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September 2009

Get Your CAN DO!  Back


Dear Friends,

It's Fall again, my favorite time of year because I'm just wild about everything pumpkin.  Pumpkin Living Harmonydecorations, pumpkin dishes - both savory and sweet, pumpkin candle scent.  Pumpkins are the embodiment of everything abundant and joyfully hopeful, the harvest promise.  They remind me of being a kid, giggling endlessly, having so much fun playing and knowing I could do, be or have anything I could conjure up with my imagination.  When was the last time you feel that free?  

We seem to loose both our ability to imagine and to follow-thru on our creations as we grow up.  Sure, responsibilities and commitments seem to make sense as the reasons why we loose our zest for life, don't have time to devote to our dreams, or even the will to enjoy new possibilities.  But the truth is that we become heavy, stuck and more unable to move - forward in our lives, bodies, hearts and minds.  We loose our "Can Do" - the innate knowing that we simply will...somehow, someway, some day.  

You have only to watch a small child to remind yourself of the Can-Do spirit.  

Children dream and take action as a matter of course, seamlessly, without concern for what might befall them or what happened yesterday.  Unconcerned with "how things are" they steadily enjoy life the way they want to make it.  Sometimes you can almost feel them thinking "No.  THIS is how it will be..." And then they use whatever they can to create what they wanted in the first place, or move on to something even better.

"There are no days in life so memorable as those which

vibrated to some stroke of the imagination."    Ralph Waldo Emerson

They laugh often and much, which as Emerson told us is one of the essential successes in life.  Free to live life in this moment, in fact, the average child in grade school or younger laughs approximately 400 times a day.  While, according to the same studies, adult Americans laugh less than 10 times a day.  Now that's stuck energy.

Our eventual stagnation isn't because of the aging process, but because we inadvertently and sometimes consciously hold onto the pain, disappointments and other energetic short-circuits we experience along the way.  In fact, scientists are now finding real evidence to support the theory that aging itself is actually a dis-ease, the product of toxic energetic build-ups in our body systems and not the inevitability we've all been led to believe it is.  In fact, when lightened by laughter our bodies are able to return to a state of spontaneous healing - the healing that is trying to take place every moment of every day.  

"I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had
an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep,"
Norman Cousins learned as he healed himself from cancer.

Is it a mere coincidence that our momentum dwindles as our ability to find joy in everyday life dies out and our bodies grow sicker?  It's no coincidence, it's a clue that points the way not only to a more successful life but most importantly a more enjoyable one.  We're all familiar with aging clichés, the ones about settling in, cutting back and slowing down.  Feeling stuck, heavy and unable to feel joy robs us of our energetic resources, our Can-Do attitude.  

How can you get back your Can-Do?

Almost immediately after experiencing EFT and other effective energy modalities, clients often use very specific language to describe how they now feel, and often these descriptions are given spontaneously as they announce:

  • "...oh I feel so much lighter!"
  • "What was I so upset about?  It's actually pretty funny to me now..."
  • "Wow...Now I realize my opinion wasn't fact, it was just my perceptions..." 
  • "It's amazing, I feel like I can finally move again!" 
  • "I'm having a ball, laughing more than I have in years." 
  • "I feel like a kid again!"
  • "I'm a powerhouse of energy!  I feel energized and invigorated."

People who don't know about energy work either think it sounds interesting yet not compelling, or they are certain it won't help them with their pressing issues.  It all seems so nebulous.  EFT for one is only about 20 years old.  And aromatherapy, which has been around for centuries, seems to be ineffective...for if it were so effective wouldn't it be in every drugstore next to the ibuprofen?  

Just what can energy work help us release?  Everything from the pain of a broken foot to a broken heart; grief over the loss of our dearest family member or the job we thought we'd have forever.  The list of things - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - that we can learn to release is endless. 

And the result of all this energetic release? 
The regaining of our Can-Do.

So is it really important for us as individuals or as organizations to release the negative, to get our Can-Do's back?  

It's not only important, it's essential for our health - economically, physically, emotionally and individuals, organizations, nationally and globally.

According, it's estimated that the average worker wastes over 2 hours a day, more than 20% of their time, not including lunch.  That's more than $750 billion in wasted salaries, that's billion with a B!  These surveys go on to site lack of work, or lack of respect as the reasons why.  We're caught surfing the internet, calling our friends, or simply slacking off.  But we're kidding ourselves if we believe these are the real reasons.

The reality is we're overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, the personal and professional challenges we face, and the tons of stuck energy form our pasts we carry around daily.  We're avoiding, denying and distracting ourselves as best we can to help us get relief from this engulfment.  Addictions of all kinds are on the rise, as are medications designed to help us with our growing depressions and disorders.  But it's not working, and there's a better, safer and easier way.  

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."
Lucille Ball

We can both clear the stuck energy we currently have, and along the way, relearn our organic innate ability to release spontaneously.  We can learn to be clear, free, happy and prosperously productive again.  We can learn to love ourselves, to feel love and to give it freely.  And we can love what we do in our daily lives.

The moment we release stuck energy we can actually feel the physical differences as well as emotional, mental and spiritual ones.  No longer having to spend our resources reliving past traumas or holding onto the negative beliefs that don't support what we really want to experience, we now have that energy back to use as we determine, as we consciously choose.  And better still, our imaginations can stop creating and recreating more negative experiences, turning instead to creating fulfilling, loving, prosperous and abundant new realities!

I look forward to helping you learn how to release your own stuck energy so you can laugh more, live more and enjoy prosperity more...

In Living Harmony,
Cathleen Campbell

PS:  Far too many talented professionals are pouring their energy into what "is" and sabotaging their own success.  Read this month's Living Lessons to learn how what is really isn't at all!

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LIVING LESSONS:  Here's what happened...

The topic of industry and economics is on everyone's mind, and has saturated our conversations.  Dinner parties, casual outings and even family get-togethers are all overshadowed by endless conversations about how bad things are, how they got there and how there's nothing we can do about it. 
Recently I was at a networking event featuring display tables.  A kind of mini-trade conference, the event was purposefully designed to help the attendees get down to the work of selling and buying services and products.  So approaching the table of a not-so-successful business woman I've known for years, I wasn't surprised when I heard her begin her usual tirade about how her industry has suffered terribly with the onset of the world wide web, and how there's just nothing anyone can do about it.  Immediately after the cheery "hellowww!" the vibe was downright suffocating.
This woman, and so very many talented professionals, believe that what "is" is reality.  When approached with anything remotely encouraging, they immediately site outside circumstances as the reason for their declining sales.  The reality is what they think is, is just exactly what is stopping them when in fact what "is" could be the very impetus for newer levels of success if they could just get past their stagnant beliefs.
Before the Great Depression of the early 1900's, Prohibition smacked the brewing industry right between the eyes.  As the economy got worse, the future for the brewing industry seemed clearly doomed.  Beer was illegal, it just was the new reality.  Yet many of the brewers of the day armed with their Can-Do attitudes began to salvage and then grow their businesses by taking stock of what was and instead of caving in, created new opportunities with what could be. 
Brewers began to diversify products and productions.  They sought out opportunities with the assets they had.  They created products like ginger beer and ventured into other businesses.  Yuengling Beer, America's oldest brewery, "celebrated" it's 100th anniversary in 1929 a year when the only product they could create was near-beer! 
These companies persevered, they created, they worked hard and they imagined a future Living Harmony Sales Successwhen the constraints on their products and industry would be lifted and sales would once again soar.  They created amazing new products and wonderful foundations for future success in the process.  In fact, in 2005 eight of the 10 largest breweries in the US are pre-Prohibition brands that survived and thrived after the Great Depression according a survey of the brewing industry. 
Brewing companies were not the only ones to survive, in fact many new millionaires were actually created in the 1920's and 30's.  These people and companies lived by my absolute favorite quote of all time:
"Some men see things as they are and say why -
I dream things that never were and say why not."
George Bernard Shaw

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