Independent's Day Filmmakers Toolkit

July 4th, 2010

Assert your independence this 4th July! 

Cast off the oppression of the studio suits.  You don't need them. 

Today we are here to show you how to work outside the system and give you the tips and techniques you need to succeed on your own.

Now get out there and make your film!

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9 Ways Filmmakers Celebrate Limitations
You can take those constraints and make them work for you.  Find out how.

No Budget Shooting Tips
Relying on money is a sure fire way to sacrifice your independence.  Want your film done your way with no antsy financiers prowling round the set?  Simple.  Use less money.

10 Dirty Secrets Of Independent Film
It may not always be pretty but there are a many secrets and tricks to success for independent filmmakers.

Hollywood's 4 Big Lies
Hollywood is all about image.  They have constructed a web of lies designed to keep outsiders as outsiders and we are more than happy to expose them.

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Get Your Short Film Seen

Welcome to the Extraordinary Film Competition

Open to any filmmaker anywhere!

Submit your 40 second (or shorter) film before the 25th January for the chance to win a trip to Cannes

Full details...
The 4 Responsibilities of Film Directors
The role of the director really all boils down to four key responsibilities.  Be responsible, take a look.

9 Routes To Breaking In As A Director
There are many paths to becoming a director.  Take a look at our rundown.

More directing tips here
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Writing Is Rewriting
Try to write a good first draft and you are destined to fail.  Great screenplays undergo countless revisions.

Exposition: The 6 Basic Storytelling Tips
Exposition is a necessary evil.  Learn the tricks to disguise it effectively.

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It's astonishing the number of writers who don't read screenplays.  There is no better way to learn your craft.

Drop by our script suites to check out the works of some of the finest writers and directors working today.  Read the scripts then watch the films.

The Christopher Nolan Script Suite
Christopher Nolan's story begun with micro budget hit following and has since see him become Hollywood's hottest director.

The Charlie Kaufman Script Suite
Perhaps the most unique writer to emerge in the last ten years, he won renown through screenwriting alone, which in Hollywood is a very tough thing to do.

The Coen Brothers Suite
No one writes scripts like the Coen brothers.  With their offbeat sense of humour and quirky characters.  They have tackled everything from madcap comedies to Oscar winning dramas.

Choose from a selection of almost 300 screenplays in our screenplay library when you sign up for Raindance Premium Membership.

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Master Social Media
Mastering social media is essential in building up a receptive audience to you and your work.  But to the uninitiated the world of social media can be a dark forbidding place.  Let us guide you.

10 Twitter Tips For Filmmakers
Have tweeting simplified and start building a network for you and your projects.

10 Tips For Viral Shorts
We live in a world where a one minute video of a cat playing a keyboard can earn over 8 million views.  Want this kind of success?  Learn how to make your own viral video.

10 Ways Filmmakers Manage Their Online Reputation
Being able to keep a handle on your online presence is an essential skill for any filmmaker.

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