Cathleen Campbell

April 2009
Stress Less...Manifest More
Dear Friends -
It's been two weeks since National Stress Awareness Day kicked off the 17th Annual Stress Awareness Month to help us identify, reduce and, or eliminate stress from our lives. you feel any better yet?  
Yep.  That's what I thought.  Since it's inception, we've actually increased our experiences of stress.  Seeing or hearing anything about relieving stress makes us close our ears and minds because most have resigned themselves to the "fact" that stress is an ongoing part of life, it will most likely keep increasing, and it's the norm for everyone. 
No matter what your current circumstances, stress is not a given,
 it doesn't have to increase and those who know how to manage our energies
are actually enjoying harmony regardless of what's going on around us. 
What does stress have to do with our vibration, manifesting and creating harmony?  In fact, stress is one of the biggest factors blocking our manifesting efforts!  Learning how to release and resolve stress isn't just essential for your physical wellbeing.  Your stress level is a pivotal component of your manifesting success.  The lower your stress, the more effective your conscious manifesting will be.  Period.
Yet all this stress does seem to make sense with so many crises to deal with...the economic crises, employment crises, environmental crises, etc.  It's become so pervasive, even children are suffering from it.  They're overwhelmed with scheduled play dates, constant input from TV and video games and the pressure of learning not just their studies but all the new toys available in, of course, delightfully enticing bubblegum pink or rocket-man blue. 
Rather than learning to manifest wellbeing and abundance, however, we're getting more stuck and feeling even more pressure.  That deep breathing thing hasn't caught on too well, has it?  It doesn't really let off enough steam to release the geyser of pent-up stuff we're trying to keep in check.  We've thrown ourselves into yoga and exercise but the stress (and fat!) is still there and gaining.  So we see therapists and doctors, take drugs, change our diets and buy an endless supply of self-help and personal growth products. 
"Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it." Lilly Tomlin
Even after all the "proactive" measures, it still feels like there's not too much we can do about it except distract ourselves because "reality" seems to be the enemy.  We try even to block it out with sleep, hobbies, more and more activities or any of the growing number of new addictions we have created from habitual shopping to online gambling, sex, drugs or psychic readings which create even more problems.  As our pressures grow, so does our need to find some kind of solace even if the relief isn't real. 
Exhausted and worn out, we plop in front of the tube...TV or net, but studies have show most of them to actually increase stress levels.  There's a whole bunch of reasons including the shifting images and colors, information overload and outright negativity.  We temporarily trade our own emotions for those portrayed on the screen and others evoked in us by the story, faking us out into further suppressing our own emotions inadvertently.  These activities not only don't relieve our stress, but they affect us long after we're done with them.  Noted psychiatrist and author, Dr. David Hawkins tells us that, "Negative music energy has a deleterious effect on the energy system of the body for up to one half hour after it is turned off." 
So the first question is why have we not learned how to resolve this destructive issue? 
Because in order to solve a problem, we have to know what it really is.  The main reason why we have so much trouble dealing with stress is that we have been looking in the wrong places.  In his seminal book Power Vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins explains, "Traditional medicine generally holds that stress is the cause of many human disorders and illnesses.  The problem with this diagnosis is that it doesn't accurately address the source of the stress.  It looks to blame external circumstances, without realizing that all stress is internally generated by one's isn't life's events, but one's reaction to them that actives the symptoms of stress."
Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) maintains "according to EFT theory, people who have a heightened stress response also have a disrupted energy meridian system. Conventional coping strategies tend to be ineffective because they fail to balance these vital pathways."
We make the mistake in believing that stress is inspiring, helping us to create success.  Opposites only make attraction in the movies.  Here on earth, like attracts and connects with like.  When we create out of resistance to negative, we get more and more experiences that cause us to feel more and more fear or anger.  Many have created great fortunes out of fear and then living with the fear that their former circumstances may return, either loose their fortune or never enjoy it.  Real success does take effort, require overcoming challenges and demands dedication but in a relaxed state of harmonic gratitude and love.  Only from that vibrational frequency can abundance flourish.
Which brings us to the second and most important question:
Plenty.  You can see now, it stops or slows our manifesting the good we want, and increases our manifesting negative experiences. 
Stress engages our natural responses to protect ourselves.  Once our flight or fight response is engaged, we either have to deal with the issue or use a ton, a TON of our personal energy to deny the powerful responses that are activated throughout all of our bodies (emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, energetic.)  That energy is no longer available to us for anything else.  Just like your computer power, if you have programs running in the background, eventually the computer slows and can get completely frozen. 
Often we come to learn about manifesting when we're smack in the middle of stressful conditions.  We need more money, a lasting relationship or a serious health issue resolved.  We may learn about the techniques of manifesting, but in this stressed state, it's nearly impossible to shift and hold our vibration in harmonic alignment with what we wish to create for long enough to draw it in and accept it into our reality. 
Unresolved stress causes us to feel and think in ways that transform our vibrational frequency to increasingly negative tones.  Oh we send out conscious intentions to create what we desire - love, prosperity, health, adventure and so on.  But as we experience greater and greater unresolved stress, it's as though we are donning a razor-covered suit that slices away anything good that could have come to and stuck with us.  People may not be conscious of it, or they might not tell you, but they WILL "shy" away from you.  Opportunities, sales, health, love...they will all begin to be increasingly repelled.
"...stress is the net effect of a condition that is being resisted...but the condition does not have any power in itself.  Nothing has the power to 'create' stress.  Loud music that raises the blood pressure of one person can be a source of delight to another.  A divorce may be traumatic if it's unwanted, or a release into freedom if it's desired."  Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
Resistance is futile.  Why?  Not because it's one of the most memorable lines ever uttered in any Star Trek production, becoming a cultural meme moments after it's first utterance...but because resistance sustains and potentially feeds into that which must be resisted.  Resistance not only creates stress, it sustains the stressful circumstances.  What we resist, persists. It's simple physics. 
It's a chicken and egg thing:

The more you learn to manage your energies, the more you're able to clear away and resolve - not just reduce, but resolve - stress. 
And the more you manifest more of what you truly desire,
the more satisfying life becomes. 
The good news is that with a few simple energy management tools, you really can clear away not just the stress you feel, but the stuck energies that cause you to feel stress and even better, stressful patterns! 
Every single person I've worked with has had the same comment after their first session as they begin to learn EFT, "...I don't know why, but I do feel calmer, more relaxed..."  Even with their problems not entirely resolved, clients immediately feel the reduction of stress right from the start, especially because they have tools to deal with it as it's happening instead of waiting for a drug to kick in their next session.   Most report within a few sessions that things are moving in their life again.  Sales are happening or increasing, relationships are beginning to move, communications are improving.  As they clear their energies of stress, they clear also those things that were the catalyst to their stress response.
Now you really want to feel better, don't you?  Of course you do.  The truth is you can Tap Into the Power, your OWN power to release stress.  You can learn the HOW of how to let go.  And in releasing and letting go, you will be better able to create true abundance, prosperity, love and wellbeing...

In Living Harmony,

Cathleen Campbell

PS:  Read on to find out how we can use even our challenges to consciously manifest amazing abundance in this month's Living Lessons.

PPS - If you're interested in researching for yourself, Dr. David Hawkins' books can be purchased at the Living Harmony Manifesting  Resources page; you can read all about the mapping and calibration of the vibrational energy of emotions and thoughts and the practical applications of this knowledge. 

HARMONY in GRIEVING St Patrick Banner
One of the most stressful things we can go through is the loss of a loved-one, and our pets are part of the family too.  In fact, sometimes we care even more about them than the humans in our lives. 

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me their love and support over the last several weeks; the loss of my beloved cat Coco was certainly a very sad experience for us. 
And yet I must say, once again, I'm absolutely amazed at the grief experience from this clearer place and with these incredible tools at the ready. 
Believe me, I've cried my share of tears and had my full range of emotions.  But the process was "cleaner" and more filled with love than anything else.  Coco was a funny boy; he was standoffish with strangers due to having been mistreated as a baby kitten before he came to live with us.  But once you made it past his defenses he was simply the most purposefully affectionate and adorable animal I've ever known.  He LOVED energy work, in fact he was one of my biggest success stories.  We tapped away his fears and he became a truly peaceful companion. 

In the meantime, if you are dealing with grief of any kind or have a pet you need some help with, please do call me.  Over the years of my practice, many of my clients have either worked on their grief or referred friends to me for this process, and we are always astounded at how much easier it is, and how quickly the overwhelming pain can be released.  While we can't bring our loved ones back, we really can clear through the grief and return easily to a state of loving wellbeing.   
Visit Living Harmony:  Harmonic Paws to learn more about energy and our pets.  If you have lost someone you love and just can't seem to get past it, or are facing the impending loss of a loved one and need support, please contact me at 646-245-2345 or send me an email.
LIVING LESSON:  Stress-less Style

My clients often ask how it must be to live a life without any stress or issues at all.  They've seen things like The Secret and read countless self-help books about how they can be living in paradise right here.  
While abundance can be ours, the REAL experts I've worked with and had the great fortune to be taught by have all shared the same, honest truth:  even the most successful manifesting master has problems, pains and disappointments.  It's called living. 
Becoming a manifesting master doesn't mean you won't have challenges, but rather you'll continue to manifest abundance and prosperity even because of them, as you effectively manage your energies.  And as you master the tools we use to manage energy, you have more resources to effectively work creating the best possible outcome, and you see more possibilities too in all situations.
Just the other day I experienced a rather insignificant moment that would cause even a Zen monk some frustration.  (Of course this would have to be a very chic Zen monk, but could happen.)  Instead, I used it to MANIFEST Abundance, Joy and some pretty terrific Prosperity.  Even if fashion's not your thing, the same principles apply in every area of life, all the ones you're really interested in - so read on to find out how you too can learn to manifest stress-lessly:

Recently I went back to the beauty supply store where I purchased a very expensive bottle of nail polish.  Summer's coming and I wanted my favorite sheer pink.  And as we all know (go with me here), the sheerer the color the quicker they chip so it's essential to get a good quality to ensure a lasting manicure.  But the bottle I had gotten a few weeks before was defective in some way.  Exchanging should have been a no-brainer.
But the clerk was perhaps dissatisfied with her lot in life that day or something worse, and was incredibly rude.  Instead of asking me if I had my receipt she snipped at me, " don't even have your receipt with you so how do you expect us to return this?"  Okay then.  I guess she had x-ray vision and had already checked my purse...ahem. So after several comments like this, just like anyone would, I finally reached my limit and left the store. 

Within moments of leaving I was already using my tools - my cue word popped into my head involuntarily as did my favorite afformation..."why does any challenge prosper me!?"  And so already feeling calmer I went about my day knowing my subconscious mind would come up with an even more exciting solution.
Well, I love a bargain and a surprise, and a surprise bargain is the best!  Later that day I stopped in our local drugstore to pick up some water and tissues for the office when the cosmetics display caught my attention.  It was only then that I remembered I had the offending bottle with me, and while I'd never found that exact shade in any other line, I walked over with a completely open mind and heart.  And there it was:  a new display with a brand-new line of sheers especially for the summer! 
This display featured several shades of sheer, one matching EXACTLY the expensive brand.  The new line was from a trusted brand and was labeled in huge, clear text that it was a specially formulated sheer GUARANTEED to last 10 days.  Okay, my heart palpitating I looked down to find the last bit of genius my subconscious had manifested:  the price?  It was a, it was $2.75.  Yep.  It was under $3!!!!  I could buy 5 bottles of this stuff and still not come to the price I'd been paying!
It's been 5 days since I began using my new find, and the results do speak for themselves.  My nails look exactly as they did the day I applied whereas the most I've ever gotten out of a sheer before was about 4 days, so long as I did nothing with my hands.  I've done housework, typed some 400,000 words, played with the cat, and engaged in a host of other fun and work activities.  I'm a busy girl!  There is no doubt in my mind that this new polish is going to last longer and give me the same appearance I want, all at less than 1/5th of the price I'd been paying.
So how do I feel about that snippy, unprofessional, immature young woman at the beauty supply store?  I send her lots of loving and balanced energy that hopefully she was just having a bad day, and that she finds the resources she needs to grow and mature so that her inner-self is as beautiful as her outer self.  And I'm really, really grateful to her for helping me find not just a better solution, but a magnificent one!
Nail polish may not be your thing, and if you're a guy you may be rolling your eyes, but the polish itself wasn't the point of the experience.  As we live with those situations that take up our precious energetic resources, the little nagging thoughts and worries, we loose our overall power.  Ask anyone who likes to wear nail polish and they'll agree, the amount of time spent trying to find, apply, salvage, protect and enjoy this simple style accessory is really overwhelming when you add it all up.  Where do you think the term "perfectly polished" came from!  When we don't have this issue resolved, there's always a small part of our subconscious and then conscious mind wondering, worrying, attempting to anticipate, dealing with the aftermath...and these resources are otherwise occupied when we try to apply them to the greater challenges we have in life. 
The point is we are always manifesting whether we choose to do so consciously or we allow it to happen passively.  Whether it's a small trinket or a needed job, a relationship or a physical issue, the process of manifesting is always the same and always, always in our control via the way we manage our energies.  And that's how to be a Manifesting Master!
If you were interested in the nail polish, Email Me and I'll be happy to give you the brand information!
You can start learning how to Manifest in Living Harmony just by reading the Living Harmony web site.  Learn how to Stress Less to Manifest More with your own Living Harmony Sessions.

One of my greatest joys is supporting my clients in learning how to create exponentially greater success than ever before and but even better, to make that success their new consistent reality. 

What's YOUR Stressor?
Energy Work Works with ANYTHING

St Patrick BannerEnergy work is becomming more and more widely excepted - Feng Shui, EFT, Aromatherapy...they're becoming part of our everyday conversations.  But do you know what it can do for you?   

While it's true that stress is an internal creation, if we don't create the external experiences we want we'll be in a constant struggle to fight stress endlessly.  So what stresses you most?  Take a look at these popular Living Harmony clearing programs - most clients report starting to feel significant relief in just a few sessions, and see real progress by the end of their program resolving lifelong issues easily as they clear away BOTH the internal AND the external. 

Using my proven 3-Step Formula combined with practical techniques, you can learn to manage your energies to consistently create what you desire too:


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Combining decades of successful management, sales and marketing expertise with energy helps my clients generate incredible numbers...yes, even in "this" market.  Living Harmony Business, Marketing and Sales Program is custom tailored to each client's needs covering topics such as:

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Activate Your Relaxation Response with EFT

Did you know that just as we all have a Flight or Fight Response as part of our protective resources, we ALSO have a Relaxation Response?  You can begin to consciously engage yours, with some simple EFT.  You may need additional support to clear away what's stuck.  But to get you started now, use the script below tap, tap, tap:

Even though I have all these things in my life that cause me unrelenting stress, I choose to love, accept and forgive myself.
Even though I have so many ongoing personal challenges not to mention all the crises our nation and the world is facing and building daily, I feel overwhelmed, I direct my subconscious mind to engage my own Relaxation Response and begin releasing the tension, overwhelm and confusion for good because I do love, accept and forgive myself.
Even though I haven't been able to avoid or release my stress, I choose to know that my subconscious mind is working on my behalf to help me connect with all my resources so I can handle any challenge, and too I'm learning to manifest more and more of what I want peacefully because I love, accept and forgive myself.
Then tap through all your meridian points one full round with each of the following Reminder Phrases:
*This Stress
*Any Remaining Stress
*Relaxation Response
For more detailed EFT instructions, visit the Living Harmony EFT Tutorial

Remember:  persistence pays off!  Even just a few minutes a day, with dedication and commitment, can produce amazing results. Email me your results
Take Care Of Your Immune System

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It started as soon as the media announced the first US cases - clients and readers have been emailing and calling in a panic over the swine flu...

What to do?  Take care of your energies!  Studies show that our immune systems are our best defense when our vibration is high.  Get plenty of rest, drink water and take care of your emotions and thoughts.  Raise your vibration with nature's wellbeing - therapeutic-grade essential oils. 

Don't use anti-bacterial soaps which have been shown to wash away the good bacteria our bodies need for good defense.  Instead, switch to YL's Thieves Foaming soap.  And stop using heavy chemicals to clean homes and offices.  The Thieves Household Cleanser is simply THE best cleanser I've ever used, it's supportive of our immune systems and it's even less expensive than those nasty chemicals.  You can find them all through MY Young Living page and learn more about aromatherapy on the Living Harmony site.

If you are upset about this situation, or have specific questions about how to use energy work and aromatherpy please Email Me or call me at 646-245-2345.  And of course, always seek out qualified professional care as you feel best.  
Stress Free...A Drop At A Time
Using the power of nature's fragrant molecules to release the stress of everyday problems, for love and matters big and small...aromatherapy can be used on its own, but when combined with other healing modalities such as EFT, these powerful essential oils increase the effectiveness creating supercharged clearing and release.    
Here are just a few of the amazing essential oil blends I work with to help my clients successfully clear stress so they can manifest more abundance in all areas of their lives.  Click on the images below to read more about them, other supportive products and to order yours today.  

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