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May 30, 2012

We are proud to introduce to you the class of 2012. Things are quiet without them here!
Blessings to you this day.
Congratulations to the Class of 2012!
Class of 2012: Certificate of Affiliation with
Theological Education for Emerging Ministries


The Rev. Newman Chu-sheng Chiu

Southwestern California Synod

MDiv, 1988, China Evangelical Seminary

Serving: Glory Lutheran Church, Torrance, CA


The Rev. YouHui Han

Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod

MDiv, 2009, International Theological Seminary

Serving: Chinese Lutheran Church, Houston, TX


The Rev. Dr. Jen-Hao Lee

Pacifica Synod

BA, 1991, Taiwan Theological College

MDiv, 1998, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary
PhD, 2009, Taiwan Theological College and Seminary

Serving: Taiwanese Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA


The Rev. Scott M. Morey

Northwestern Minnesota Synod

BA, 2003, Oak Hills Christian College 

Serving: Fridhem Lutheran Church, Lengby, MN

Class of 2012: Certificate of Theological Education for Emerging Ministries


The Rev. Martha S. Atkins

Rocky Mountain Synod

AAS, 1987, Laramie County Community College

Serving: Mount of Olives Lutheran Church, Rock Springs, WY


The Rev. Duraimony Dickson

Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod

MBA, 1999, Madurai Kamaraj University 

Serving: Houston Tamil Church, Rosharon, TX



The Rev. Thomas D. Evenson

Southwestern Minnesota Synod

Serving: First Lutheran Church, Renville, MN




The Rev. Rob Favorite

Western North Dakota Synod

BA, 1979, Goddard College

Serving: Watford City Area Parish, Watford City, ND


The Rev. William W. Miller

Southwestern Minnesota Synod

BS, 1971, St. Cloud State University
MFA, 1976, University of Minnesota--Minneapolis 

Serving: Kerkhoven Lutheran, Kerkhoven, MN


The Rev. Thomas J. Murray

Northeastern Minnesota Synod

BA, 1980, Concordia University-St. Paul, MN

Serving: Lutsen Lutheran Church, Lutsen, MN;

Zion Lutheran Church, Finland, MN


The Rev. Jodi Renae Myrvik

Eastern North Dakota Synod

BSN, 1987, Jamestown College 

Serving: High Plains Ministry, Edmore, ND


Solomon Hailu Negassa

Grand Canyon Synod

AT, 1998, Nekemte Christian Education College 

Serving: Oromo Evangelical Church of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV


The Rev. Melinda J. Shriner

East Central Synod of Wisconsin

Serving: Lutheran Church of the Wilderness, Bowler, WI 

Class of 2012: 

Degree of Master of Theological Studies


Eric Johnson

Oregon Synod

BA, 2009, Portland State University

Thesis: Understanding, Strengthening and Affirming Faith

Coordinator: Dr. Jane E. Strohl


Debra Kaye Papageorge

Southwestern California Synod

BA, 1983, California State University-Northridge

Thesis: History of Christianity in the Hawaiian Islands
And Why Were The People Receptive To This New Religion?

Coordinator: Dr. Moses Penumaka


Holly Nicole Wilson

BA, 2005, California Lutheran University

Project: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself:
The Call Toward Radical Humanization

Coordinator: Dr. Carol R. Jacobson

Class of 2012: 

Degree of Master of Divinity


Mary Jayne Baker, Diaconal Minister

Grand Canyon Synod

BSN, 1965, University of Michigan
MS, 1992, University of St. Francis
Project: Footprints in Faith: A Congregational
Resource Guide for Outreach Ministries 

Coordinator: Dr. Carol R. Jacobson


Daniel Eugene Carlson

Rocky Mountain Synod

BA, 2005, Luther College 

Internship: Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Mesa AZ


Valerie Christine Carlson

Northwest Washington Synod

BASW, 2005, University of Washington

Internship: Desert Cross Lutheran Church, Tempe/Gilbert, AZ


Charles J. Challey

Sierra Pacific Synod

BA, 1997, North Dakota State University


Eric A. Clapp

Eastern North Dakota Synod

BA, 2008, Concordia College-Moorhead

Internship: Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Mesa, AZ


Kara Alyse Groth

Southwestern California Synod

BA, 2006, California Polytechnic University--San Luis Obispo

Serving: New Hope Covenant Church, Oakland, CA


Christine E. Higueria-Street

Pacifica Synod

AA, 2005, San Diego Mesa College

BA, 2007, California Lutheran University 

Internship: New City Parish/Angelical Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, CA


Jeremiah Holst

Southeastern Minnesota Synod

BA, 2003, Luther College

Internship: United Lutheran Church, Eugene, OR


Holly A. Johnson

Northwestern Minnesota Synod

BA, 1994, Concordia College-Moorhead

Internship: Holy Love Lutheran Church, Aurora, CO



The Rev. Khader S. H. Khalilia

Sierra Pacific Synod

BA, 2003, Bethlehem Bible College 

Internship: Salam Arabic Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY


Benjamin Julius Kifer

Grand Canyon Synod

BA, BA, 2005, Augustana College-Rock Island 

Internship: St. Mark Lutheran Church, Yorktown, VA



Mark Paul Meyer

Rocky Mountain Synod

BS, 1972, U.S. Air Force Academy
Internship: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Littleton, CO 

Serving: Evergreen Lutheran Church, Evergreen, CO


Anders Webster Peterson

Minneapolis Area Synod

BA, 2006, Gustavus Adolphus College
Internship: Lake Chelan Lutheran Church, Chelan, WA; Holden Village, Chelan WA


Daniel Pugh, Jr.

Grand Canyon Synod

BA, 2006, Arizona State University 

Internship: Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Mesa, AZ


Joshua Paul Reid Samuelson

Northwest Washington Synod

BA, 2003, Pacific Lutheran University 

Internship: Emmanuel Lutheran Church, North Hollywood, CA



Kirsten Elaine Sauey Hofmann

Rocky Mountain Synod

BA, 2004, St. Olaf College 

Internship: Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Longmont, CO



Pamela Sue Schaeffer

Sierra Pacific Synod

BA, 1987, San Francisco State University
Teaching Credential, 1990, San Francisco State University 

Internship: Hope Lutheran, El Sobrante, CA


Theresa A. Schjang

Rocky Mountain Synod

BA, 1976, Middlebury College 

Internship: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Littleton, CO


Kirsten Malia Worzala Dumke

Southeastern Minnesota Synod

BA, 2006, Gustavus Adolphus College 

Internship: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Saratoga, CA

Class of 2012: 

Degree of Master of Arts


Kelsey L. Schleusener

Rocky Mountain Synod

BS, 2008, Colorado State University

Thesis: One Love, One Heart: The Trinitarian Pneumatology of Jürgen Moltmann

Coordinator: Dr. Carol R. Jacobson

Week of Renewal: June 25-29, 2012

"This was my second Week of Renewal and it was even better than the first. Great class, great worship, wonderful community, amazing conversation, lots of laughs, a few tears, and a very relaxing environment." - Ruth Sievert


You are invited to a week of renewal of classes, worship, stimulating conversation and restorative time in the company of old and new colleagues in ministry and lay people interested in theology in the wonderful setting between the Bay and Tilden Park.


Four Outstanding Classes


Rev. Dr. Barbara Lundblad, "Embodied Preaching in a Virtual World"


Preaching is a strange and wonderful craft where spoken words are embodied not only in the preacher but in the listeners as well. In this week, we will engage the body (voice, movement, pauses, etc) and spoken words as resources for preaching and also explore how electronic resources can expand the dialogue preachers have with the congregation.


Rev. Dr. Barbara K. Lundblad, is the Joe R. Engle Professor of Preaching at Union Theological Seminary in New York.


Rev. Dr. Ted Peters, "Life Beyond Death: What Can Christians Expect?"


The tragedy of human dying is accompanied by an impenetrable mystery: what next? Various religions have offered up a variety of theories. What can we learn from what the Bible or from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What is God's promise for us?


Rev. Dr. Ted Peters is Professor of Systematic Theology, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union


Dr. Lisa Fullam, "Spirituality and Ethics in Pastoral Ministry"


This course will bring into dialogue aspects of ethics and the spirituality of life and ministry around four salient virtues: self-care, justice, fidelity and trustworthiness. How does spirituality intersect with ethics?


Dr. Lisa Fullam is the Associate Professor of Moral Theology at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University and the Graduate Theological Union.


Steed DavidsonSteed Davidson, "Jeremiah: A Voice Out of Time: Reading and Hearing the Book of Jeremiah in our Day"


This class will explore the implications for life and ministry today of understanding Jeremiah as a marginal, solitary figure bereft of much support for his controversial positions that were probably never embraced in his time.


Dr. Steed Davidson is Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Studies, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union.


For more information and to register, please click here.


July 16 - August 24, 2012

Meets 8:45 to 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday each week.

The PLTS intensive summer program, open to students of all faith backgrounds, in Biblical Greek operates with the two demonstrable assumptions: that learning Greek in an intensive, concentrated setting (3 hours in class plus homework, 5 days a week) has many advantages and that "People learn to read Greek by reading Greek." After an introduction to the basic elements of Greek grammar, students are soon learning by reading the Greek New Testament itself, building vocabulary while honing grammatical skills. Extensive portions of the Gospel of John will be read during the course. Students successfully completing the 6-week intensive program will earn 6 units of graduate credit.

A tuition deposit of $500 must be paid to PLTS no later than 6/1/12 and is non-refundable. The remaining tuition is payable the first day of class and is non-refundable after the first day of class. Tuition amount is $1008 for 3 credits (3 weeks). Tuition of $1670 is payable to PLTS for 6 credits (6 weeks). Auditors welcome with Faculty permission.

To enroll in this course if you are not an incoming or current student, please complete an Unclassifed or Auditor Application. Contact the Admissions office for more information. Incoming or current PLTS students, please contact Christopher Evans.

Class meets weekdays, 7/16/12-8/24/12, from 8:45am-12:00pm, in PLTS Giesy Hall #1. 

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Several of our friends have joined together to match all gifts received by June 30, up to $77,000!





Joel S. Wudel

Vice President for Seminary Relations



Mike, MDiv 1970, and Linda Rogers took a memorable trip to China and Cambodia, a gracious and beautiful country. They took this picture of Angkor Thom.


Robyn Provis, MTS 2003, was recently called as solo pastor of Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Ron Moe-Lobeda, MDiv 1984, has published a book, "The Mystery of Eve and Adam: A Prophetic Critique of the Monarchy," in which he offers an original interpretation of this story that challenges many of the traditional interpretations of this text. The book is published by Wipf and Stock Publishers.


Tammy Heimgartner, TEEM 2008, began a new call to Grace Lutheran Church in Mountain Home, Idaho, on March 1.


Please keep us up to date with your whereabouts and news with this form.

Job Posting: Summer Maintenance Helper Position


REVISED 5/8/12


Reporting to the Maintenance Manager, the Maintenance Helper is a hands on position responsible for semi-skilled maintenance up keep and cleaning of the 1300 Delaware Apartments and other areas and duties as assigned. The position is 35hrs per week lasting for a duration of approximately 12 weeks.


Typical duties include:


1.  General custodial cleaning and preparing apartments for new tenants.   

  • General rooms cleaning
  • Window / Screens cleaning
  • Appliances  & fixture cleaning
  • Floor  cleaning
  • Wall Patching &Painting
  • Blinds  replacing
  • Disposing of miscellaneous on site trash & materials
  • Occasional  materials lifting & handling, furniture, appliances, supplies
  • Parking lot blowing or sweeping
  • Landscape & weed  abatement
  • Laundry room and common areas, garbage clean up, cleaning & sweeping
  • Replacement of  lights bulbs in fixtures & batteries on smoke detectors
  • Using and being responsible with keys as necessary for accessing apartments
  • Organizing and up keep of tool room and supplies
  • Occasional pre-post events set up & clean up

If interested, please contact Michael Maloney via e-mail and submit a brief resume.  


Resumes will be reviewed and qualifying recipients will be contacted for an interview toward filling the position.

In Memoriam: Jim Schwartz, MDiv 1971

Late Night Thoughts While Listening to Beethoven's Seventh Symphony: A Tribute to Pastor Jim Schwartz

by: Rev. Dr. Jerry Ebbinga 


Circumstance, circumstance I would never have chosen ... and the anointing of the Spirit, in the sense of Isaiah, called me to preach good news, to be the messenger of Gospel in the memorial service for Pastor Jim Schwartz. I came to that call as fellow pastor and colleague, and as a friend for thirty-one years ... without judgment, equipped
only with Gospel.   


Jim and I met in the fall of 1980, when I moved to serve a congregation in Pomona, CA. We found ourselves working together in conference leadership. Jim was the detail person, I served as dean. We even did a conference pastor gathering in their hot tub in Corona. But we really got to know each other by osmosis. The two of us, both comfortable with silence, could communicate just by being in the same space ... no words.   



Read more of this touching tribute »


Visit his family's blog to read more about Jim's life »


Blessed be the memory of this servant of God.