Issue No. 302
February 2012



SolidLine will be producing a series of product promotional videos in 2012 for Qumu highlighting a variety of their business video product offerings. 

Qumu helps corporations create, manage, and securely distribute enterprise video and related content while providing rich analytics on content usage.
The first series of three videos will highlight Qumu's Webcasting, Mobile Video, and Employee Generated Content product verticals. The productions will mesh real world characters into a motion graphic world to tell a story that is informative, but with a strong visual appeal. 


"We are looking forward to seeing the unique video concepts that the SolidLine team is developing for Qumu," states Kelly Hoerner, Qumu's Technical Marketing Director. "It's a very important project to the group here, and we're glad SolidLine is on board to execute it with quality and creativity."


Qumu is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rimage Corporation.

SolidLine has just completed the installation of a full lighting grid in the studio space of our downtown Chicago production headquarters. The SLM studio is used for interviews, green screen work, small set work, webcasts, and a plethora of special effect projects from the Art Department. The new lighting grid features six Mole Richardson 2k Zips for pre-lit green screen and other color backdrop work. In addition, the grid includes a variety of other lighting options.
Lighting Grid
The newly completed lighting grid in the SolidLine studio

Throughout the next year SolidLine will be producing a fun series of web videos to showcase the crazy daily life and antics of the SolidLine crew. The short episodes will feature stories from the location production crew as they travel the US as well as the Post Production team working back in the SolidLine Chicago headquarters. You can check out the first episode below, but the only way you'll be able to see future videos is by following SolidLine on Facebook or Twitter. So become a fan today!

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Bus Schedule Graphic

SLM Puzzle Graphic 

Last Month's Puzzler


In the United States, approximately how much money is spent on pies at grocery stores per year? 


A. 900 Thousand

B. 250 Million

C. 700 Million

D. 2 Billion


Congrats to our winner last month! Responding with the right answer was SLM client and fan Amanda Zumwalt from Boise, ID. Amanda responded with the correct answer, C... winning herself a brand new SolidLine fleece jacket. Congrats Amanda and thanks for playing!

 Happy Valentines Day from SLM Graphic


The New Puzzler! 


What makes your ticker tock? Perhaps it's a walk in the park with that special someone on a cool summer night. Maybe it involves a new hat or fingernail polish. Whatever makes you happy, we at SolidLine hope you surround yourself with it/him/her and have a lovely day! 


In our world new lighting gear, wonderful client experiences, flawless renders, and mocking Justin Younger sums up our love for life. So, we decided to research the "average" person...


The Question:


In a 70 year lifetime, about how many times does the average heart beat?  

A. 450 - 550 Million

B. 800 - 900 Million

C. 2 - 3 Billion

D. 3.5 - 4.5 Billion


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, you will win a box of stylish and durable SolidLine branded coasters. Good luck!


SLM Coasters



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Greg harness image AGD Film day Image

Society Image

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"Working with SolidLine has been a pleasure. They are professional and deliver a high quality product which has furthered our company's success in marketing. Attention to detail and creativity are the two aspects which have stood out the most in SolidLine's work with us. We are fortunate to have a relationship with SolidLine Media."


Kyle Sweeney,

Investment & Financial Analyst


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of 'smart' video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


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Tom Lewis

2 Qs with SolidLine Director of Random Construction Projects Tom Lewis


How was your experience installing the lighting grid in SLM's sound stage?

It was definitely a challenge. The building is 100+ years old, so some unique issues arose. We had a good plan for the grid though and the process went pretty smoothly. Our hard work paid off--the end product looks awesome and will be very beneficial to have!


Henry David Thoreau once said, "There is no remedy for love but to love more." Do you agree, Tom Lewis?

I agree completely. Everyone needs a hug sometimes!


What is your recipe for love?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

1 part mood lighting, 3 parts smooth operating, a pinch of slow dancing, stir at medium pace, and serve smoking hot. With some beer too.


Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

Step 1: Plant the idea of how awesome you are.
Step 2: Let that idea germinate for 5 years.
Step 3: When the time is right, ask her out to trade comic books for movies.
Step 4: Hang out non-stop for five days, then immediately start dating.
Step 5: After three months, propose to her.
Ashley Vest, Ed Boe's Makeup Artist/Fiance
Step 1: Become friends with a guy despite him obsessively telling you how awesome he is.
Step 2: Recommend an eye doctor to help with his constant eye twitch.
Step 3: Get sick of waiting for him to make the first move, make up some reason you have to meet up and hang out.
Step 4: Move in together and adopt as many cats as the law will allow.
Step 5: Tell him where, when, and how to propose but let him plan the fairy tale wedding of his dreams! Works every time!

Kevin Wright, Producer

100% Lionel Richie.


Justin Younger, Motion Graphics Artist



Jeff McBride, 

Motion Graphics Artist

Try not to get divorced.


Marcus Leshock, Writer

1/2 Cup Barry White

1/2 Cup Tony Bennett

1/5 Cup Ryan Gosling

Season with Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams, and anything else the male party can stomach without ruining the evening.


John Courchane, Editor

I tell the ladies my name is Kevin Wright. 20% of the time, it works every time.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator

One tall glass of milk, a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, a rocking chair, bath robe, lots of candles, and a gentle man massaging my feet while my bath draws.


Leo Chavez, Winter Production Intern

Just being me and pulling out the Barry White voice.


Michael Kromm, Creative Director

Fannie Mae Mint Meltaways. Delicious.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Flickering LED tea lights. It's safer.

Jeff Editing Image
Ed Boe Working Image
Gear Image
Leo Editing Image
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