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The 2010 ABC New Voices
New VoicesHello ABC!

We are delighted to share with you this printable pdf of the ABC's 2010 New Voices list of outstanding debut books by authors for middle-grade and young-adult readers.

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We hope you'll print and post the flyer in your stores for customers to peruse and as a quick reference for your front-line booksellers.

It's always exciting to discover and support new voices in the literary world. We independent bookstores do the best job of championing fresh work by as-yet-unknown authors, and we had a marvelous time reading the dozens of books submitted to us by publishers.

(Note: the committee reads books submitted by publishers for consideration, so if you don't find one of your favorite debuts among these titles, it's possible that it wasn't submitted.)

The 2010 New Voices books represent a wide range of subject matter, styles, and genres. They were chosen by a committee of ten member booksellers from all over the country, in big stores and small, and in every region. It was wonderful to have so many different sets of eyes and alert, engaged, intelligent minds reading and debating the relative merits of the submissions.

We are proud to feature the works of these talented debut authors. We think you're going to love their books!


Elizabeth Bluemle and the rest of the New Voices Committee (in alphabetical order):

Billie J. Bloebaum, Powells Books at the Portland Airport (Portland, OR)
Vicki Erwin, Main Street Books (St. Charles, MO)
Leslie Hawkins, Spellbound Children's Bookshop (Asheville, NC)
Josie Leavitt, The Flying Pig Bookstore (Shelburne, VT)
Lucidon, The Voracious Reader (Larchmont, NY)
Ellen Mager, Booktenders' Secret Garden (Doylestown, PA)
Shirley Mullin, Kids Ink (Indianapolis, IN)
Leslie Reiner, Inkwood Books (Tampa, FL)
Claire Teel, Hicklebee's (San Jose, CA)

The 2010 ABC New Voices Picks
Bringing the best to the top of the pile

Novels for Middle Grade  (jump down to YA)


by Matthew Kirby
Read it if you like-Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Alone, Giuseppe, Frederick and Hannah face lives with little hope. But when they learn to work together to seek a treasure that will make their fondest wishes come true, they unleash extraordinary power leading to great rewards, both tangible and intangible. A rich blend of fantasy, steampunk, and urban adventure.  Ages 8-12. (978-0545203371)
Scholastic $17.99


by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobsen
Read it if you like-Fantasy/Magic
A blue jay, a tree frog and an alley cat are the reluctant heroes of this spellbinding fantasy which is a cross between the quest of Incredible Journey, the magic of Harry Potter and the animal charm of Charlotte's Web. Readers will wait impatiently for the next two books in the trilogy. Ages 8-12. (978-0061961083)

HarperCollins $16.99


by Marianne Fineburg
Read it if you like-Fantasy/Magic
Housed in the Children's Galleries of the Chicago Art Institute, are a collection of 68 exquisitely crafted miniature rooms. What if you held a secret key that would allow you to enter? You would be able to shrink to their size and explore their secret mysteries - what if you found someone had already been and left something behind? Great for lovers of the The Doll People or the The Littles. Ages 8-12. (978-0375857102)
Random House $16.99


by Maureen Sherry, illustrated by Adam Stower
Read it if you like-Mystery / Adventure
This has all the makings of a modern classic: three clever, adventurous children, a quirky old woman, a missing person and a hidden treasure, all set against the background of New York City's grand old historical architecture. This richly plotted book will delight fans of Blue Balliett's Calder Game and Trenton Lee Stewart's Mysterious Benedict Society.  A wonderful family read-aloud. Ages 8-12. (978-0061767005)

HarperCollins $16.99


Rob Buyea
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
Seven students tell, in their own voices about their new, amazing, and at times puzzling teacher, Mr. Terupt. Even the class bully, the prankster, and the boy who hates school begin to like fifth grade until one snowy winter day when everything changes. The story flows beautifully from voice to voice and every child will find a character with which they can identify. Ages 9-12. (978-0385738828)
Random House  $16.99


by Clare Vanderpool
Read it if you like-Historical Fiction/Mystery
Abeline Tucker is a spunky girl whose life is changing. She had a life she loved and now she must adjust to new friendships and new feelings. The author's words are gems, pulling the reader into the mysteries to be found in the sleepy -or is it? -town of Manifest, Kansas. Great historical fiction that shows the past in a way that catches a reader's attention.  Ages 9-12. (978-0385738835)

Random House $16.99


by Jennifer Cervantes
Read it if you like-Magical Realism
A surprise trip to Nana's finds Izzy spending the summer in a magical Latino village near Albuquerque. Amid family and warmhearted friends in this delightful place she finally discovers her own long lost story and finds a home. The warmth and affection of this sweet story lingers long after the last page is turned. Ages 9-12. (978-0811870153)

Chronicle Books $16.99


by Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Read it if you like-Historical Fiction
As Castro clamps down on Cuba, terror that should be in the realm of dystopian fantasy is happening in real life, and 14-year-old Lucia's parents are forced to send her to the U.S. in order to keep her safe. A coming of age story that is in turns suspenseful, alarming, heartwarming, and funny-you'll want to take this journey with the Alvarez family. Ages 10-12. (978-0375861901)
Random House $16.99


by Renee Watson
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
After her mother's tragic death, Serenity has to start over with a new home, new school, and new friends. As she tries to keep her brother (and herself) on the right path, Serenity learns about secrets and lies, the meaning of family, the power of language, and her own strength in this beautifully written debut. Ages 10-14. (978-1599904467)
Bloomsbury $16.99


Victoria Bond and TR Simon
Read it if you like-Historical Fiction or Biography
The swamp-green, watery light of magical realism suffuses this unforgettable tale of a young Zora Neale Hurston and her two best friends during a pivotal summer in their lives. Crocodile men, sorrowful transient musicians, and the ugliness of racism provide powerful counterpoints to the bright adventures of childhood. A gorgeously written coming-of-age story. Ages 10-14. (978-0763643003)

Candlewick Press $16.99

TeensNovels for Teens

before I fallBEFORE I FALL

by Lauren Oliver
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction with a paranormal twist
A beautifully constructed tale of one day-her very last-in the life of Samantha Kingston. As Samantha relives this last day over seven times, each day seeing her world and those in it a bit more clearly, she makes different choices that change forever both who she is and the destiny of those she loves. Fast-paced, surprising, and heart-breaking, this is a book you won't forget. Ages 12+. (978-0061726804)

HarperCollins $17.99


by Kat Falls
Read it if you like-Dystopian Fantasy
A dystopian novel set in an apocalyptic future where rising oceans have swallowed up entire regions and people have become underwater pioneers. Fifteen-year-old Ty's life is fine until Gemma, a Topsider with a secret , goes sub-sea and changes everything. A rousing adventure in an exotic setting that's a must-read for anyone who loves sci-fi. Ages 12+. (978-0545178143)

Scholastic $16.99

Spies of the MISPIES OF MISSISSIPPI: The True Story of the Spy Network That Tried to Destroy the Civil Rights Movement

by Rick Bowers
Read it if you like-Nonfiction and History
An unflinching look at Mississippi's violent spy network that worked covertly to undermine the Civil Rights movement that's full of immersive primary source-material.  A chilling historical message with present day implications-this is essential reading for all interested in civil rights, free speech, and the resonance with today's headlines. Ages 12+. (978-1426305955)

National Geographic $16.95


by Rae Mariz
Read it if you like-Dystopian Fantasy
A charter school subsidized by corporations offers a mall-like "educational" setting where high-school students-constantly monitored by cameras-play virtual games and engage in social networking to earn points and gain status.  Trend-spotters enjoy corporate endorsements, while misfits and non-consumers are dropped. 15-year-old Kid, at first into the system, gets involved with a group of kids resisting the norm. A fast-paced (and distressingly plausible) dystopian novel. Ages 12+ (978-0061802089)
HarperTeen $16.99


by Kristen Chandler
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
Kristen Chandler offers up a humorous and sincere novel about wolves (real ones), first love, fathers and daughters. KJ Carson starts out just wanting to impress a new boy when they team up to work on a newspaper column about wolves in Yellowstone Park. Her encounter with a wolf leads her into a much deeper look at what is going on in life around her. Ages 12+ (978-0670011421)

Penguin $17.99


by Swati Avasthi
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
16-year-old Jace  leaves home to track down his brother Christian, whom he hasn't seen in 5 years. Both boys are the victims of abuse by their father, a Chicago judge, and both have secrets and scars they can no longer bear alone. Avasthi has created believable characters, each fully dimensional, perfect dialogue, and a gripping plot, making this a powerful and important debut. Ages 13+ (978-0375863400)

Random House $16.99


by Blythe Woolston
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
A lovely, spare young adult novel about 16-year-old Loa, who is searching for meaning and a way through her pain as she is coming to terms with her sister's death. At turns harrowing and funny, Freak Observer is one of the freshest and most gorgeously written YA books we've read in a long time. Ages 14+. (978-0761362128)
Carolrhoda/Lerner Publishing $16.95


by Lish McBride
Read it if you like-Fantasy and Paranormal
Sam is underwhelmed with his life until a harmless prank draws the attention of an evil and powerful necromancer.  What sets this paranormal novel apart is the thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of the various relationships between the characters. Of course there's also magic, kidnapping, skateboard-fu, and the most charming talking head you're likely to encounter. Hilarious and dark.  Ages 14+ (978-0805090987)
Henry Holt $16.99


by Jandy Nelson
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
When Lennie's beloved, outgoing older sister dies unexpectedly, she must overcome her grief, step out of her sister's shadow, and claim her own life. The words fit together to create layers of meaning and images so real you can almost touch them. A beautiful, poetic novel about loss and love and characters so vivid they practically jump off the page. Ages 14+. (978-0803734951)

Random House $17.99


by Daisy Whitney
Read it if you like-Realistic Fiction
Themis Academy cares more about protecting its prestigious name than it does its students. When junior Alex realizes she may have been the victim of date rape, she must decide whether or not to stand up for herself and enlist the aid of a vigilante group that seeks justice. A poignantly realistic, gripping page-turner that refreshingly shows a group of smart, ethical teens, willing to take a stand. Ages 15+. (978-0316090537)

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers ($16.99)


About New Voices:

These New Voices books are chosen by a committee of independent children's booksellers from around the country who all belong to The Association of Booksellers for Children (ABC). Committee members picked these 20 titles after reading more than sixty submissions from a wide range of publishers. These books represent the cream of the crop of the books published by debut authors in 2010. Find out more at www.abfc.com.