Issue No. 303
March 2012




Since we're approaching 500 fans on our Facebook fan page we figured it was time to give away some free stuff. So, if you are the lucky fan to join at the 500 mark you will win an amazing set of SLM-branded items, including a set of marble SolidLine coasters, official CREW baseball cap, and the coveted SLM fleece jacket. Check us out on Facebook today and become a fan! On our page you'll get a behind the scenes look at SolidLine, fun updates from the crew, and our Viral Video of the Week. Plus much more!

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This past week at SolidLine we had the opportunity to host two externs from Southern Illinois University at our Chicago production offices. What is an extern, you make ask? Basically, current students pursuing production careers are given the opportunity to visit Production Companies during their spring break. Both these gents came all the way from Carbondale, IL and were a great addition to the SLM staff for the week!


"My experience at SolidLine Media was short but very memorable," exclaims extern Broc Pachesa. "SolidLine has a relaxed environment that results in more proficiency in a short period of time. Not feeling pressured, I was able to take a step back and experience what working a week in the real world is like."


"My favorite part of the week was being able to practically apply to the industry what I've learned in school," states extern Logan Randolph. "The atmosphere was very comfortable, but they sure did put me to work!"

Video production really has its perks. Not only does SolidLine get to be creative and see projects through from beginning to end, but we also get to film dentists acting like boxers, graphically turn our talent into "shadow" characters, and work with great clients who are just as enthusiastic about production as we are. If that's not rewarding, we don't know what is!
Check out these awesome videos we've been producing lately via the links below.

WATCH: AGD 2012 Conference Promotional Video Production
WATCH: APL and APL Logistics Corporate Image Video
WATCH: ASUG Annual Conference Promo Video Production
WATCH: ASUG Leadership 2.0 Promo Video Production
WATCH: PriSim Business War Games Marketing Video
WATCH: Qumu Webcasting Promo Video Production 


Last Month's Puzzler


In a 70 year lifetime, about how many times does the average heart beat?  


A. 450 - 550 Million

B. 800 - 900 Million

C. 2 - 3 Billion

D. 3.5 - 4.5 Billion


Congrats to our winner last month! Responding with the right answer was SLM client and fan Deb Rogers from Rockford, IL. Deb responded with the correct answer, C... winning herself a set of SolidLine-branded coasters. Congrats Deb and thanks for playing!



The New Puzzler! 


Happy St. Patrick's Day on behalf of the SolidLine Media crew! Whether you spend it at a parade with family and friends, drinking delicious green beverages, or searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we bid you a safe and magically delicious day! 


Here in Chicago, the SLM crew will be enjoying all the fun festivities the City has to offer. One of the most popular events here is the famous Chicago River being dyed green. Some say this Irish Green is achieved by using a special orange dye, but we here at SolidLine believe it's when the magical leprechaun comes in and uses his leprechaun potions...


The Question:


A leprechaun is really an Irish:   


A. Shoemaker

B. Thief

C. Barber

D. Magician


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, you will win a box of stylish SolidLine-branded coasters. Good luck!









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"SolidLine has been working with AGD for the last few years creating unique video content for our member communications efforts. We are always excited to see the results because SolidLine productions are not the 'everyday' corporate style video. Their ideas are fresh and full of creativity. And they are always able to execute the productions to our level of high standards."


Laurie Canning

Manager, Marketing

Academy of General Dentistry

SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of 'smart' video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


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2 Qs with SolidLine Spring Production Intern Justin Vogt


How has your internship with SolidLine been going thus far? 

My enjoyment level at SolidLine Media is inversely proportional to time spent with Justin Younger.


Do you know the Muffin Man?

Oh, Kevin? Yeah, he's pretty cool I guess.


If you were a leprechaun, what would your name be?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Ronald McDonald


Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

Irish McDrinks O'Hurlipukes

Kevin Wright, Producer

Timmy O'Lovin


Justin Younger, Motion Graphics Artist

Bill O'Reilly 


Jeff McBride, 

Motion Graphics Artist

Mrs. Nesbitt


Marcus Leshock, Writer

Freckles McNugget


John Courchane, Editor

Let's be real, I'm way too tall to even think about being a leprechaun. 


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator

D'arcy Paddy-Wagon


Justin Vogt, Spring Production Intern

Warwick Davis II


Michael Kromm, Creative Director

Lucky Charm


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Justin McYoungler


Broc Pachesa, Extern

Ginger McGregmuffin


Logan Randolph, Extern

Peter McFloogal

Kevin attaches camera to roll

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