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This is an exciting time of the year for tea lovers.  In producing regions all over the world the Spring crops are just about ready, or are being produced.  The tea gardens watch the weather closely and are working feverishly to bring forth the best offerings of the season.
We have included articles for you on the challenges that growers and producers are facing in Darjeeling and in Japan.
We also came across a timely health study on hydration.
So grab your favorite cuppa and read on!

As always, if you have an idea for a topic or a question, we would love to hear from you.

Update on the Japanese tea situation.

Mt Fuji TeaMuch attention and concern has been focused on Japan after the earthquake and tsunami which caused massive destruction and human suffering.  The ongoing challenges with the damaged nuclear power plants are causing concern for safety and power problems throughout the island. 


 As a theme for our fundraising efforts, we are adapting the tradition of 1000 Cranes


The Tea Smith will be donating a portion of ALL GREEN TEA sales during the month of April to the Japanese Red Cross Society for relief of those in need in Japan. 


 We have placed a donation box in the retail store for our friends that would like to contribute.  In return they will be able to add to the string of origami cranes. 


We are also extending the March Green Tea Discount until April 17th. (See Coupon attached).  We will add a crane in your honor for each purchase.


As for the tea, most is produced in and around Shizuoka, which is about 250km south of Tokyo.  The Spring harvest is expected to start mid to late April.  While there have been no health risks or contamination in the area,  our producers are concerned about the rolling power blackouts which may affect their ability to produce finished tea. 


We have been in contact with the members of the Shizuoka Tea community, and will be updated on any new developments.  Hopefully by this time next month we will have some good news to report to you.

As the theme for our fundraising efforts, we are adapting the tradition of 1000 Cranes
Darjeeling Shipments Delayed By Embargo

 Women Walking in Tea FieldThe First Flush Spring teas from this area in Northern India are among the most anticipated by tea lovers worldwide.  This year, labor negotiations and some political tensions in the area have delayed shipments. 


On the labor side of things, wages were a big issue, as the average worker makes less than 100 Rs a day.  That is equivalent to about $2.23!  When I asked one of our Indian friends about this, he responded.  



The tea garden workers are provided with subsidized food rations, schools, medicines / hospitals and in some cases with housing.


They are actually quite well looked after by the tea garden owners.


As we see, many of the basics are provided. Even so, it is certainly a different perspective than we are used to seeing in our economy and society.


Tea accounts for a large portion of income for the area workers and companies.  The worry was that shipments would be delayed and would not arrive in Europe prior to Easter, which is an important shopping season.  This would have hurt the sales and the image of Darjeeling on the world market.


Just a few days ago  we received word that the embargo has been lifted for members of the Darjeeling Tea Association.  I have been informed that our samples are on the way.  ( Our staff is quite excited!) 


If you would like to read more about the story

Click here for the article in the Darjeeling Times 


Tea and Health
Tea Compared to Water for Hydration

 Iced Tea Pitcher

With the onset of warmer weather, people often ask if tea will cause dehydration since it contains caffeine.


A recent study commissioned by the UK Tea Council Advisory Board came up with the following conclusion based on their research study:



NHS Article on Tea and Hydration


"Drinking four to six mugs of tea a day is as good for keeping you hydrated as a litre of water," reported the Daily Mail. It said the finding disproves "the idea that regular tea drinking can dehydrate the body because of its caffeine content".

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