated with a high-resolution, color, 2-D image processing unit allows 100% inspection of ball placement on BGAs, in or out of trays (JDEC, etc.). This desktop offline system can be used for eeither pre or post reflow ball inspection.

"Inspecting each tray of BGA's after production is essential for any supplier that wants 100% inspection versus relying on the subjective eyes of an operator" said Bill Loving, President, ScanCAD.  "ScanCAD now provides a low-cost and effective solution for inspecting solder ball placement in an arena where the choices are far and few between."   

ScanINSPECT BGA provides for the following ball inspecScanINSPECT BGA Solder Ball Inspection Systemtions:

  • Presence/Absence
  • Size
  • Position
  • Extra Balls
  • Surface Quality

Each device or tray is placed on the table, shuttled in, automatically aligned and inspected with a PASS or FAIL result in seconds. Problems are identified and eliminated before and/or after reflow, permitting quick and easy rework and a final quality inspection providing full traceability.


ScanINSPECT BGA comes with its own inspection platform, a high quality hardware apparatus with a drawer system for placing the trays and performing the inspection. The high resolution scanner and customer tooling ensure repeatability of scanning and inspection.


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Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado and with offices in Michigan and Europe, ScanCAD International utilizes an extensive network of local distributors, manufacturer representatives and OEM channels to support its customer base. Over 900 customers in 46 countries benefit from ScanCAD's scanner-based systems designed to detect production problems before they occur, saving rework time and eliminating the costly waste of unnecessary value-added processes while leading to a faster ROI

ScanINSPECT BGA is one of a series of productivity enhancement and process control tools that ScanCAD International offers to the electronics industry.


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