Over 200 health care professionals attended the premiere at Children's Hospital in Denver.
On October 26th, Transparent Health and SolidLine Media debuted their latest patient safety documentary to an audience of nearly 250 at Children's Hospital in Denver. The Story of Michael Skolnik, the second film in the internationally acclaimed The Faces of Medical Error...From Tears to Transparency series, shares with viewers how open, honest conversations about the risks, benefits and alternatives to a procedure can indeed change the outcome or save a life. Michael's story, told poignantly through his parents, David and Patty Skolnik, along with commentary from health care experts, teaches viewers how moving Informed Consent as an event to Shared Decision-Making as a process can improve outcomes and reduce risk to institutions. The documentary will be used to educate caregivers in healthcare systems throughout the world.

The production team, including David and Patty Skolnik.
"The transition to patient-centered care, undeniably overdue, starts with a conversation, a fundamentally new conversation," states Rick Boothman, University of Michigan Health System Chief Risk Officer. "Any skeptics need only watch Michael Skolnik's story to understand the link between patient safety and a thoughtful conversation that places the patient at the center."

You can learn more about the Transparent Health mission at


AOA conference attendees view a SolidLine produced video in San Francisco.
The SolidLine crew was in San Francisco October 22-26 working with the American Osteopathic Association and Foundation to produce and present several different productions over the course of their annual conference and exposition. Over the course of the 5 days onsite, SolidLine premiered 11 videos during 2 separate shows.

On Saturday the crew interviewed the AOA Mentor of the Year Finalists and then spent the next 36 hours designing motion graphics and producing the Winner video for the Opening Session on Monday. On Sunday, SolidLine ran the show at the American Osteopathic Foundation's Honors event, a black tie fundraiser at the Palace Hotel. During the night, 400 attendees viewed SolidLine videos that highlighted award winners, showcased the AOF's mission, and added a fun interactive element to the night. Then on Monday, SolidLine was at it again at the Moscone Center for the AOA Opening Session, displaying the Mentor of the Year video that was produced over the weekend as well as 4 other productions to an audience of 7,000 attendees.

View the 2010 AOA Mentor of the Year Video here.

View the AOF Annual Report Video here.


The SteadiCam captures action on the floor of the CBOE during production last week in Chicago.
The CBOE, the world's largest options exchange, has selected SolidLine Media to produce their new trading floor training video. The production, which will be used by The Options Institute, will showcase to new students different sections of the trading floor and the operational procedures in place throughout the floor. The final production is set to release later this month.


Last Month's Puzzler

Last year the US produced 1.1 Billion pounds of pumpkins. One state produced the most, coming in at a whopping 419 Million pounds of the vined orange gourd. Which state produced the most pumpkins?

Congrats to last month's puzzler winner, Sarah Oaks, Associate Executive Director of AHRMM, a division of the American Hospital Association. Sarah was the first to correctly identify the correct answer, "Illinois!" Thanks to all of those who responded, for which nearly every single answer was correct.

The New Puzzler!

The holiday season is upon us, and that means an endless supply of unwanted fruit cakes and green bean casseroles! So, in the spirit of these 'unwanted' foods, try this one out:

How many green bean casseroles will be served this Thanksgiving?

Think you know the answer? Send it in to Our first email with the right answer will win a SolidLine branded fleece jacket, perfect for the current dropping in temperature.


"Through the two plus years we have worked with SolidLine, they have been outstanding and very professional in all phases of our projects. Through all the long hours and late nights we have spent together, they have been personally committed to the vision of what we have been trying to create, spent countless hours learning about patient safety, medical errors and transparency and are also very passionate and committed to improving the quality of health care. They are true partners, great friends and a part of our extended families."

Dave Mayer
Transparent Health


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of smart video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.

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What's your most unusual family holiday tradition?

Mike Petrik, Art Director

It's not your typical tradition, such as everyone wearing funny Christmas sweaters, but something more of a phenomenon that my brother and I count on happening every year. No matter how mundane or how silly a situation, like posing for a picture, one of the Grandma's will genuinely say, "You ruined Christmas!" And storm out of the room. My mom and both of my Aunts are guilty of saying this, and each time is more hilarious than the last. The men in the family laugh, the woman in the family are concerned, and everyone enjoys more wine.

Ed Boe, Production Coordinator

For Thanksgiving, my Mom and I always go to the Brookfield Zoo. Being that turkey day is always on a Thursday, which as it happens is the zoo's free admission day, it's the perfect time to go. It's never crowded at all, and always fun.

Mars Sanford, Motion Graphics Designer

Covering a turkey in bacon, I guess?

Michael Kromm, Creative Director

We bake turkey in the oven. We also have this family recipe that's bread based that we stuff the turkey with it. It usually comes out moist and flavorful. My mother has called it stuffing once, but I am not sure what the real name is.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer

On Thanksgiving, my entire family turns off their iPhones and Blackberrys for the day and just sits in silence...

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