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 January 9, 2012


Dear friend of the Friends of Fenway Studios,


Because of your interest in Friends of Fenway Studios (FoFS), I wanted to share with you some of the steps on our agenda to expand general awareness of this National Historic Landmark, its history and the artists who are busy making art in it.


Among these are:

  • presenting a series of talks by noted historians, lecturers and curators with a focus on artists from The Boston School who had worked at Fenway Studios (FSI) - the series is ongoing through June and more are planned for the fall.
  • updating our Web site to make it more user-friendly, to allow access to news and events at FSI, view works by early and contemporary FSI artists and find locations for their current exhibits.
  • participate in the Fenway-wide event 'Opening Our Doors' this year which exposed the building and its artists to the largest crowds to visit the Fenway in years.
  • support The Fenway Alliance's campaign for establishment of a Fenway Cultural District;
  • support the annual autumn FSI 'Open Studios', which continues to draw those who are interested in both the art being made and the beauty of this National Historic Landmark.
  • collaborate with Fenway Studios Inc. (FSI) to obtain revised and more favorable financing and protect affordability for the artists who live and work there.

I would welcome any thoughts about how you connected with Fenway Studios, about your experience of the building and the artists; also your thoughts on programs or activities that we might consider for the future, or anything else that you think we should be paying attention to.


Feel free to contact me by e-mail at the FoFS web site www.friendsoffenwaystudios.org or at the address below. And thank you again for your interest in the Friends of Fenway Studios. With my best wishes for the Season and the New Year,



Rick Heym AIA


Friends of Fenway Studios


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