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September 2008
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Which tea is the healthiest?
Upcoming Events
September Cupping:
Tea 101
A fun and tasty evening.  Explore the flavors of teas from whites and greens to oolongs and black teas.  Learn about history and processing of the worlds most popular beverage. 
Thursday September 18th
7:00 PM Shops of Legacy
Monday September 22nd
7:00 PM Tower Plaza
Call for Reservations
cost $12 per guest or $10 when 2 or more sign up together
The Tea Smith's Chief Leaf Featured in
Fresh Cup Magazine 
Fresh Cup August 2008 COver
The August issue of this national trade publication featured some thoughts on growing while staying true to your vision.  
Metro Culinary Show Features The Tea Smith
Tim just finished taping another show with Judy ala Carte.  This segment covers White and Green Teas.  Those of you in the Omaha area can pick this up on Cox channel 18, and Qwest channel 25. 
The series is sponsored by the MCC Institute for the Culinary Arts.
For our friends outside the area, we are working on a way to make this available over the Internet. 
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Officially speaking, it is Summer until September 23rd.  But now that vacations are over, and kids are back in school, summer seems to have passed all too quickly. 
Our Summer seasonal teas will disappear soon. So if you are a fan of Summer Companion, Licorice Whip or Tropical Paradise Rooibos now is the time to stock up a bit.
But not to worry.  We have some great offerings for the Autumn season. These will be showing up mid-September.
So, grab your favorite cuppa and read on. 
Which Tea is The Healthiest Beverage?
We get asked this deceptively simple question on a regular basis.  It is great to see that more people are interested in the health effects of what they consume, as well as their awareness that tea is a vital part of a healthful lifestyle.
Since all tea comes from the same plant, camellia sinensis, you are on the right track.  The tea leaf is high in antioxidants.  Numerous studies have indicated the antioxidant EGCG found in green tea has positive effect on cardiovascular health and several types of cancer.
All teas contain the amino acid theanine which has been recognized for its contribution to improved focus and mental sharpness.
I suppose if I had to choose one tea as the healthiest, it would be matcha.  This powdered Japanese green tea is mixed with hot water, then vigorously whisked to suspend the tea and produce a frothy liquor.  Since the entire leaf is consumed, not just an infusion, you get everything that is contained in the tea leaf.
Overall, I tell people that the healthiest teas to drink are those that you enjoy.  I say this because no matter how good a tea is for you, if you do not enjoy the taste, you probably will not drink much of it. So next time you go to grab a soda, stop and instead enjoy one of the world's oldest, healthiest and most popular drinks!
Thanks for your support and patronage of The Tea Smith!  If you know of someone who likes tea or would like to learn more, do them a favor and pass along this newsletter!

The Tea Smith Family
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