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April 2008
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March Cupping: All Teas Green
HELP! Tea and COFFEE at The Tea Smith?
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April Cupping
The History of Tea
More than just the world's most popular beverage, tea has a rich history of legend and lore.  So grab some friends and explore the world through Tea. Naturally you will enjoys some special surprises during the evening!
Thursday April 17th
Legacy Store
168th & Center
330-7070 for reservations and information
7:00 PM
Monday April 28th
Tower Store
78th & Dodge
393-7070 for reservations and information
7:00 PM
Cost is $12.00 per person, or $10.00 when 2 or more sign up together
We Need your Help!
Tea AND Coffee at The Tea Smith???
We love to get feedback from our customers!  One suggestion that we are considering is offering coffee in our stores.  Naturally if we did this, we would hold our coffees to the same high standards to which we hold our teas. 
I admit I am torn between both sides of this decision!  One aspect that I like is the fact that we will be able to appeal to more customers.  The other side of me wants to remain a 'tea purist.' 
I would love to hear your opinion.  Should The Tea Smith expand our offering to include Coffee?  What about espresso drinks? Please let us know Yes  or No, and WHY?
We will be glad to keep you posted on the opinions of your fellow tea drinkers.
Quick Links

There is always something happening at The Tea Smith, so check out our calendar of events.  One exciting announcement is our Afternoon Tea with Lady Caroline. 
We have some seasonal features you will want to check out, and are anxiously awaiting samples from the early Spring crops from China and India.
So grab your favorite cup, and read on!
Afternoon Tea with Lady Caroline.  
Enjoy a Traditional English Tea with your friends
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Many of our customers fondly remember Lady Caroline's British Tea Room in Dundee.  Now you can experience a traditional British Afternoon Tea as only Lady Caroline can serve!
Our first Tea, "Tax Day Tea", will be available Tuesday April 15th from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at
The Shops of Legacy
Call for reservations, as seating is limited.
Go to Upcoming Events on our website for a listing of Afternoon Teas currently scheduled.
Spring Flavors are Blooming at The Tea Smith
Blossom and cupsThough the Spring crops are not yet available, fear not, we have some great teas and tisanes that will help you through the ever changing weather that we get early in the Spring.
Raspberry Mint Melody is a refreshing blend of fruit, mint and chamomile that is relaxing anytime.  Sunrise Orange Tisane is a NEW Flavor.  It is lighter than many tisanes with a sweet flavor that comes from real blood orange, and apple.  Sweet Pomegranate is a green tea that we introduced last month, and has proven very popular hot and iced. 
For those that are awaiting the 1st Flush Darjeelings, the plucking is a little behind due to some cold weather, our samples are expected in in a couple of weeks!

Tea According to the Chief Leaf

This Month's Question:  How long can I store my tea?
We reccomend that you drink your tea, not store it.  Okay, so much for my humor.  Tea is relaitvely stable, and can be kept for quite some time before it really starts to fade away.  FIrst, be sure to store away from light and strong aroma.  Keep air away from the tea as much as possible.  How long you can keep it at home also depends on how old the tea was when you received it.  I have seen tea labeled with a shelf date as far as 3 years out.  Most teas I have tasted (pureh not included) seem to fade in a year or or so.  Generally speaking you can keep black teas for a longer period that white or green tea. Rule of thumb is that green and white teas are fine for 6 months, black teas for a year or more. Tea does not normally spoil, it gradually loses its flavor over time.  So if you have an older tea, it probably will not be as good as when you first purchaswd, but if you still enjoy it there is no reason to throw it out!
Thanks for your support and patronage of The Tea Smith!  If you know of someone who likes tea or would like to learn more, do them a favor and pass along this newlsetter!

The Tea Smith Family
Buy One Get One Tea on the GO
Stop in to get your Tea on The Go, and take one along for your coworker or special friend.  It's quick, it's easy, and it is thoughtful. 
Offer Expires: April 30, 2008.                                                                          Not valid with other offers