Issue No. 301

January 2012



Husqvarna, the world leader in lawn and garden machines as well as professional forestry, landscaping and construction equipment, has created the Ethanol Challenge in order to educate consumers about Ethanol fuel.

Consumers can visit The Ethanol Challenge website and have a chance to win top-rated Husqvarna lawn and garden equipment by viewing the SolidLine-produced video and taking the short quiz that follows. The goal of the program is to educate consumers about ethanol fuel, how it affects Husqvarna outdoor power equipment plus gas storage techniques. 


"SolidLine was able to effectively turn my creative vision for this project into the award-winning animation it is today," states Mike Lewis, Husqvarna eCommerce Manager. "They take the time to listen and develop concepts that look great, and are informative. The finished video from SolidLine is one that we are very happy with."


WATCH: The Ethanol Challenge video here

Many SolidLine crew have been wondering who the new random person is that has been showing up every day this year and sitting at Producer Kevin Wright's desk. Well the mystery is finally's actually Kevin Wright after all! Kevin decided to shave after years of neglect and, in the process, revealed a whole new person. While everyone does seem to like Kevin's new look, the crew is mostly just happy to know who the heck was that suspicious person creeping about.


As of January 1 SolidLine Media has made several key staff moves to kick off the New Year and align the business for another great year. Current SLM staffer Kevin Wright was promoted to Producer. New hire Allison Miller was named Production Coordinator. And current SLM Writer Marcus Leshock was promoted to a newly created position, Director of Social Media.  


Last Month's Puzzler


How many pieces of mail will be processed today, December 20, the busiest mailing day of the year? 

A. 250 Million

B. 801 Million

C. 1 Billion

D. 551 Million


Congrats to our TWO winners last month! Responding within seconds of each other with the right answer was SLM moral supporter Penny Kromm from Rockford, IL and longtime SolidLine fan Farzeen Irani from Springfield, IL. Penny and Farzeen responded with the correct answer, B...winning them a brand new SolidLine fleece jacket, SLM stocking hat, SLM official "Crew" baseball cap, and a SolidLine 10 Year Anniversary coffee mug. Congrats guys and thanks for playing!


The New Puzzler!


Happy National Pie Day from the SolidLine Crew! That's right, January 23 is the official day dedicated to celebrating pie. Created by the American Pie Council, this day is a perfect opportunity to pass on the love and enjoyment of pie eating and pie making to future generations-- Pie Parties are encouraged!


"Why is National Pie Day celebrated on 1/23? Because celebrating the wholesome goodness of pie is as easy as 1-2-3!" according to the American Pie Council's official website.


The Question:


In the United States, approximately how much money is spent on pies at grocery stores per year?

A. 900 Thousand

B. 250 Million

C. 700 Million

D. 2 Billion


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, you will win the marvelous and infinitely comfortable SolidLine fleece jacket. Good luck!




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"It's great to have these exciting and informative videos available for consumers. The SolidLine team did an excellent job in taking the required educational elements and developing a visually appealing concept for consumers. They are great to work with!"


John Branham, Marketing Manager 


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of 'smart' video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


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2 Qs with SolidLine Winter Production Intern Leo Chavez


How was your first experience on the road with the SLM Crew?

It was an awesome experience! Never before had I gone to a shoot that required traveling 13+ hours with three down to earth, funny co-workers. We had many laughs. I'm sooo looking forward to our next trip!


Generally speaking, how do you feel about Red Solo Cups?

I learned to appreciate the design and multi-purpose uses for this iconic plastic cup! Not only will it hold a cool beverage but it will also hold your beverage of choice in its original container. Add a napkin to the bottom of a solo cup, then insert your cold perspiring aluminum can and enjoy your drink as the collected dew will be absorbed into the napkin, keeping your drink cold to the touch.


How did you celebrate 2012's first snowfall?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Shoveling my driveway and scraping my car. Also by circling the first day of summer on my calendar with a black magic marker.


Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

I went to the first meeting of my very own Polar Bear Club. We went for a dip in Lake Michigan!

Kevin Wright, Producer

I displayed my snowman making skills by creating a life-size Taj Mahal at the local park.


Justin Younger, Motion Graphics Artist

I went trashcan lid sledding on the many hills Illinois has to offer.


Marcus Leshock, Writer

I celebrated by cursing the fact I didn't buy a snowblower while shoveling my driveway!


John Courchane, Editor

By over-paying for text books for my final semester of college.


Allison Miller, Production Coordinator

Testing out my new Boots with the Fur and singing like Flo Rida!


Leo Chavez, Winter Production Intern

I went to the bar after work, had a drink with a friend and shared some nachos! Mmm Mmm....


Michael Kromm, Creative Director

I snow blow three of my neighbors houses. That way, they can return the favor for the rest of winter. 


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

I drove my car through a giant Taj Mahal that someone made of snow.


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