Production at the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC.
Since early 2009, SolidLine Media has been working with Northwestern University and the US Department of Veteran Affairs on a series of educational modules for their new EPEC end of life and palliative care curriculum. The curriculum will be taught at seminars throughout the country to key VA Medical Center hospice personnel. From there these personnel will train their staff at the individual VA Medical Center level. Each of the SolidLine produced educational modules focus on a single element pertinent to the care of Veterans at the end of their life, to fully understand their life struggles, and provide the best care in their last days. Topics such as WWII and Vietnam issues, Transitions of Care, Spirituality, and more are brought to the surface through a series of Veteran interviews and background stories.

To date, SolidLine has filmed at 4 VA Medical Centers including Chicago, IL, Tomah, WI, Washington, DC, and Lebanon, PA as well as the Veterans Homestead in Fitchburg, MA. The production also required SolidLine filming with the Under Secretary for Health Robert Petzel, MD at the VA Central office just a block from the White House.

SolidLine has just been contracted to continue with a new series of educational modules that will add to the EPEC curriculum in FY 2011.

Modern Healthcare, one of the largest publications geared towards hospital leadership, has recently reviewed the SolidLine produced educational documentary "The Story of Lewis Blackman." This production, which is the first in a series of twelve films SolidLine is producing along with Transparent Health, follows a young man who ended up unnecessarily dying after an elective surgery. SolidLine’s film was favored over the other 2 films being reviewed in the Modern Healthcare article, which stated:

The film is the most clinical of the three, but this strangely antiseptic feel works to increase emotional impact in some sections. Blackman's mother, Helen Haskell, describes in even tones her harrowing experience in which her son went in for an elective surgery and bled to death in the hospital after a weekend crew failed to notice his worsening condition. 

There's a lot of blame to go around, but "The Story of Lewis Blackman" works to disarm the reflexive defensiveness of clinicians and administrators and make room for some genuine soul-searching.


SolidLine is proud to announce two new productions to our demo arsenal, our 2010 Motion Graphics Reel and 2010 3D Animation Reel. The productions highlight an overview of our motion and 3d work over the past year and showcase the wide variety of high end graphic talent we have working in the full time SolidLine Art Department. Check them out via the links below and enjoy!

SolidLine Motion Graphics Reel
SolidLine 3D Animation Reel


Fall is nearly here so for those of you who are already suffering from the end of summer, here is an easy puzzler for you...

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"Working with Solidline has been an incredible rewarding experience for the EPEC for Veterans Project. At every step of the way, from planning to filming to editing, they have been incredibly professional and responsive to our needs. They have also contributed creatively to our videos - from our selection of subjects to interview to editing to the final shape of the videos. Their professionalism is unparalleled and we are looking forward to continued collaboration with them."

Josh Hauser, MD
Director of the EPEC Project
Buehler Center on Aging, Health and Society Palliative Care and Home Hospice Program Northwestern University


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of smart video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.

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2010 Communitas Award
"The Story of Lewis Blackman"
Transparent Health

14 Awards in 2010 to Date


Greg Vass, Executive Producer

As a co-owner of SolidLine, Greg has been through it all at SolidLine, since the first days of running the company out of an apartment in Palatine to the creation of a talented hand-picked staff of pros now working at SolidLine’s downtown Chicago headquarters. Along with business partner and longtime pal Michael Kromm, Greg has spent the last 9 years building a dream that began as a kid.

Why start a video production company?

Now there's a loaded question. And I guess the best answer is really because it's all I know, well sort of. I've been a certified video geek since I was about 6 years old, making videos with my parent’\'s video camera as a kid and making my family watch every second of them (sorry again family). This passion first turned into a business with my new friend Michael Kromm in middle school making weddings and photo videos, which turned us into the "video guys" around town and an even bigger business in high school that got us out of 3 hours a day to operate. So after college we figured we’d keep it going. Hey at this point why not, right? Nowadays we're strictly producing high end marketing, educational and documentary work for clients across the globe (just a slight leap from filming recreations of the TV game show "Supermarket Sweep" in my parents basement when I was a kid), but my passion that started brewing as a kid is still as evident as ever.

Looking back, what have the last 9 years been like?

A roller coaster ride with the most amazing ups and downs you can imagine. A lot of people say to me "man it must be great owning your own business." For which I say back, "yes it sure is." But this business, like every business, demands your complete attention and focus. It's long hours and difficult choices and you can never waver from your path to greatness, no matter how hard that journey gets. We are lucky to have the best clients imaginable and a staff that is amongst the best people I have come to know. Hard workers, yes. But the respect and friendship we all have is what makes what I do every day so much fun. And the work we put out as a team is what makes it so rewarding. 9 years is a long time, but its still only the beginning of our journey.

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