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In 1991, a group of SAP users came together with a shared passion for knowledge, and a desire to connect with other SAP customers. Americas' SAP Users Group, or ASUG, was born. Flash forward 20 years and ASUG is now the largest independent non-profit organization worldwide for users of SAP Business Suite and SAP BusinessObjects...with over 85,000 members. To celebrate this great milestone, ASUG has partnered with SolidLine Media to create a fun and exciting series of 20 short videos, launching every Monday until the 2011 ASUG Annual Conference in May. The videos will each focus on a unique benefit of ASUG membership and will feature a question users can answer for a chance to win one of 20 ASUG branded FLIP SlideHD video cameras.

"Communicating on the web with high impact video is becoming quite powerful," states Nellie Greely, ASUG's Sr. VP of Marketing. "We're excited about working with SolidLine to develop a series of web videos that will showcase the growth of our organization over the last 20 years and highlight many of the great benefits of ASUG membership. 20 videos in 20 weeks to commemorate 20 years of creating value for SAP customers -- we can't think of a better way to promote our community, and to celebrate ASUG's 20th anniversary. We also couldn't imagine doing this with anyone but SolidLine, who will ensure we get this very important message across in a fun, engaging way."

Check out the Week 1 video on ASUG’s 20 Years of Growth

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A copy of the SolidLine produced "The Faces of Medical Error...From Tears to Transparency: The Story of Lewis Blackman" DVD is being sent free of charge this week to all 140 US medical schools for use in their curriculum. This production, which was the #1 overall award winning video in the 2009 Aegis Awards and a recipient of the coveted Silver Telly Award, artfully combines a thorough review of the Lewis Blackman case with a deeply emotional narrative that challenges viewers to look at the care they give in a new light. The program touches on many aspects of safety and transparency including night and weekend care, training levels of caregivers and disclosure.

"The educational messages are too important and the feedback we continue to receive from those using the film in training programs has been outstanding," states Dave Mayer, MD, co-founder of Transparent Health. "Tim McDonald and I felt it was the right thing to do. The Association of American Medical Colleges has graciously agreed to sponsor two faculty development workshops for curricular deans at the schools where Tim and I will take them through how to implement and use the film in their curriculum."

Learn more about Transparent Health and their mission online at


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Last Month's Puzzler

Question 1: Electric Christmas tree lights were first used in what year? Answer: 1882

Question 2: How many Christmas lights did Clark Grizwold have on his house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? Answer: 25,000

CBOE's Marty Kearney stops by the SolidLine Chicago office to claim victory, and scoop up his prize package!
Many of our loyal NewsReel readers were quick to point out the Puzzlers potential mistake on Question 1. The correct date (which was NOT an option) is 1882 when a friend of Thomas Edison first strung up the lights. The Puzzlers date of 1895 was actually the first time Christmas lights were on display at the White House. Congrats to SolidLine client Marty Kearney from the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Marty chimed in within minutes of the NewsReel release and explained (in great detail) the history of electric Christmas lights, and corrected the Puzzler staff (looks like we'll need to reevaluate our trivia team around here). And for that, he has earned his SolidLine fleece and knit hat. Congrats Marty!

The New Puzzler!

It's a brand new year and what better way to ring in 2011 than with some good 'ol New Years trivia. Answer this one correctly and you'll be the winner of a SolidLine branded winter knit cap. Good luck!

What year did the 1st New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York?
A. 1833
B. 1907
C. 1904
D. 1918

Think you know the answer? Send it in to Our first email with the right answer will win a SolidLine branded knit hat. Perfect for the current dropping in temperature.


"The video has been well received - thank you! The SolidLine Media team is one of the best teams in the world!"

Shandong Qingneng Power Company
Shandong Province, China


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of smart video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.

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Ed Boe, Production Coordinator

Ed Boe will celebrate 5 years with SolidLine in 2011, and his 2nd feature in the NewsReel! Starting as an intern, Ed quickly demonstrated his great production abilities (yes we said it Ed so now it's in writing) and snatched up a full time spot on the crew. Since then, it’s all history...

2 Qs with Ed

What is your favorite part of putting together a great video?
My favorite part of putting together a great video is looking back at where we started when it was first conceived, and then looking at the final product and comparing the two. It's quite a rewarding feeling, especially knowing how much time and hard work we put behind the scenes into each SolidLine production.

How many hours have you spent behind the wheel of the SolidLine truck? No idea. I'm sure it's literally days or weeks worth of time...maybe even months...oh my...


What do you most look forward to in 2011?

Mike Petrik, Art Director

Welcoming my new baby boy in May. Oh yeah, and creating amazing graphics every day!

Ed Boe, Production Coordinator

Two things...Taking pictures for the new SolidLine office space, and going back to Japan!

Marcus Leshock, Writer

Writing even more scripts!!!

Michael Kromm, Creative Director

I look forward to the best year ever - family, friends and prosperity to all!

Greg Vass, Executive Producer

Celebrating SolidLine's 10th Anniversary in July! Wow, it's an amazing feeling looking back at the last decade!

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