Cathleen Campbell

February 2009
Can YOU Feel the Love?


Dear Friends,
Happy Valentine's Day...I'm sending you some love... 

What better way to give my love than to give you my new Living Harmony web site!   

Living Harmony ( is live and ready for you to use as the resource that I dreamed and therefore manifested it to be.  Chock full of amazing tools you can use to either begin learning or perhaps fine-tune your understanding that you simply CAN create all that you desire and more.  You really CAN learn to feel the love for yourself! 
To consciously and consistently create all the love you desire, the wellbeing and abundant prosperity throughout your life it's essential to feel the love.  And to feel it, the only thing we need to do is to clear out all the stuck energy we don't even know we're carrying around...the negative feelings, thoughts, beliefs, memories, traumas, disappointments and habits we've inherited, absorbed or created ourselves. 
Today is a day that has long been celebrated first as an ancient fertility celebration and in more recent times the daunting "greeting card holiday" that causes so much tension and pain for both single and coupled people alike.  But what if every day was a celebration of love?  What if you could awake fully loving yourself regardless of what you'd accomplished so far or what challenges you are currently facing?  What if you could truly love your partner or spouse, or the fact that you don't have one?  What would happen in your life if you truly loved your clients, your boss...your coworkers?  When you feel the love, you finally know what it means to be magnetically attractive to your abundance, to love and prosperity...because once you exude love, people and prosperity are simply and compellingly attracted to you.
The reason so many feel the tension this time of year is because we know the truth:  love really does make the world go around, and most of us are yearning for the love that never seems to come...or stay very long.  But the love we seek is never outside ourselves, it resides deep within our own hearts, underneath all that stuck energy.  And the reality is that true love, abundant in giving without care for receiving is almost the most magnetic force on the earth.  The vibration of Love, true love is almost as pure as Peace and Enlightenment.  It's compelling, magnetically attractive and incredibly powerful.
People tell me they don't understand energy and the emotions they feel.  Yet, the truth is that we do!  We intuitively understand the vibrational frequencies we live with, express and experience.  Our language is peppered with phrases that describe energy.  And our traditions are reflective of frequency as well.  Take today's traditional offering, Roses.  Roses have the highest vibrational frequency of any plant material we know.  Isn't it an amazing "coincidence" that humans long ago chose giving Roses as a symbol of Love?  Yes, well...there are no coincidences, are there?
And there's no coincidence that you are receiving this email either.  Yes, perhaps we met networking at a business function, or you've been a client for a long time.  We may be related, or you may have just come across my web site and registered to receive this newsletter.  If you're receiving this, then the truth is that you manifested this opportunity to learn how to clear your way to your own love, abundance and prosperity just as much as I manifested our connection.  No matter what your current challenges are, you are ready to live a new way...easier and more prosperously abundant. 
Things like Manifesting, Law of Attraction, Energy, Emotions and Vibrational Frequency might seem confusing or overwhelming at first.  But everyone I know, from my mentors to my clients, all have found that once we learned the tools and techniques to manage our energies - clear our negative thoughts, emotions and the rest of the stuck energy that kept us struggling with what is instead of creating what can be - the REAL "secret" is that we now know we'd never go back to living the way we did.  It's far more difficult to drag around all that stuck energy, forcing our way through the day, hoping against hope that we can just put enough away to get by, being away from those we love for the majority of our days and ending those long, difficult days exhausted, too tired to even lament as we watch inane television shows before a restless night, only to do it all over again.  We have learned to stop working ourselves until our death...and instead, really live our life...fully, in the present, and with a joy that we may have only known as small children.
Children, it has been documented, laugh approximately 200 times a day.  They are so fully present in that moment, you can't help but get caught up in it with them.  On the other hand, adults have been tracked as laughing only 4 times a day.  What a horrible sentence to live out our days.  No wonder why we struggle so hard to create anything, let alone the love we desire with such a low, dense vibration. 
Creating what we desire really doesn't have to be a "secret" anymore.  In fact, it's not.  For those who aren't familiar with my work yet, on Living Harmony ( you'll find a tremendous wealth of information about many of the tools I work with including:

      • Energy Work - What is Energy and How does it affect my life? 
      • Energy Tools - Feng Shui, Intuition, Manifesting and Law of Attraction
      • Essential Oils - Nature's Vibrational Frequency Leverage
      • Emotional Freedom Technique...and more.

Managing our energies is an essential part of every moment of our life, and every area.  We're beginning to shift consciousness, but there are still many who claim that there's no room for emotions in business.  The truth is that we are energetic beings living a physical experience.  We can no more cut out a part of ourselves and fully function than we could cut off our arm and expect to retain the use of our hand.  To further help you understand just how and where to apply your own energy work, Living Harmony ( features a variety of segments covering the topics my clients most often request including:

Business - Sales Success, Marketing, Management, Cold Calling 

Weight Loss - Loose the Weight, Gain Your Life!

Relationships - from Dating, Marriage, Family to Business
Creativity and Performance - End Creative Blocks for good...

When I first began searching for ways to heal my chronic, acute pain resulting from a traumatic neck injury...and too, to find new ways of living and being prosperous, my search was difficult and often confusing.  I had to read hundreds of books, take countless seminars, work with so many people in every modality I could find.  Living with that pain from the tender age of 28 for the rest of my life wasn't an option.  So I pressed on, and eventually I put together all these tools and developed my own.  In a matter of a few years I was able to become pain-free (unless you count the bruises I get when flying off my god daughter's swing, I swear on purpose!)...and best of all, to become magnetically attractive to my prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life.  But you don't have to wait that long, or do all the you can just go to Living Harmony ( to discover how you too can finally become your own success story.
And because I like things to be as easy as possible, I worked at manifesting a success recipe...a formula that could be applied to all the areas of my life I wanted to change or heal.  To be a true recipe, the outcome has to be reliable.  The Living Harmony Creation Formula is replicable, consistent and best of all...easy to learn and apply.  Some will get it intuitively, just by reading the site and applying the vast amount of information and tools that are freely presented.  While others who may be new or have been struggling will need the insights and direction of someone who's been there and can show them how to stop struggling and start creating.  I've often joked that my tagline should have been "let MY pain be YOUR gain..." and it's true.  My clients love how quickly and easily they turn things around, and even better how it feels to apply their power in creative ways, rather than in forceful, fighting ways.  It's truly my honor and joy to help my clients and readers learn to manage their energies so they can create the love and abundance they desire.

The truth is that I know plenty of people who DO have it ALL.   They live in the real world, and have their share of challenges and pain, but...they have learned to apply their energy to achieve astounding lives.  My mentors have shown me just how "easy" it can be to really blast thru blocks to achieve REAL abundance, health and love.  My own abundant successes prove we really can manifest our heart's desires.  I've been teaching and supporting my own clients in creating their own abundant success for over 10 years, and I can teach you too. 

May today be filled with the love you desire.  If it's not, you do have the power to change it.  Remember, today was once your tomorrow.  With the fierce urgency of NOW, what love do you want to experience today and create for your next tomorrow?  You CAN learn to feel the Love...

In Living Harmony,
Cathleen Campbell

PS:  Read on to find out why we actually NEED to think and feel negatively, even about LOVE, before we can produce positively in this issue's Living Lessons. 

PPS:  Don't stop there!  Once you learn still need to know HOW to manage and release so you can put into successful practice all the information in those books, tapes and seminars you already invested or email me to find out how you can have results like some of my clients.  Visit to find out just how easy it is to Living Harmony.



Especially in dating and love, the power of positive thinking gets a ton of press.  People are either for or against it, it's either too hard or too easy. It's all or nothing.

Many of my clients come to me because no matter how hard they tried, they just haven't been able to manifest the love they desire.  And the more they try to think positively about it, the worse things seem to get.

Tired of being alone, having spent thousands of dollars and hours on books, feng shui experts and seminars, they want love more than ever but they just can't turn off their negative thoughts for very long.  Their investment of money and effort produced only frustration. And often, their experiences get even worse.  Either their dating life gets more tragic, or the love relationship they have becomes more contentious.

For anyone who's ever tried creating anything consciously...thinking positively "all the time" eventually becomes just too hard! 


Try as we may, eventually something or someone will happen to us and totally derail our efforts.  We're like recovering addicts pitched right back into throws of our addiction. 


So the lesson?  Well, it's a bit sneaky.  In fact it seems like a catch-22, but see if this makes sense:





All living organisms are hard-wired to do one thing:  survive.  At it's core, our subconscious's job is to keep you alive.  But as people working to consciously manifest good things and failing when our thoughts betray, our poor subconscious mind gets a bad rap!


In order to stay alive, way back in caveman days, we had to be aware of danger which lurked all around.  Awareness of danger is a natural survival mechanism.  For most of us, we are fairly "safe" now...and yet our subconscious is still working hard to do its job.   


Real or unreal, our subconscious prompts our conscious mind with thoughts of danger in an effort to protect us.  Add to that the storehouse most of us have accumulated of painful memories, negative experiences and all the traumas we've's no wonder why we're so confused.


Tony Robbins says, " can't think positively all the time because...LIFE happens!  It's what you do at those moments determine the course of your destiny."  Thinking positively all the time is simply kidding yourself, ignoring an entire part of your being that is there to keep you safe and healthy.


For me, and most of my clients, the moment we realize that negative thinking is almost a biological imperative, it gives the permission and control to be able to do what successful manifesters do successfully:  take the negative thought, analyze it's validity, and then apply or clear.


Of course Depression is a continual hum of negative thoughts, anger turned inward.  And there's nothing more depressing than trying desperately to think, feel and act positively only to end up feeling even more negatively.


Our subconscious minds are very persistent, effective and diligent workers.  If ignored or denied, these negative thoughts and feelings simply will find a way to get our attention.  They'll surface as disease, depression, negative life experiences.  Anything to get us to pay attention to the danger.

And while it sounds good to go cold turkey on negative thoughts, the truth is they actually help use manifest.  We need them to do our fine-tuning work. They too are there to help us.

All those negative thoughts you are thinking, the questions you keep asking and the feelings you are feeling aren't written in stone.  They are, however, keeping you from experiencing the love you want. 

We fear letting go of our thoughts and feelings because we mistakenly think they are protecting us.  But since we attract into our life our consistent vibrational frequency, the more we hold onto our fears, the more we manifest them!  If the fear is gone, then so too is the need to experience whatever wanted to avoid.

The truth is that yes, even the most wonderful person is a pain sometimes.  The only way to have a truly healthy and fully loving relationship is to be able to experience and then release ALL our feelings, especially the negative ones.  But if we force ourselves to think and feel positively all the time, we're actually in denial pushing those feelings down and away.  Eventually they will come up, and they will manifest.  It's much healthier and much more effective to actually feel, and learn to release.


The good news is that the more you work to clear stuck energy, the more you're able to both release false negative thoughts and deal with those that are real.  And since what we resists, persists...dealing with instead of denying negativity actually lessons it. The more clear you are the less you'll be bombarded by negative thoughts, and the less pressing they feel. 

Learn to create your own love. 

Visit Dating & Relationship Harmony


You really will be spending the majority of your time thinking and feeling positively, and Living Harmony.

Living Harmony

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I look forward to hearing your questions, comments and requests. 


All the energy modalities, including aromatherapy, simply help us to clear stuck energy, charged emotions and thoughts so that we can reframe our programming and experience life in more happy, harmonious, productive and prosperous ways. 

While many people come to learn about energy work due to some trauma or illness, even people who have happy lives can benefit. 
Are you ready to:

*LOOSE 10% of your excess weight...without diet OR exercise?

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*Revive artistic abilities you thought were long gone such as drawing, writing or even playing the piano?

These results and more are not just possible, they are inevitable.  We know because these are just some of the ACTUAL results many of my clients have achieved!

What are we going to create for you?  Visit and learn how you can Tap Into the Power...


EFT is an incredibly gentle, yet uniquely effective method of combining thoughts, intentions and feelings with simple tapping along well-defined energy meridian points on the face, chest and hands.  This simple process supports the release of stuck energy, charged emotions and negative subconscious patterns resulting in freedom from blocks, discomfort and dis-ease with our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Get your FREE tutorial at, or:




EFT can be done in-person or via tele-sessions which are both incredibly effective and convenient.  Sessions generally last an hour and clients are encouraged to schedule a series of 4 sessions, to be completed within 6 weeks for optimum effectiveness.  However, many issues can be cleared in a single session!  To schedule your session, or for any additional information, please email me at
Happy Valentine CLEARING
If today you are not experiencing the love you want, use the following clearing script with the Emotional Freedom Technique Tutorial on Living Harmony.  You may need to do this clearing more than once to feel the full effects.  And give yourself some time...sometimes the effects kick in later, after we've redirected our attention.  
*Even though today is Valentine's Day and I'm not feeling the love I want, I'm lonely (or insert feeling) I choose to love, accept and forgive myself.
*Even though I wish my Valentine's Day was different, full of the love I see in those greeting card commercials, I choose to release this pain and know that I am creating the love I'll feel for all my tomorrow's today...and so I choose to be open and willing to feel and give love.
*Even though I'm not having the love I truly want today, it's Valentine's Day and so I choose to be my own Valentine, I choose to give myself love and allow that love to fill me up, and help me become magnetically attractive to all my good!

Reminder Phrase:  Feel the love.

Remember:  persistence pays off!  Even just a few minutes a day, with dedication and commitment, can produce amazing results. Email me your results
Association & Non-Profit Executives

Cathleen Campbell
With more than 10 years as a leading association exec, I was often asked how I could double membership or get programs that had been argued over for years started, and with enthusiasm.  Those who know me was my energy! 

I have a special place in my heart for those who do this important work.  Perhaps more than others, managing your energy is essential to successfully carrying out the mission your members have entrusted you.  Call or email me to learn about my special program for NYSAE and ASAE members.  Learn how to tap into not only your power, but the untapped power of your members to successfully, peacefully and joyfully magnetize more members and success to you! 

As Membership Chair for NYSAE for 3 years running, and having managed over a half dozen organizations I created their success, increased membership and financial stability using the same tools I'll teach you and your organization.  Email me at or call 646-245-2345 to set up your free consultation now.
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Here are just a few of the amazing essential oil blends I work with to help my clients successfully clear and create.  Click on the images below to read more about them, other supportive products and to order yours today.  

Cathleen Campbell          

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