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Begin by educating your clients on IUL
IUL Carriers:

American General 


American National


John Hancock

Lincoln Benefit

Lincoln Financial

North American




Many of these carriers introduced their products in 2011. It's time to get going!



Indexed Universal Life (IUL) was the fastest growing product line in 2010 and 2011!

We are going to educate you on this product!

Educational Article

As a member of our IUL Study Group, we are going to do our best to educate you on the inner workings of IUL so that you can feel comfortable explaining them to your client.
Click the graphic below to read an article that will give you a great start to learning more about IUL!
Study Group
Great news! I have an all day meeting in Charlotte this week that will focus entirely on IUL and the best ways to market and sell it!  Look for more ideas shortly!!


John Felton
Tennessee Brokerage Agency
Tennessee Brokerage Agency