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This is an exciting time of the year for tea lovers.  In producing regions all over the world the Spring crops are just about ready, or are being produced. We have started receiving many of the Spring crops and the first of our Summer specials.
Our efforts to help tsunami victims in Japan were fun and fruitful.  We were quite gratified with the support of our 1000 Crane fundraising efforts.
New products are arriving all of the time, including items made for summer iced tea enjoyment
So grab your favorite cuppa and read on!

As always, if you have an idea for a topic or a question, we would love to hear from you.

1000 Crane Fundraiser and update on the Japanese tea situation.

1000 Cranes


 As a theme for our fundraising efforts, we adapted tradition of 1000 Cranes


Throughout the month of April The Tea Smith collected donations from our customers to help the Japanese Red Cross Society for relief of those in need in Japan. We placed an origami crane on the wall each time a donation was made. The picture shows our tea wall filled with brightly colored paper cranes during the month. 


The weekend of April 17th we invited customers to enjoy some snacks, and fold their own crane.   


These efforts, and a donation by The Tea Smith helped those in need financially, as well as knowing that others from around the world are caring for them.   Thank you for your generosity.  


 As for the tea, ours is produced in Shizuoka, which is about 250km south of Tokyo.   

We have been in contact with the members of the Shizuoka Tea community, and though concern in the world community is still high, there have been no signs of effects on the products in that area at this time.  We will be updated on any new developments and pass them along to you.  

1st Flush Darjeeling Air Shipments Have Arrived
Darjeeling Cupping
Cupping Darjeeling Samples

The First Flush Spring teas from this area in Northern India are among the most anticipated by tea lovers worldwide.  This year, we think the offerings were superior to those in recent years.   


We selected 2 gardens to feature thus far.  Jungpana Estate has long been one of our customers' favorites. This year they had a fine crop that has the balance and sweetness one would expect from the Spring tea.    


We also selected an offering from Margret's Hope.  This famous garden is well known for quality and consistency.  


Other teas will be added as they arrive, but to get the first taste of Spring, order your Darjeeling now!

Tea & Health

Green Tea & Exercise Help Bone Health
According to a recent study:

Green tea combined with a fitness activity known as tai chi may improve bone health and reduce inflammation in postmenopausal women, according to a new study

Click here to read the Article 


All of us at The Tea Smith would like to sincerely thank you for supporting us. We appreciate your patronage.

We love to hear from you about what you like best or what we can do to improve your experience. Please feel free to call or email me at [email protected]
Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.
Be a considerate friend. If you know someone who may enjoy tea, please pass this newsletter along to them. They will be forever grateful, and so will we!
Save 15% on All Green Teas 
To help encourage purchase (and enjoyment) of Green Teas and help in the Japanese Red Cross Society Relief efforts for Tsunami Victims. We have extended this offer.
Online, Just enter Green Tea11 at check out and hit Redeem.  Or bring this coupon into the store.
Offer Expires: April 17 2011                                                        Not Valid with other Offers