Special Note:  May 27, 2009 

Good afternoon Clients and Friends - 

The recent health crises certainly have had me hopping!  Emails and phone calls following each new media announcement of the rising tolls inspired me to create this special message.  Hopefully the following information will be inspirational, calming and will support you in learning how to take control of your own wellbeing.   

When pigs fly? 
Believe me, that's what I first said about essential oils and these "energy modalities" too. 

But fear can be a great motivator, and with our ever-growing health concerns we're all beginning to ask some worrisome questions.  It seems all we hear and talk about is the swine flu.  Over the last few weeks I've been flooded with messages about swine flu ranging from simple inquiries to sheer panic.  Clients and readers alike are asking everything from "what can we do to protect ourselves?"" but, I'm so can I deal with the inevitable?""Is it really possible to heal naturally?" 

Through my own personal experience, I now know the real answer to all these questions is: 

The best way to wellbeing is to clear,
support and increase your own immune system. 

You see, after decades of first my parents and then me spending a fortune (and I mean a fortune!) on medical care for my overwhelming allergies, asthma and eventually the catastrophic and "untreatable" neck injury that had me partially paralyzed for a short term and in chronic-acute pain for more than a decade, I finally had no where else to turn.  The list of medications I was taking to combat these issues kept growing, and so did their side effects.  Most of my colleagues reading this may not believe it, as I was very good at "hiding" the pain and my limitations when in public.  But I had to because though I lamented it at the time, thank goodness pain killers didn't work for me at all, except to make very ill.  Finally, scared witless at what the rest of my life would be like, I dipped just the teeniest part of my baby toe in the waters of complimentary modalities...and for the first time in my life I found actual relief

My deepest gratitude for the doctors and medicines that helped me over the years is sincere.  And if someone I loved needed surgery or a powerful drug, I'd first help them find the best doctor we could.  But then we'd keep seeking out all the resources they needed to help them restore their wellbeing.  

Wellbeing isn't about getting to the doctor when we need one, it's about taking care of and increasing our immune response so we won't need one in the first place.

What about the swine flu? 
The truth is getting ill is just NOT a given! 

If it was then EVERYONE who worked with the sick, in hospitals and doctors offices would eventually come down with everything.  And family diseases would be inevitable, not just a potentiality.  That's just not how it works, is it? 

From the metaphysical standpoint, by believing that getting sick is inevitable and relying so much on doctors and medicine to fix ourselves after the fact, we're not only giving up on our power...we're actually attracting illness into our experience!  Even Dr. Oz has stated on Oprah that medical care is really "symptom care" just supports the body's own processes of healing and I agree wholeheartedly with him.  I've learned how to support my own body in simply releasing what used to have me ill, out of work and in bed for weeks.  Since I've learned what I've learned it's been years since I've taken any antibiotic and I've not missed a day of work in over 4 years! 

You have these abilities and the resources available to you too.  But so often even my most professionally successful clients are astounded at how much power they never even knew they had!  The mind-body connection isn't just feel good philosophy, it's the feel good essential!

Here's the most important health fact to remember:  your body heals naturally on it's own, in fact:  you ARE healing right now.  Think about it:  you don't cut yourself and stop to say, "...oh darn it, now I'm going to stop everything else I'm doing and get started healing..."  No.  First, we clean the wound and prepare any bandages, but then we ASSUME we are healing, and so (in most cases) we do.  We naturally engage the Law of Attraction and our own body's ability to restore ourselves to wellbeing, for the small stuff.  The bigger stuff seems scary and impossible, but it all works the same way...we just have to know how to get out of our own way.  Give your body what it needs to release and it will restore wellbeing.  The simple fact is that right now, without your awareness of it, if your immune system is fully functioning your bodies (actually all of them...your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual...and...) are already actively working creating your wellbeing.  When you add your own conscious intention to that powerhouse, the results can be nothing short of astounding.

Swine flu is no joke.  Then again, it is not an inevitability!  The truth is that you have more power to create a healthy state of wellbeing than just waiting in anxiety until the so-called inevitable and then trying to get in to see your overwhelmed doctor. 

What exactly can you do for yourself and your family?  Some things are just so easy and practically free you'll be how an Apple Cider Vinegar gargle can make sore throats disappear almost instantly.  Grab a copy of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" and find out HOW to drink water to support your body better.  Other issues take a bit more work, like clearing away the underlying stuck energy for issues like fibromyalgia or...say, 3 ruptured discs in the neck...(hint:  when I did finally learn "how" it took about 6 months total...a drop in the bucket compared to more than a decade of pain!

But no matter the issue, the solution is always to support our own body's natural processes.  We've been so highly trained to seek out the state-of-the-art medical and pharmecuetical intervention that we have forgotten our own bodies are THE state-of-the art!  Remember, no computer built by man yet has the capacity for processing information like the human mind.  And while we have a vast depth of knowledge about the body, we're still just on the tip.

Aside from fear then, what changed my mind?  Of course information from esteemed scientists such as Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard graduate, helped.  But the thing that convinced me the most was my experience with Lavender. 

If you suffer from allergies...reading this may be a lifechanger: 

For me, just a few drops taken in a capsule of the therapeutic-grade lavender oil and I was astonished when in less than 7 minutes what would have formerly been a raging allergy attack just dissolved away!  Not only did it completely resolve the sneezing, itchy eyes and headache I felt right down to my teeth, but there was absolutely no side effect.  Nothing.  No drowsiness.  No dry mouth.  Just complete peaceful relief.  It happened so fast the first time I didn't realize how much time had gone by, but after that I started timing myself.  Sure enough, within 7 minutes which is almost 12 minutes faster than a drug that used to make the rest of my day horrendous.  And YL Lavender works every time. 

I've found through my own reseach and use that therapeutic-grade essential oils do amazing things for us including supporting emotional wellbeing, increase oxygen in our bodies and provide powerful natural qualities.  They've been studied clinically and have been proven even more effective than some of our synthetic drugs for an increasing variety of issues. 

So how do you support and increase your own immune system? 

By the powerful process of entrainment we can use therapeutic-grade essential oils which offer the highest vibrational frequencies of any natural substance known to man to intentionally raise our own vibrational frequency.  A healthy body has an electrical frequency of between 62 and 78 MHz, whereas dis-ease can begin at 58 MHz.  Studies have shown a return to correct frequency can take as little as 21 seconds after inhaling therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

We can also remove the stuck energies that deplete our energy systems with simple energy modalities.  Positive meditation and prayer have also been shown to be able to increase the body's electrical frequency by 10 MHz or more.  All combined, simple techniques and resources really can help us create an astounding level of wellbeing.  

When I have a question, as I suggest for all my clients, I do check with my medical doctor.  Usually they suggest moderation, start with a small test and go from there.  And for reference, I love these two great resources - the Essential Oils Desk Reference and the Oils Testimonials web site packed with real-people and their own stories of creating wellbeing. 

If you're questioning as I did why if natural substances are so powerfully effective why did we start producing synthetic drugs, the answer is a winding road through history.  And while there's a plethora of scientific research you could get lost under, I've found that by starting with something simple like Lavender for a sunburn or Peppermint for a headache, I was able to open myself up to these wonderful tools.  The day I tested Oregano oil instead of rushing to the doctor to get my usual antibiotics for the bronchitis I felt coming on was amazing because in less than 6 hours I felt my wellbeing return.  That had never, ever happened in my whole life.  Can you imagine how empowering and secure that feels?  

We don't realize how much of our energy we use up needlessly.  Take for example a "simple" sinus attack.  To those who suffer them, the pain and exhaustion aren't simple at all.  The cost in insurance and missed work is staggering.  From an energetic view, the word "attack" should be a big clue.  If we suffer from this chronic condition, that means that on good days we are using some of our energy that could otherwise be used to create successful sales or happy relationships, but instead we're using it to fend off the next attack!  We are on a never-ending roller coaster of anxiety, dread, trepidation and succumbing to suffering.  This is not the energy of prosperity!   

Now perhaps more than ever, it's up to each of us to learn how to protect ourselves and support our own natural healing abilities.  Not with an endless list of supplements, difficult cleansing programs or depressing restrictions but with far less distress and greater results.  You do have the support yourself and your family to wellbeing.

With all the suffering I went through personally, it's become such an honor and a joy to support my family, friends and anyone who's interested in creating their own wellbeing as we can.  It's true, some issues can't be fully resolved.  But for most, relief really is at your fingertips! 

The answer to what do we do with this current crisis is to first take care of yourself:

  1. Drink plenty of water (with the right salt/mineral ratio so your body can actually use it!)
  2. Get the right rest for your body.  You'll know it's the right amount when you can awake, fully rested, without the use of an alarm clock.
  3. Use energy modalities to clear away stress, fear and any unsupportive beliefs.
  4. Clear away chronic conditions as these deplete your already over-active immune system. 
  5. Support raising your vibration and give yourself symptom relief with Young Living Essential Oils. 
  6. Of course...check with your doctor, especially if you're not feeling well now...

If you have any questions, issues or need personal support, please either call me at 646-245-2345 or email me at  We'll set up a time to chat quickly to help you discover the resources and tools you can use, yourself, as you need and when you need right there where you are.  We'll help you too learn to create your own wellbeing...

In Living Harmony,
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Living Harmony

PS:  If you want to learn how I cleared my "untreatable" spinal injury and found unparalleled relief from chronic allergies, sinus infections and asthma...visit my web site, There, you'll find all the resources that I used to systematically clear these chronic issues and increase my immune system to create unprecedented wellbeing for myself. 

Living Harmony consultations and Young Living products are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any disease; clients are encouraged to seek medical treatment with qualified medical personnel where appropriate.