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  August 2011
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The Champagne of Tea
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Why I Love Iced Tea
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Returning Favorites

  Though we try to have what you want on hand, we occasionally run out of stock.

Here are some of the items you may have missed recently.

Iced Tea Tumbler.
Tea Tumblers  

20 ounce tumbler has a double wall to keep your beverage cold and your table dry.

Green Monkey King. Green Monkey King-100
 The new crop is not available yet, but we were able to procure a bit of the 2010 to hold us over.

Rou Gui Oolong  Rou Gui-100
We enjoy this complex tea that changes dramatically from 1st infusion to the next.

Tropical Paradise Rooibos

Tropical Paradise Rooibos 
Caffeine free with bits of pineapple and coconut.  What more could we want for Summer refreshment? 


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Summer is still in full swing and iced tea remains the order of the day for many of us.  But this is also the time when the late Spring and early Summer teas from the fields make their appearance here so we get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

On another note, this summer we were invited to make presentations on the History of Tea at various branches of the Omaha Public Library. 
We always enjoy talking about our favorite beverage, but this experience was especially rewarding for several reasons.  We found the attendees were interested in all aspect of tea and history, so had some wonderful insights and questions.
One thing I learned as we went from branch to branch is how much of a sense of community is present in the neighborhood branches.  Not only is our public library a resource for information, it is a focal point, a welcome gathering spot, for all ages and interests.  In this age of internet information and e-books, it is all too easy to lose sight that knowledge and interests are enriched when shared in a very personal way.  I have always been a supporter of the library, but now each time I walk into a branch, it has a new meaning for me. 

I hope you enjoy our latest Leaflet, so Grab your favorite cuppa and read on.

The Champagne of Tea
Makaibari Estate
Among the most famous and sought after teas from India are those from the Darjeeling district, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The 2nd flush, or picking that was finished in late June to July has arrived and is receiving very flattering comments this year.  We selected two that we considered high in quality and value.  We chose an offering from the Thurbo Estate again this year.  Their Thurbo Muscatel has been a  sweet winner and popular with our customers over the years.



We also chose an offering from Giddapahar, a small family estate  high up in the southern part of the district.  It not only has a very approachable flavor, but is one of the best values we have seen from the area.



These join our 1st Flush teas from Jungpana and Margaret's Hope which were slow to arrive due to the labor negotiations, but came out as a finely made tea this year.

As you know these are produced only once each season, so when we have sold the lot, they are gone until next year. 

             Tea and Health

Research reveals more benefits from Black Teas.
Green and White teas have long been studied for their beneficial effect fighting certain types of cancers.  The Tea Advisory Board last month cited a studies indicating that Black Teas  also have some of the same properties and effects.

According to the study:

"Taken together, these two studies have demonstrated that components of black tea can help shrink and kill cancer cells and/or result in helping to reduce the number of tumours. These studies indicate that these effects are associated with the ability of black tea components to regulate genes, reduce the activity of COX, an inflammatory enzyme, and reduce the activity of inflammatory substances such as NF-KB."



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Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
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