Issue No. 205 May 2011


April 4, 2011. San Francisco. Blue skies, no wind and a temperature of 70 degrees. The situation from the ground was looking good for the upcoming aerial shoot over San Francisco. The mission was to capture a series of dramatic, high end shots of the APL Holland, a large container ship, arriving to the Port of Oakland. Once the Cineflex camera was mounted on the helicopter and all necessary safety checks were complete, the SolidLine crew was airborne for the 3 hour shoot. Timing was everything as the crew had to arrive over the ship in time to film open sea shots before the ship made it to the Golden Gate Bridge, all while managing the three hours of fuel. Filming of the APL Holland started from ten miles out at sea. The helicopter then followed the ship through the Golden Gate Bridge, past Alcatraz and San Francisco, to the Bay Bridge and into port. 

Cineflex Mount

Final checks on the Cineflex before flight over San Fran. 



"A great deal of planning always goes into a shoot such as this," exclaims SolidLine Executive Producer Greg Vass. "We were glad to see the day panning out the way it did from a weather point of view, and from there it was all on us to capture the best, most engaging footage possible from the air. And I think we did just that."


WATCH: Check out a short reel of the aerial shoot here.




It's been 4 months, 32 states and 20,000 miles on the road and SolidLine Winter Intern Sam Sher is nearing the end of his run as intern. Sam has endured countless shoots, editing sessions, and midnight shifts with the SLM drivers...but in the end he has prospered and made it to the finish line. His prize...respect from the SolidLine crew! Ok, and a few SLM polos...


Sam Sher

Sam enjoys a bag of Fritos with the crew in an underground loading dock to celebrate his last day at SolidLine.

"I learned a lot about what it takes for even the smallest of shoots," says Sam. "I learned that quick set ups and tear downs are key, especially when we have multiple locations to hit in the same day, and that even these shoots can involve complex setups and lots of equipment. My favorite part of the internship was working with the crew. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone these past few months. Traveling was awesome as well. There is no other internship that I know of where you get to travel all over the country with a crew of great people and produce amazing videos. The experience was one I will never forget and I hope to stay friends with everyone that I met for a long time."


Sam will continue to release his "SolidLine Truckers" web series over the next couple months on the SolidLine Vimeo website so make sure to check that out.  This series highlights a few of the experiences from Sam's journeys with the crew.  In fact you can see the latest episode below!


WATCH: SolidLine Truckers...Desert Train


"I believe that I am much better prepared today than I was before", Sam continues.  "I know a lot more about both the industry and myself, and with better understanding comes confidence, so in that regard I am much more prepared."



Idol Recaps


Longtime SolidLine pal and Writer Marcus Leshock has been featuring his famous Idol Recaps this season right on the SolidLine blog.  The run downs of each of the weekly finalists are fun and entertaining, plus feature Marcus' prediction for who will be going home.  Make sure you stay tuned in the coming weeks for the final 5 recaps of the Idol season. You can find it all on the blog below.


CLICK HERE to view SolidLine's Idol Recap Blog


SolidLine May 2011


Last Month's Puzzler

What is the only land mammal that cannot jump?


SolidLine's Ed Boe submitted this question that resulted in several different answers, but the correct answer that The Puzzler was looking for Elephant! Congrats to longtime SolidLine broker Brad Belcaster who chimed in within seconds of the Puzzler release with the correct answer.  Brad has scored himself a sweet new SolidLine fleece jacket, perfect for an early morning fishing trip...Congrats Brad!


The New Puzzler!

The Puzzler is going back to a multiple choice question this month for our readers who love to make an educated guess...good luck!


The Question:

What was put on sale for the first time in May of 1886?

A.  United States Savings Bonds 
B.  Coca-Cola
C.  Hot dogs
D.  Ice cream cones


Think you know the answer?  Send it in to  If you're the first correct respondent, then you will be outfitted with your very own Nike SolidLine golf shirt in your choice of 8 sweet colors.  Good luck and thanks for playing!



Aerial Shoot 

 Bus at Stage  Interview Filming

Beach Party 





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Dave Mayer, MD, Co-Founder

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Jeff McBride 


2 Qs with SolidLine Motion Graphics Artist Jeff McBride


What kind of motion work do you most enjoy? 

I'm really into 2.5D motion design in After Effects. I also enjoy combining 3D animation with 2D effects and particle systems. 


The Art Department can be a dark, scary place. How do you and Mike Petrik make it through the day? 

Fortunately for the Art Department, the new location will provide windows and fresh air. Always nice to take a breather after staring down a monitor all day. Overall, it's been great working with Mike and the rest of the SolidLine team!


Mac or PC? Why?


Mike Petrik, Art Director

Both. Two great tastes, that taste great together. 


Ed Boe, Director of Photography / Editor

PC, it's what I know, and I never seem to have the troubles that everyone complains about. Eventually though, I will be giving Mac a go as well, for work applications.  


Dave Rokos, Production Coordinator

I would always choose my Mac over a PC because it works and their aren't any unwanted surprises.  I've had my computer for two and half years and I've never had a virus or had to deal with installing an antivirus software.  It has consistently worked well day after day, which what I am really looking for. 


Also the Mac store is way cooler than Microsoft store. 


Marcus Leshock, Writer

I went all Mac a few years ago and have never looked back. They're more user friendly and more dependable. The sticker price hurts and you sometimes run into compatibility issues, but overall I dig the Mac much more.  


Sam Sher, Winter Production Intern

Once you go Mac, there's no going back.  


Jeff McBride, Motion Graphics Artist

Mac, because I'm trendy like that. 


Michael Kromm, Creative Director works like a computer should. 


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Mac. Hands down. It has changed the way I look at life. 



Ed on Set 


Husqvarna 2 

VA Alabama 

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