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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea with Lady Caroline

Share your appreciation for tea and the finer things in life at this event presented by Lady Caroline with a special menu In celebration of Valentines' Day.

We will host this two times;
Saturday February 13th LegacyStore at 2:00 PM.

Sunday February 14th at Tower Store 1:00 PM

Menu items include

Lovers Leap Finger Sandwich selections

Forget- Me- Not Quiche Slice

Cheesy Lovers Knots

Cranberry Almond Cream Scones

Lovers Cream Swans

Chocolate Dipped Cherry Mice

Cupids Cloud Cake


All this plus a selection of fine teas for $25 per guest.
Get your friends together and call to reserve your spots

Legacy 168th & Center
330 7070
Tower 78th & Dodge
393 7070

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Though the weather was not the best, January was our best ever.

Thanks to all of you that kept us going with your warm words of encouragement and enthusiastic and ongoing support of our efforts.

In January we planned two sessions of our Tea 101, and added a third to accommodate a few extra thirsty for knowledge, and great tea.

February brings us Valentine's Day, so we have put together a few Special Gifts and a WONDERFUL Special Event.

By way of a Valentine's present to you, we have included a Coupon for your Gift Basket purchase.

As always, if you have an idea for a topic or a question, please let us know.
Tea AND Chocolates make great Valentines Gifts
Sweet Embrace Basket We just made shopping for the PERFECT GIFT for Valentine's Day a bit easier. Now you can give your special person tea AND Chocolate with a gift from The Tea Smith,  Our Valentines Quick Kiss, Sweet Embrace and Big Hug Gift Baskets all include a bit of chocolate to accompany some special teas.

Order your baskets early to ship or pick up in the store, then enjoy well earned gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

Tea & Health
Nashville Researchers Find Green Tea Could Treat Uterine Fibroids

by WTN Staff

According to a report released this week, green tea extract shows promise for the treatment of uterine fibroids.

The report summarized research done at the Center for Women's Health Research in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Meharry Medical College in Nashville. The January 2009 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology published the findings.

The team of researchers tested the effect of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on fibroid tumors (leiomyoma) in rat cells and in nude mice, in vitro and in vivo, respectively. Diseased cells were introduced into the cells and mice, which were then fed doses of EGCG in the form of green tea extract in their drinking water.

An inhibitory effect in the growth of the diseased cells was noted after 24 hours of treatment. According to an abstractof the report, the EGCG treatment "dramatically reduced the volume and weight of tumors at 4 and 8 weeks after the treatment." The team concluded that "EGCG effectively inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in rat ELT3 uterine leiomyoma cells in vitro and in vivo."

The researchers, who have focused on finding treatments for uterine fibroids, were encouraged by the results. A statement

released this week noted that 40 percent of reproductive age women suffer from the disease, which can be extremely painful, even debilitating.

"If we can prove this compound is effective, millions of women can start self treatment and self management," Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy, who led the study, said in the statement.


Featured Tea News
 Tea Shortage to Widen as Rising Demand Exceeds Supply
This article published by Bloomberg News explains some of the challenges that the world market is facing.  Three large areas, parts of India, Sri Lanka and Africa are not able to keep up right now due to demand and weather factors.

What does this mean for we tea drinkers in the U.S.A.?  Well to be sure, this is not the first time we have faced this.  As with all agricultural crops, there are variations in quantity and quality every year.  This is why we sample EVERY tea before we put it on our Tea Wall for you.  It does mean that we will have to be diligent so we can maintain the supply of the teas that meet our quality expectations. Hopefully we can keep out of stock situations to a minimum to avoid any 'tea emergencies' for you!

In spite of the fact that we are already seeing price increases from our producers, I am sure that tea will continue to be a great value.  The increases to date have not been extraordinary.

On the bright side, this means that more people are enjoying tea, so we are in good company.  Also as prices increase, some of this flows back to the farmers and workers which hopefully improves their standard of living.

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We love to hear from you about what you like best or what we can do to improve your experience. Please feel free to call or email me at [email protected]
Tim Smith, Chief Leaf
The Tea Smith, L.L.C.
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