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SolidLine Media was onsite in Orlando, Florida May 15-19, 2011 producing ASUG News, an interview show that was streamed live to the internet via a custom designed website for the conference. ASUG News Hosts Courtney Bjorlin and Thomas Wailgum talked with ASUG members and SAP customers throughout the 3-day conference. The live broadcasts were scheduled every 20 minutes and enabled those in attendance, as well as those who could not be there, an opportunity to listen to these expert interviews and take away a great deal of extra knowledge on the SAP ecosystem.

Tom and Courtney
ASUG News Hosts Tom and Courtney on the set at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL

"Greg and his team not only have the technical side down, but they also made everyone who came into the studio feel welcome and completely at ease," exclaims ASUG News Host Thomas Wailgum. "The team was knowledgeable, friendly and flexible in creating our outstanding collection of live-on-the-web interviews. And working with them for three long days was a ton of fun."  


WATCH: An ASUG News broadcast as it was streamed live online



Ed Qvidian
SolidLine's Ed Boe rigs up a tire swing in a conference room for Qvidian sales dysfunction promo


SolidLine accepts honors with a 2011 Telly Award in the humor category for its recently produced promotional production for sales enablement software company Qvidian. The SolidLine creative team was charged with the task of creating a funny video geared towards Sales VPs to highlight Qvidian's sales productivity tools. SolidLine developed a concept for a new 'condition' called Sales Dysfunction, or SD (spoofing a popular mens drug commercial) you can imagine the fun we had with this one. The production was shot over 2 days in Cincinnati, Ohio and since being released last week has nearly 2,000 views online.

"We are so pleased with our 'Sales Dysfunction' video done by SLM," states Kimi Fowler, Qvidian Corporate Marketing Manager. "They made the entire process fun and the finished product has received thousands of YouTube views and great feedback!"


WATCH: Combat SD and Improve Performance with Qvidian




Previous SolidLine intern Sam Sher is continuing his SolidLine Truckers web series he shot while traveling with the crew this past winter. Each episode highlights just how 'difficult' life on the road can be. Sam will release an episode every other week for the next 3 months, so be sure to check out the SolidLine Facebook and Twitter pages to view them online.


WATCH: Latest episode of SolidLine Truckers


June SolidLine Travel Map


Last Month's Puzzler

What was put on sale for the first time in May of 1886?


A.  United States Savings Bonds 

B.  Coca-Cola

C.  Hot Dogs

D.  Ice Cream Cones


Congrats to SolidLine client Chaunessie Baggett who correctly identified "B" as the answer The Puzzler was looking for! Coca-Cola was first sold to the public on May 8, 1886 at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta. Chaunessie will soon be enjoying her brand new SolidLine branded fleece - congrats!


The New Puzzler!

It's movie trivia time again this month at SolidLine.  Put your movie quote knowledge to the test below...


The Question:

What movie featured the quote below?
The man likes to play chess; let's get him some rocks.


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, then you will be outfitted with your very own Nike SolidLine golf shirt in your choice of 8 stylin' colors.  Good luck and thanks for playing!




   Truck and Tower     Orlando Airport

  Ed Texas 


ASUG News Wide Shot


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"Working with SolidLine Media has been a true pleasure. Having no previous production experience, it was great to have the SolidLine team assist in taking my goals for the project and making them reality. In addition, they were able to anticipate deadlines and kept me on track to have the final product available when needed. The only thing better than the completion of this project was the ability to work with professional, yet fun individuals who are passionate about delivering a quality final product. Thank you very much SolidLine."


Mike Maher, Caddie & Development Manager

Western Golf Association


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of smart video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.


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John Courchane 


2 Qs with SolidLine Summer Intern John Courchane


Tell us about your first trip with SolidLine.

I was definitely a little bit nervous for my first trip on the SoldLine truck, but was able to relax once I settled in. The truck itself was impressive, both as a place to live for a few days and a mobile workspace. Considering we were shooting without knowing the location until we arrived or having a script in place, I feel the shoot went pretty well. It was cool to see the lessons I've learned in class applied to the "real world."


What is your favorite part of production?

Watching all the attention to detail that Ed put into his shots made me realize just how much work goes into getting shots that not only get the desired message across,but look aesthetically awesome. People who aren't as 'in tune' to the production process often think it's simply point and shoot. Seeing all the hard work and meticulous shot set up translate in to useable footage gives a sense of pride. 


What are you most looking forward to about the new SolidLine office?


Mike Petrik, Art Director



Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

Being able to disregard everyone else's input on the photography for the new office, and putting up whatever I'm most interested in at the time.  
Hope everyone likes bugs and spiders!

Dave Rokos, Production Coordinator

I'm exciting about having an office to work in. Sure I'll have to share with Ed, but at least I won't just be in the corner anymore.


Marcus Leshock, Writer

More space. More places to hide from the tyrannical bosses! Also, the BBC room dedicated to George Bennett.


John Courchane, Summer Production Intern

Hopefully Ill get a place to work other than the kitchen floor...


Michael Kromm, Creative Director

I am looking most forward to the 2 extra online editing suites. The versatility the new suites will provide the post team is going to be a game changer for SolidLine.


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

I believe that the biggest value will come in the positive change that will result from the move. Plus it's a much more creative, unique environment that will serve us well.


US Corrugated
Truck Chicago

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