In This Issue: Lin's Dragon Ceramics, New Teas with Lavender, Green Tea & Your Health, Smoky Tea Salmon Recipe
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Lin's Ceramics: Year of the Dragon

Lin's Auspicious Dragon Purion Teapot
Lin's Auspicious Dragon Purion Teapot
We continue our celebration of the Year of the Dragon with some beautiful pieces from Lin's Ceramics. The Tea Smith is the only location in the US where you can find this line.

The Tea Smith is proud to feature teaware and accessories that will channel all the good fortune associated with the Dragon, the luckiest symbol in the Chinese Zodiac! 

Unleash the Dragon Ceramics >

Rest Easy with Three New Lavender Teas

Lavender Lady
Lavender Lady combines the strength of Lady Grey with the soft scent of lavender for the perfect lady.
Enjoy the soothing fragrance of lavender in our newest teas. This flower is believed to improve sleep quality and alleviate anxiety.

Lavender Lady Black Tea Blend > 

The addition of a hint of natural lavender coaxes forth a fragrant variation on a lovely Lady Grey.

Lavender Flower Infusion > 

A lovely experience on all levels. The delicate flowers yield a cup that is fragrant and distinctive.


Lavender Spring White Tea > 

We added natural lavender to enhance the floral notes of this white tea. 

Green Tea: Good for the Soul - and Heart!

Green Tea Sampler
It's easy to be green with this Green Tea Sampler
Sometimes it's actually easy to be green, especially when the potential health benefits are this great!

In a study that involved 500 Japanese men and women, researchers found that drinking at least four cups of green tea every day may be related to the reduced severity of coronary heart disease among the male participants.

Meanwhile, a Dutch study of more than 3,000 men and women found that the more tea consumed, the less severe the clogging of the heart's blood vessels, especially in women.

Perform your own life-changing study with our Green Teas

Smoky Tea Salmon Recipe

Who says tea is just for drinking? Try out this tasty tea recipe the next time you prepare salmon.

Smoky Tea Salmon
Smoky Tea Salmon is made with lapsang souchong
1-2 ounces Lapsang Souchong tea leaves
4 Tbs Ground Orange Rind
Olive Oil
3-4 lbs. Salmon
2 cedar planks for cooking
Salt & Pepper to taste

In a spice mill, combine lapsang souchong, salt, and pepper. Grind to fine powder. Combine with ground orange rind and set aside. Rub salmon with olive oil, ensuring a complete coating. Then coat the salmon with the Lapsang dry rub.

Place salmon on cedar planks (Aside: soaking the cedar planks in water can extend their life for multiple uses.)
Broil on High for 10-15 minutes, or until salmon is cooked through.  Do not overcook.

Serves 10-12.

Recipe by Frank Ginsgbach and Pat Russell, some of our favorite customers who love trying out new recipes with tea.

Thanks for sharing your love of tea.

Let us know if there is something you'd like to see in the newsletters for the upcoming months.

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