Each year the Aegis Awards honor the very best in film and video production throughout the United States and the World. In the competition ending last year, 2,109 videos were submitted for consideration, but only one was deemed the best with the highest overall score. SolidLine's production The Lewis Blackman Story was recognized as this #1 overall award winning video.

The educational documentary production, produced for Chicago based Transparent Health, is the first in a series of twelve videos highlighting actual medical errors and how they were handled. The goal of the educational series is to teach medical professionals on how they can change their ways when it comes to handling medical mistakes. Its a revolutionary series that is creating waves in the medical community here and across the globe. Just last month, the US Department of Education awarded Transparent Health a $30,000 grant to distribute the SolidLine produced video to each medical school in the country. The message is catching on and SolidLine is proud to be attached to the project.

"We are, as always, quite honored to receive recognition for our hard work," states Greg Vass, Executive Producer at SolidLine. "It always feels great to be recognized as the best in our field, but I think it feels even better to be part of such a special production project - one that is truly changing healthcare. When we get to put our talents to something as important as patient safety, well, that just makes us feel proud of what we do."

You can learn more about Transparent Health and their mission at


We have already released several new videos since the beginning of the year for a variety of clients. Take a look at a sampling of our latest productions for 2010:

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American Osteopathic Association
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Carrying Your Future (promo)
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SolidLine Style
2010 SolidLine ShowReel



This is a favorite of ours for all you grillers. Its easy and simple, and makes a great meal!

Cooking up some Greg's Legs while stopped off in Georgia

What You'll Need
  • 12-15 chicken legs
  • Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Blue Cheese and/or Ranch Dressing
  • Large pot with lid
  • BBQ grill

What To Do
  1. Preheat your gas or charcoal BBQ grill to a low temp.
  2. The most important component of this recipe is removing the skin from the legs. This makes the legs less greasy and fatty. To do this you need to peel back the skin from the top and peel it down the bone until it rips off the bottom of the leg. TIP: It gets slippery after peeling a few legs, so grab a paper towel to help you get a grip!
  3. Salt and pepper each chicken leg evenly and toss them on the grill. The key here is low and slow. Cook them for around an hour on a very low temp, turning frequently so they dont burn (unless you like it that way). A nice crisp is good.
  4. Add an entire jar of Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce to a large pot and set aside.
  5. After an hour the legs should look and smell amazing. Toss them into the pot, cover, and `shake and bake!`
  6. Grab the legs out and serve with blue cheese or ranch. Cook up a can of Bushs Baked Beans and you are set for a perfect night (unless you are sleeping in a Wal*Mart parking lot that is).
  7. Enjoy!


"We LOVED working with SolidLine! They were great to work with, flexible to our needs, and produced outstanding videos for us with tremendous graphics."

Gary Tuerack
National Society of Leadership & Success


Fresh and unique concepts, high end production value, and a professional (and fun) production team  that's SolidLine Media. Come see why we're different.

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Hudson Kromm
Future Creative Director
SolidLine is proud to welcome the newest future SolidLine crew member, Hudson Daniel Kromm. Creative Director Michael Kromm's new baby boy was born on February 5 at 10:21am. Hudson was 7lb 14oz and healthy as can be. Wife Lindsey is doing great as well.

2 Qs with Hudson

What are you most looking forward to about working at SolidLine?
I'd like to develop a new line of videos for Thomas the Train Toys because my brother Hayden says they are the coolest.

What is your favorite SolidLine video?
I am not yet allowed to watch TV, but if I could it would probably be the new SolidLine 2010 ShowReel! I hear it is really cool.


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