Issue No. 210  
October 2011



Food Network TV star Alton Brown took to the stage in the first live web broadcast of the year for the National Society of Leadership and Success. The broadcast, which took place in

Alton and the Crew
The SolidLine crew poses after the broadcast with 'Good Eats' star, Alton Brown.

Hackensack, NJ, was streamed to over 38,000 Society members at 270 colleges and universities across the US. The live web broadcast also featured an interactive poll, trivia, and the ability for online viewers to text their questions directly to Alton. 




WATCH: A clip from the Society's Alton Brown live speaker broadcast


"Working with the SolidLine team has been a great process so far," states Broadcast Producer Tim Duffy. "In the past, we have used several different production companies. However, this year we decided to go with SolidLine. And in the first 2 broadcasts we have already seen them add a new level of professional high quality production to our live web broadcast. I look forward to continuing our relationship with the SolidLine crew!"


Broadcasts continue in 2011 on October 25th in New London, CT and November 8th in Phoenix, AZ.  

SolidLine was once again in the air filming aerial footage, but this time over the skies of hometown Chicago.  The crew was filming aerial footage for a major food processing company, which will be used in an upcoming educational video about the company and processes. In addition, SolidLine captured Chicago skyline footage and even had the SLM bus on standby to get beauty shots of the truck as it traveled on Lake Shore Drive. Check out a few of the Chicago clips below.
SolidLine Media Chicago Aerial Shoot Clips
SolidLine Media Chicago Aerial Shoot Clips

SLM October 2011 Bus Schedule


Last Month's Puzzler


What is the approximate weight of a bushel of apples?

A. 65 lbs

B. 28 lbs

C. 35 lbs

D. 42 lbs

Congrats to SolidLine fan Ed Walker from Roscor! Ed correctly responded within seconds with D, 42 lbs. He will be relaxing this winter season with his very own SolidLine Media fleece jacket. Way to go Ed and thanks for playing!  


The New Puzzler!

Halloween is upon us, and you know what that means...the SolidLine crew finally looks normal for a day? Well, maybe. But what we're talking about are the random Halloween costume shops popping up in strip malls everywhere, taking advantage of the demise of Borders with 2 months of low seasonal rent in prime locations.  Spirit Halloween is one of the largest seasonal Halloween shops...which leads us to this month's question.


The Question:

How many seasonal stores will Spirit Halloween operate in 2011?

A. over 100

B. over 900

C. over 600

D. over 1,500


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, then you will be sporting your very own exclusive SolidLine fleece jacket and brand new baseball cap. Good luck!



Husqvarna 1

Truck and Golf Cart  Boat Guy

Society Broadcast

Painting  Slating
Flagging Truck


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After months of preparation, SolidLine arrived at our tribe complete with 2 production semis and a crew ready to work. They produced and broadcasted our annual 'Thunder on the Mountain Rodeo' to the whole community on huge Jumbotrons. It was an amazing experience and we cannot thank SolidLine enough for bring this advanced technology to our tribe.


Alvin DeClay, Senior Tribal Council

White Mountain Apache Tribe 


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of 'smart' video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


View Our Demos Here!


 Alex Blanchette


2 Qs with SolidLine Production Intern Alex Blanchette


Tell us about your SolidLine experience so far.

I expected to do a few different things with my time at SolidLine, but definitely not what I've actually been doing.  In a little over a month, I've edited shot lists and videos, cast extras and hand models, spent 4 nights in a Disney resort and 2 in an RV, met Survivor contestant Alexis Jones and TV Chef Alton Brown, and devoted more mental energy to corn than I think I would have otherwise done in my entire lifetime.  It's been at times confusing, sometimes exhausting, occasionally weird, and mostly fun.


You are about to embark on a 17 day production journey on the SLM bus. What are you thinking right now?

1.) Should I get a haircut?

2.) What books should I bring?

3.) Will I have time to catch up on this season's SNL episodes before we head out?

The rest is just logistics and packing.  And excitement for a weekend of camping on the Hudson. 


What are you going to be for Halloween?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Since we will be traveling with SolidLine, Justin and I are going to be a 2 part costume: Motion Graphics Artist 1 and Motion Graphics Artist 2


Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

I am going to be a handsome devil. 

Kevin Wright, Production Coordinator

A pony.


Justin Younger, Motion Graphics Artist

I'll be anything as long as I don't have to dress up with Mike Petrik.


Marcus Leshock, Writer

A #2 pencil.


Allison Miller, Production Assistant

Chiquita Banana Lady.


Alex Blanchette, Fall Production Intern

Godot's Chauffeur. It involves a suit jacket, a driver's hat, a slightly wrinkled sign, and a very tired look. 


Michael Kromm, Creative Director

I'm going to be an on-location Avid editor.  If we weren't going to be working I'd be a dad.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

I am going to be sleepy.




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