Cathleen Campbell

July 2009
BREAKTHROUGH...without the Breakdown

Dear Friends,

Sounds terrific, doesn't it?  It's what all the media hype and guru's point to, if we just learn how to "manifest" we can have the most wonderful breakthrough's.  We can create amazing shifts, new dimensions of abundance and prosperity.  So we read the books, take the seminars and effort ourselves into frustration and failure.  Breakthroughs seem to come with so many painful breakdowns.
Most of my clients come to me because they're tired of the struggle, because nothing else has worked or at least not fully.  Some are just slightly frustrated while others, having struggled for so long, are desperately unhappy feeling drained of their last tear.  They all have one thing in common:  these more than intelligent, caring and well-intentioned individuals believed the hype...they wanted the breakthrough without the breakage. 
But what really is "breakthrough?"  The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as:  "an act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction."  Breakthrough actually requires destruction or discard.  Without the essential breaking-down process, we just can't have the breakthrough result.  The challenge is that we associate breakdown with pain, discomfort and upsetting loss.  Yet the destruction of the old in order to create the new need not be painful at all.
Pick any image of breakthrough and put it up on the screen in your mind's eye and you'll clearly see the process.  With eager enthusiasm students pour their heart into painting the large Homecoming banner for the big game.  But before the game can even be played, let alone won, the team has to push forward, ripping through the banner.  That breakthrough is a welcome event, even a highly anticipated event for everyone knows the game will be played with tremendous excitement and potentially incredible stories of valor and miracles told by generations to come.  The hard work and effort that went into creating the banner isn't lamented as the sign is torn to shreds, but relished and released.
And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. 
Anais Nin

Unfortunately, not every victory is preceded by such a welcomed breakthrough.  Instead our breakthroughs are often met with trepidation, fear, resentment and worse making the actual experience of the breakthrough even more painful than perhaps it was meant to be.  We don't storm the banners on our way to our successes, but poke tentatively and inconsistently at them.  We wonder why we can't make it through to the other side.  But of course, as what we resist persists, these fears are the energetic hooks that extend our suffering while keeping us away from our time for rejoicing and living in the new abundance we desire so much.
Sometimes our feelings arise from misperceptions.  We put in a great deal of effort into what we can't know are only preparatory stages misinterpreting them for being more meaningful than they are.  Unlike the art students who begin painting that banner knowing all their efforts will appear to be disrespected and discarded, we begin the process preceding our breakthroughs grasping tightly to the value of our efforts.  We misinterpret our efforts as the part we need to hold onto rather than the part we need to rip apart in order to get through to what's to come.   We don't realize we're efforting...not creating.
When the foundation of a building is started, carpenters begin erecting incredibly strong and intricate forms of wood into which the concrete will be poured.  Their initial efforts must be perhaps more precise than the work that's yet to follow.  And yet ALL their hard work will be discarded, tossed aside without so much as a moment of memorial!  Everyone knows that once the concrete is set, the wooden frame is not only superfluous but could actually become a detriment to the security of the building yet to come.  The initial work is laid so that a breakthrough much bigger can be achieved.  For everyone knows you cannot build a skyscraper on a mere wooden frame which would be too weak to support such a dream.  
It can appear that our previous efforts don't mean a thing, that our hard work and time was wasted.  At first we may not like the feeling tearing away the initial framing feels.  But only after we are able to let go of what was can we ever expect to build what can be.  And just like the team racing through the banner to victory, or the construction crew ripping away the foundations frame enabling the real work of building to begin, only by allowing what is no longer necessary and has served it's purpose to be removed can we ourselves emerge onto the next steps in creating our own new realities.
No matter what we wish to manifest, the reality is that all manifestations require a breakthrough.  They require us to break open, tear apart and leave behind all that holds us to our former reality. 
"All personal breakthroughs being with a change in beliefs. So how do we change? The most effective way is to get your brain to associate massive pain to the old belief. You must feel deep in your gut that not only has this belief cost you pain in the past, but it's costing you in the present and, ultimately, can only bring you pain in the future. Then you must associate tremendous pleasure to the idea of adopting a new, empowering belief." Anthony Robbins
Our beliefs, or underlying conscious and subconscious programming, contain a powerful combination of emotionally-charged thought.  These are the driving forces that we use to create our lives.  They not only form the basis for our actions, but they transmit our energetic signature to the universe.  Change your vibrational frequency and you shift your reality.
But to change our reality, we need to have breakthroughs in the patterns and beliefs that have caused us to create whatever we are currently living.  A desire to manifest financial abundance requires a breakthrough in habitual money-management.  Desire a new kind of relationship, and you must tear through the paradigms that hold you to past patterns of interpersonal relations. 
One of my greatest pleasures is watching a new client's face as they wind their way in and around their long-held, seemingly-cherished beliefs easily discarding those that have been holding them stuck in place.  Naturally anticipating incredible pain as they begin to tell their story of painful relationships, great loss and disappointing failure, they're always so surprised to find that the breakdown of these unsupportive beliefs can actually be not just painless, but a total relief! 
Once we learn the tools and techniques for releasing these kinds of stuck energy, we simply can't wait to plough through any old stuck energy holding us back.  And as we clear through, releasing and recreating our belief system, a funny thing happens...manifesting magic begins.  For the moment our vibrational frequency shifts, so does our reality.  As our beliefs shift, our actions and experiences simply modify themselves.  And if we maintain these shifts, eventually we indeed will create the reality we desire to manifest, without the struggle, without the "efforting" and without the overwhelming frustration. 
Do you want to stop "efforting" and start manifesting instead?  Whether you're looking at your unsuccessfully created intentions realizing that you're halfway through the year, the summer or your really can learn to clear and create with your endless power instead of your finite force.  You still can learn to apply your energy effectively to manifest everything from a fabulous bathing suit figure to some financial figures that will make you feel pretty fantastic too.  Don't waste another minute or email me to find out how...

In Living Harmony,

Cathleen Campbell

PS:  Want to have a breakthrough in your sales performance?  This month's Living Lessons illustrates how the Law of Attraction isn't the only thing you need to turn cold calls into cold cash.
Law of Attraction to Cold Calling Success

Since the release of The Secret, many of my clients have questioned having to do any kind of clearing work, especially with regard to business issues that don't seem so pressing or so traumatic.  They have been converted to a new religion of feeling good and their wishes will come true.  

The trouble is, as the world-renowned motivational and productivity expert Tony Robbins states, "You can't just feel good and expect to get what you want out of life....the Law of Attraction is only ONE step, it's a great first step, but it's only one step."  Recently he shocked an audience in New York City when they just weren't getting "it" and kept asking him questions such as "why weren't you in The Secret?" and "what if I just stay focused on feeling good all the time, won't things work out for me?"  He told the audience that while the Law of Attraction does exist and we must use it, it's misleading to think that's all there is to manifesting.  His most shocking statement was "...because S*&% happens!  it's what you determine at those moments that direct the course of your destiny!"
The truth is if we only focus on the roses in our garden and don't pull out the weeds, eventually the weeds will take over!  In order to be truly successful, since we will always face new challenges, we need to develop the tools to deal with the weeds in our gardens and learn to make new decisions that help us to keep moving forward until we do reach our desired outcome.  Learning to effectively work with the Law of Attraction is only ONE of those tools.  

So when the clients who have called asking me to help them increase their sales without cold calling because they want to use the LOA I tell them that effectively working with LOA is most definitely a huge component of the work necessary to generate a sensational sales program, but it's not the only one we need to use to manifest success in sales.  In fact, I think good salespeople are really terrific manifesters, really great at managing their energies to be "in the zone."  And while there are always those examples of people who only get their business from referrals, or have a few big clients that are really all they will ever need if we look closely, we'll find that for "some reason"...they have businesses in which they don't require cold calling to make new sales. 
But, for the majority of people who have a product or service to sell, eventually, either sooner or later, most of us will have to speak to someone that we do not know and have not pre-qualified.  And even if you don't pick up the phone yourself, that's still going to bring up all issues related to and underlying a fear of cold-calling.  In fact, sometimes being caught off-guard with an inquiry even with someone you know is the most difficult cold-call challenge for most don't expect to have an issue with someone calling us for business.  And yet, it does happen.  We receive the call and we should have the answers, the sale should be a slam dunk, but our energy fumbles and there goes the prospect.  Cold calling issues really do affect each and every level of the sales process. 


Tom is a terrific guy, really eager and anxious to do well in his current job and overall career.  He works for a small company, family owned, and has been there for a few years.  His employer and coworkers really love Tom and his dedicated but fun nature. 

Like most people with underlying stuck energy around the subject of sales, he spends most of his time on the aspects of his job he can control - management reports, meetings, accounting.  He'll fill his day with anything but going on a cold call.  In fact, he spends most of his day working with current clients rather than even attempting to work with the warm leads his department already has on file!

When we spoke about cold calling for the first time, he stated that his company has enough warm leads to keep them busy.  "Really," he tried to convince me, the sales just make themselves.  In fact, we're more of a customer service department rather than a sales department." 

So if his department is supposed to only do customer service, I prompted him, then why would he be called a Sales Rep?  Why is a big part of his salary based on commissions?  And why were those warm leads not just falling into his lap as closed accounts?

We spent time clearing the various aspects of sales including negative preconceived notions about how sales is intrusive or resented.  And then the really big nugget of rationalization came thru:  Tom was secretly trying to apply "the secret." 

The only trouble was, as Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield will tell anyone, since Tom had all these nuggets of stuck energy around the concept of sales, his Law of Attraction work was doing the opposite of what he wanted!  In fact, he was attracted what he feared sales!

Just as with Feng Shui, I advised him, the Law of Attraction simply is ALWAYS working.  It doesn't just start the moment we become aware of it.  Rather, we're always attracting what we are vibrating.  And unless we clear the stuck energy and underlying negative programming around what we want to attract, we simply will keep manifesting what resonates with our stuck energy, not what we are working on in any Law of Attraction program.

Once Tom realized this, he was eager to clear his stuck energy - especially around the topic of using the Law of Attraction, because - as many novice "manifesters" do - he'd begun to become resentful that it wasn't working for him.  

We cleared things like:

"Even though I've been fooling myself that I could just think a thing and it would come true because I believed all the new books and tapes that have become wildly popular, and now I feel like those people lied to me and I resent their claims, nevertheless, I choose to love, accept and forgive myself and them because we were all doing the best we could."

"Even though I didn't realize that LOA is only one step in the entire manifesting process, and my fear of sales and especially cold calling made me want to believe it would be that easy, I choose to see that once I clear my fears, while there's more effort needed on my part, sales actually can be easy and I can use the LOA to support my actions too, because I do love, accept and forgive myself."

"Even though I only want to do the parts of my job that I feel comfortable doing, and my subconscious mind is helping protect me by making me think I'm far too busy to do sales, I choose now to love, accept and forgive myself and I now direct my subconscious mind to release all the distractions that keep me from creating the income I can have by working at the sales aspect of my job in correct proportion to all the other work I have."

Over a period of a few weeks, Tom began to report small victories such as having spoken to a few new people who had reached out to his company first and turned them into warmer leads, or having increased sales with already existing clients.  Pretty soon, Tom was beginning to make actual cold calls and getting them interested in learning more. 

So often we want immediate and stellar results, and our subconscious minds allow us to use the lack of those quick and dramatic results as evidence that our efforts aren't working.  But Tom understands that he's planting seeds, weeding, nurturing and fertilizing his garden.  He's prepared to watch and tend as his garden grows into the mature crop it simply must become one day. 

Tom continues to hone his skills and the process, working on the aspect of how much information and education his new customers need, and he's using both his technical skill and the Law of Attraction to close the gap. 

The important thing to note is that Tom's overall commissions have grown steadily and in a noticeable amount, immediately covering and then surpassing the cost of his sessions.  He's happy that his efforts, both the energy work and his actual daily application of the tools he's learned - including now the Law of Attraction - are quite literally paying Living Harmony!

To learn how to use EFT and the Living Harmony Manifesting Formula, go to the
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Tasty Prosperity
Essential oils aren't just for creating abundance in your pocket, they are essential tools in creating the most abundantly tasty food too!

When we speak of harmony in food, spices are the instruments of delivery.  Most of us are familiar with using the dried herbs we find in our local grocery.  And as we move back to a more organic way of life, we've even begun introducing fresh herbs as they are available.  But you've not tasted anything like the foods you'll prepare with essential oils.  When compared to music, dried herbs provide the tones of a single instrument.  The fresh herbs add a bit more flavor, akin to a quartet. 

But add just the right essential oil to your dish, and you'll experience a virtual orchestra of flavor in your mouth!  Now, not only can you save money but you'll be creating the most tasty prosperity you've ever experienced!  Try some of these amazing oils in your own recipes. 

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