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Happy Halloween!
October 2009
Manifesting:  Trick or A REAL Treat?


Dear Friends,
Halloween has always been a special time for me.  Since I was four and sewed my first masterpiece after St Patrick Bannerhaving seen Cinderella and concluding that if the mice and birds could do it I could too, I've created some incredible costumes.  Sewing for Halloween is so freeing because nothing is off limits, practically.  Okay, so Mom had a say in nixing a few design concepts.  But generally I found a compromise.  The entire process delighted me.  Especially the part where I had to figure out just how to make what I wanted to be come true...
Learning to sew at an early age, continuing with it through my school years and following the path into an over twenty year career in the home sewing industry, gave me tremendous insight into the functions and techniques of creation. 
It wasn't until the necessity of a terrible injury required me to learn creation from a new perspective that I realized I knew what to do all along.  You see, the process is always, always the same.  It's just that our perceptions and our emotions get us mixed-up. 
We get so caught up in what's happening right now, what we have to take care of and how things "are" that we don't realize how much power we have to create what we want.  And if by some chance we hear about this amazing power we have, given our present circumstances, we dismiss the concept quickly lest we grow even more confused, frustrated or disappointed.   We have responsibilities, and the time for dreaming is over.  But is it really? 
With all the hype and misinformation, have you concluded that this stuff all these new-agey people call "manifesting" is just hype?  Something designed to manifest millions for the so-called guru's who sell programs and an endless stream of must-have books? 
It's no wonder.  The language used to convey these concepts can be so unclear, outrageous or downright incorrect.  With important bits of information missing, and yet others blown out of proportion even the most ardent student of manifesting can get discouraged. 
The most popular texts today cite the Law of Attraction as the way we create.  Well, not really...that's only one half of the equation of just that single law alone!  The entire equation speaks not just about attraction, but as Albert Pike, a man who lived more than a hundred years ago, stated its conjoined twin being the Law of Radiation: 
"The double law of attraction and radiation or of sympathy and antipathy, of fixedness and movement,
which is the principle of Creation, and the perpetual cause of life." Albert Pike

Yet practicing manifesting using the Law of Attraction only, some will find what they think is success so quickly they feel this manifesting stuff is sheer magic.  Others may try and try seemingly without one shred of result to show for their effort save the time and frustrating struggle spent.  We're told:  Be specific.  Be open and general.  Infuse emotion.  Be detached.  Come on already!  Which is it! 
So is Manifesting a Special Treat or a Big Trick?

Well, if you get it right, then oh what delights you can enjoy!  We watch regular people just like us interviewed on talk shows describing how they created a list of qualities they wanted, spent a little time visualizing and within months they became married to their dream mate, created millions or a stunning physique. 

So the truth is manifesting is neither a trick or a's a technique, a process.  The reality is that you are manifesting right now.  And now.  And now.  There you go again.  You just did some more. 
Manifesting is what happens as a result of our vibrational frequency. 
It's not a special pass given only to a select few, nor is it a complete waste.  It's simply what happens, all the time.  And when we understand the Universal Laws that govern how energy is transmitted, interpreted, responded to, returned and accepted then we can engage in manifesting with our intention.  We can actually learn to identify, adjust and consciously manage our vibrational frequency to put us specifically in harmonious alignment with what we want to experience.  We can become Conscious Manifesters.
There are countless references to all the laws of creation.  But it's far more interesting to market a quick tagline than an entire set of seemingly overwhelming laws.  Then again, it's far easier to spend a bit of time learning how to use the real laws effectively.  Actually, the REAL secret is that these laws are pretty fun to work with, easy to master and so reliable that once you clear away the stuck energies you had holding you back, manifesting abundance can become almost boring.  Then again, when you learn to manifest whatever you want and need, it leaves you free to actually ENJOY life...a concept many of us haven't experienced personally in a very long time.
My clients know that I'm pretty tired with all the hype and inaccurate information.  Wading through all this bunk is how I created the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula.  And this proven 3-step formula works...every time. 
One of the biggest challenges I have with the subject of manifesting is how incredibly ineffective it can be simply because we expend all our energies on far too broad a subject to have any meaningful impact on our daily lives.   We talk about creating "abundance" - and while I assign abundance awareness increasing exercises, the truth is that abundance is a nice concept but the bank doesn't want abundance, it wants its mortgage payment in the form of cash. 
Here's one of the biggest blocks of stuck energy in the subject of cash money we have:  most of us think our money comes from our jobs.  Wrong!  The reason we get our money from our jobs is that it's the ONE area in which we have little or no resistance to receiving cash.  There are so many more positive channels in which the Universe can deliver cash, but in order to receive we must be clear in those ways too - especially those wonderful ones we don't know about yet.  For what we don't know is vast...and that's usually where our abundance is!
This month, I'm proud to announce two new features in the Living Harmony toolkit, and both are designed to address the specific needs my clients and readers consistently ask about, beginning with cash.  
Living Harmony's Magnetic Manifesting Meditations
Below you'll find some information on the first release in this new recorded program.  This guided meditation is a unique production with a proprietary format I've created to make clearing and creation a seamless and uplifting experience!  Listening to this program while following the instructions will help you not just clear your blocks, but begin shifting your vibrational frequency to help you be in more harmonious alignment with manifesting and accepting abundant cash into your life. 
Try this new program, listen to one of the FREE recordings on my web or call for your FREE 20 minute consultation.  There are so many ways to learn the magic of manifesting...and I look forward to supporting you in learning to enjoy all the abundance treats you can consciously manifest...

In Living Harmony,
Cathleen Campbell

PS:  What's the second new tool in the Living Harmony toolkit?  You'll get an announcement tomorrow about a brand new series of tele-classes all designed to help make this holiday season happy, harmonious and prosperous! 

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Manifesting Abundant Cash

Need more CASHPut the POWER of your subconscious mind to work!  Stop "efforting" and start attracting St Patrick Bannerabundant cash with:

Living Harmony Magnetic Manifesting Meditation: 
Manifesting Abundant Cash 

You may be struggling terribly with cash, perhaps having almost none at all.  Feeling the despair and fear clearly, you know you're in trouble.  Perhaps you tell yourself this is how it's always been, or that "somehow" you'll get by.  You may even have tried to manifest the millions all the internet ads and self-help books say you can have instantaneously if only you'd follow their programs.  Yet year after year nothing changes, except you get more frustrated and drained.  
But what if you have a steady job, are on top of your bills and have a bit of savings put away?  While you may not be consciously aware of anxiety, it's always there somewhere in the background just waiting to arise, along with those real-life emergencies, the moment we let our guard down.
The reality is that until you have enough cash to afford the things you need and want without having to exchange your precious life hours for dollars, you're still a Poverty Prisoner - jailed by your debts both present and future. 
No matter where you are right with your finances - personal or business - it's time to break out of this Poverty Prison. 
It's time to learn HOW to Manifest Abundant Cash.

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This program will not only teach you how to direct your vast energetic resources to create, attract, allow and accept into your life more abundant cash, but it will also support you in shifting your vibration frequency to be more and more in alignment with abundant cash each time you listen to the meditation and follow the directions

Clients using this program report:
  • Immediate relief from tension and worry around cash money
  • Release of negative cash money beliefs
  • Unexpected new clients, cash income and "found money"
  • Clarity with current expenses
  • New Awareness of Destructive Spending Habits
  • And much more...
The TRUTH is you're already manifesting every day.  The question is:  do you want to keep manifesting a need for cash, or would you rather learn how to consciously direct your energetic resources to create a daily life experience with abundant cash?  The same resources, applied with clarity of knowledge and purpose produce astonishingly different results.  The choice is yours.  And I'm here to help, now with this recorded program...any time you want! 

Manifesting Cash
Need more information?  Visit the Manifesting Abundant Cash official web site to learn more about this valuable program and to become a Living Harmony Affiliate. 

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LIVING LESSONS:  Who's In Charge?

Jan worked hard at building her career, and even harder when she started her own business.  One of the reasons she decided to start her own business was the misguided thought that she could control her own hours.  But like many professionals - both salaried and entrepreneurs - Jan had to finally admit that it was her work that was in charge.  Whether her clients or a boss, she always had someone or something else to answer to. 

But the more she learned about the powers of her energy, Jan began to question all the ways in which she was creating her daily experience.  One of the biggest revelations was discovering just how much of her day simply seemed to happen.  Discovering the link between habitual behavior and her subconscious programming was enlightening and empowering.

Clearing away the negative energies of lack and poverty consciousness, Jan was ready to announce to both herself and the world that while her business looked wonderful from the outside, it felt terrible from her perspective.  She was tired of being torn between whatever social plans she had and the endless thoughts of things left undone.  Her private time was almost nil, and she was actually less fit than when she had a very demanding paid job.  

No matter what the reasons - the question is:

Are you working your business?  Or is your business working YOU?

With these revelations came the realization of a host of resentments and negative beliefs.  But the good news is what we can feel we can heal, so Jan got busy working on clearing and creating in a new way.  She cleared away the resentments and the other negative energy patterns that kept her living a reality she didn't want professionally or personally.

Not only did Jan's daily experience get better emotionally, but she saw new patterns developing as well.  While previous attempts at organizing or developing systems were unsuccessful, with these blocks removed Jan noticed that her projects were becoming more productive.  She was intuitively attracted to the things that would make her life easier.  And for those projects that take real concentration, she found that her ability to concentrate was greater.

Even better, Jan's clientele began to shift:  she started attracting the kinds of clients who could pay her top dollar for her services and who were clearly grateful for her work! 

By clearing the blocks that kept her a slave to her paycheck, Jan released the pattern of trading hours for dollars, and built a business that began working for and with her. 

Learn how to clear away the hooks that keep you stuck in what happened or how things are so you can imagine a new way, and in the process create success and prosperity for yourself.  For your FREE 20 minute consultation to learn more about how the Living Harmony process can help you enjoy your present better and create a prosperous tomorrow, call or email me today.  Or visit the Living Harmony Book Sessions page to secure your sessions right away!

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Seeing is Believing...
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