The crew mobilizes a 42 foot jib during exterior shooting in Qingneng City, Shandong, China.
After months of preparation the SolidLine crew headed to China for a 10 day production trip in July. The worldwide promotional video, being produced for QN Power in China, will be released later this year. QNP produces steam turbines for power plants as well as diesel and gas engines and mud pumps for the drilling industry.

During the trip, Greg Vass and Michael Kromm traveled with the QNP marketing team across China, filming their massive equipment in action at various coal, biomass and garbage power plants as well as drilling sites. In addition, several days of filming took place at the QNP manufacturing plant and offices to showcase their high tech facilities and expert workers.

“What an amazing journey,” states SLM Executive Producer Greg Vass. “We not only had a great filming experience, but we covered a ton of ground learning a great deal about Chinese culture and lifestyle along the way. Plus, the hospitality of our Chinese client was quite generous and made the trip just that much better! I am always amazed at how far our team here at SolidLine has grown in the last 9 years and I am quite proud of where we are today.”

In the coming weeks watch out for our multi part blog series featuring a complete review of SolidLine’s journey through China. Make sure to stay tuned to our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter sites to learn more about the trip!


SolidLine has been working with AHRMM, a division of the American Hospital Association, for the 3rd straight year to create an impactful and high energy conference opener video to kick off their annual conference, this year in Denver. Since the beginning of the year AHRMM has been releasing mini trailers produced by SolidLine to create excitement for the conference and this years’ theme, Transforming Healthcare. The mini trailers, featuring a SolidLine modeled 3d Transformer character, have been released every other month and have gained a large following within the profession. Each production features a different Denver landmark. The finale in the series is the main conference opener, which debuted Monday August 1 to a rousing audience of thousands at the Denver Convention Center. A 10-minute countdown enticed viewers to take their seats as the clock ticked down to the kickoff of AHRMM10. Check out the complete series, and the main conference opener below.

Mini Trailers:
Transformation is Arriving
Transformation is On Track
Transformation is Within Reach

Feature Conference Opener Video:
Transformation is Here

"Wow! The show was spectacular! We had nearly 2,000 attendees all seated and anxiously watching the giant screens as the countdown ticked down to 0. And the impact of the video was just what we wanted. SolidLine executes with precision once again!"

-Brenda Jones, Manager of Membership, Marketing, and Education
AHRMM, a division of American Hospital Association


On July 15, SolidLine celebrated 9 years in the production business! Since the beginning the company has grown from a 2 man shop working out of an apartment in Palatine, IL to a 7 person boutique production house located in the Chicago Loop. Over the years the team has produced over 500 videos, traveled 300,000 miles across the US on the ground in SolidLine production vehicles, and has worked with clients in 45 states and 12 countries. The SolidLine crew is honored to have long lasting relationships with clients like DHL Global Forwarding, John Deere, Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG), American Hospital Association, Gexpro Services, US Department of Veterans Affairs, American Osteopathic Association, Onboard Systems International, and many more.

"All I can really say is that I am proud of what we have accomplished, together as a team," exclaims SolidLine co-founder and Creative Director Michael Kromm. "It's a great honor to be a part of something this special with a crew this fun to work with. I am lucky to head to work each day!"


With the baseball season in full swing, we figured a baseball theme puzzler was in order. Check it out:

The batter has just launched a ball towards the outfield. The outfielder runs to the proper position, gets positioned to catch the ball, and in fact, he does catch the ball but at the last second, he drops it -- on purpose. Why does he do this?

Think you know the answer? Send it in to Our first email with the right answer will win a special SolidLine prize!


"We LOVE working with SolidLine! They are always great to work with, flexible to our needs, and produced outstanding videos for us with tremendous graphics."

Gary Tuerack, President
National Society of Leadership & Success


SolidLine Media is a full service production house focused on the development and creation of smart video productions across the US and the world. Our full-time in-house crew of professionals can handle any video production project, and create a final product that is fun to watch, and entertaining.

SolidLine Online Video Gallery


2010 Communicator Award
"Make Every Shopper Count"
ShopperTrak Promo

14 Awards in 2010 to Date


Mars Sanford, Motion Graphics Artist

Mars joined the SolidLine team about 2 months ago to fill in an open position in the SLM Art Department. Since then he has brought his unique high end graphic style to 5 SolidLine projects, and we’re glad to have him onboard. When told he would be in the August NewsReel, Mars replied, "Hey hey! I'm not as excited as I sound, don't worry." Just the level of sarcasm we love around here at SolidLine!

What’s it really like working next to Mike Petrik?

Working next to Mike is great for the collaboration, as well as for having another person around who feels secure talking to their computer as much as I do. 

What kind of graphics are the most fun to create?

As far as graphics are concerned, anything that has an upbeat, fast paced audio track to work with is good, and I always love to work with geometric designs over organic designs. I love ‘em both, but there's definitely a trend in my past.

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