President's Message

By Michael Kaleikini, President



What an incredible start to our Chamber's 61st year.  I am excited about carrying on our Chamber's Mission and continuing what Randy Kurohara and other past presidents have passed on to us.  Mahalo to Randy, our Board of Directors, committee chairs and especially our general membership for making the 60th year of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai'i a success.


I am compelled to once again praise thanks and appreciation to everyone that helped put together the JCCIH 61st Installation dinner.  There were many helping hands and I am appreciative of everyone that volunteered their efforts.  The group includes Carol Van Camp, Jon Arizumi, Lei Momi Fujiyama, Shelly Ogata, Nico Verissimo, Tracy Yamaguchi, Janice Bueltmann, Danielle Pacheco, Randy Kurohara & Dwayne Mukai.  Thanks to Ka'iu Kimura and the staff of the 'Imiloa Astronomy Center for really making the event such a successful one.     


Randy, Mike, and Jon

Immediate-Past President Randy Kurohara, President Mike Kaleikini, and 1st Vice President Jon Arizumi


Honored guests in attendance included, Higashi-Hiroshima Chairman Masayuki Kishida, keynote speaker Governor George Ariyoshi, Mayor Billy Kenoi and my boss from Ormat-Nevada, Ohad Zimron.  Special thanks to Reiko Hamano, who served as interpreter during the visit of our special guests from Japan. 


Our guests from Higashi-Hiroshima spent time with many chamber members on different activities.  There was a dinner one night at the Hilo Yacht Club, a visit to the Subaru Telescope, golfing at Volcano Country Club and a tour along the Hamakua coast before departing from Kona.  As part of the ongoing exchange and nurturing of relationships between Higashi-Hiroshima and Hawai'i County, a contingency of JCCIH members, myself included,  are planning to visit Higashi-Hiroshima in early October to attend the Higashi-Hiroshima Sake Festival.


In July, our chamber put on yet another great Goji Kara event held at the Hilo Medical Center (HMC).  Mahalo to Howard Ainsley and HMC staff for such an insightful and informative event.  HMC has been awarded a Level III status for trauma response.  This is a major accomplishment for our hospital and we owe a great deal of gratitude to everyone at our hospital for making this happen.


As August approached, our sister city relationship with Yurihama prefecture brought forth an outstanding but busy several days of events.  Our guests were led by Vice Mayor Yoshitomo Senga, four other adults and 15 exchange students in grades 8 & 9.  Many thanks again to all of the volunteers, especially Tommy Goya, Amy Aoyagi and several of our JCCIH volunteers.    The JCCIH hosted a dinner at Hawai'i Community College.  Thanks to Allan Onishi, Eugene Nishimura, Jerry Utsui, Barry Mizuno, Ivan Nakano, Art Taniguchi, Jon Arizumi and sound man extraordinaire, Dwayne Mukai

This trip by our sister city culminated with a dinner hosted by the Hilo host families of the Japanese students.  Mahalo to all of the Hilo families that hosted the students from Japan.  The highlight of the evening was listening to the Hilo students share their experiences with hosting their Japanese students, then listening to the Japanese students' presentation of Yurihama prefecture.  Our exchange students also performed a traditional Japanese dance that was synonymous to Hawai'i's "going to a Hukilau".  The success of this exchange program was also made possible by the hard work of Alson Sakamoto, Hilo Intermediate School Builder's Club Advisor and Vice Principal Esther Kanehailua.  There were also many volunteer teachers who helped.


In closing, we are off to a fast start.  As you can see, our chamber was very involved with several activities continuing to promote our mission, showcasing the close relationships we have between  Japan and Hawai'i.  We have a lot of work ahead of us.  I'd like to again thank all of our members involvement and I would like to encourage other members to get involved with committees that interest you.  Please contact me or Lei at the Chamber office if you have any questions or interests.


Domo arigato gozaimasu.


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   Leadership & learning are indespensible to each other.


2011 -12 Installation Dinner
A Night To Remember!

By Jon J. Arizumi, 1st Vice President 



On June 23, 2011, Michael Kaleikini, Manager of Puna Geothermal Venture Hawai'i, an Ormat

Company, along with the new members of the chamber board, was installed as President at the 61st Annual Installation Dinner held at the beautiful 'Imiloa Astronomy Center's Moanahoku Hall.  


This sold out event featured entertainment by the talented Hawane Rios Trio and a beautiful pule by Janice Bueltmann of 'Aha Punana Leo.


Outgoing President Randy Kurohara passed over of the gavel to the new president after delivering his mahalo message to the board and chamber members for all their support and hard work during the past year. 



Outgoing President Randy Kurohara passing the gavel to Incoming President Mike Kaleikini. 



In his speech, President Mike stated:


"We plan to continue living the value of Kahiau and to always be mindful of Okage Sama De. I am looking forward to working with the excellent slate of officers and directors. We pledge that our Chamber will continue to promote the general welfare of Hilo, Hawai'i Island and the State of Hawai'i. We will be a political and social force in our community, and we will continue to perpetuate our Japanese cultural heritage in Hawai'i."


We were privileged to have as our guests Governor George R. Ariyoshi, who was the keynote speaker, and First Lady Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi.  Governor Ariyoshi focused on the importance of building relationships and maintaining traditions and values.  As the Governor spoke, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was mesmerized by his brilliance and humble givings. He presented a special message to Higashi Hiroshima Chairman Kishida and his  

officers in their pristine Japanese language. 


It was an honor to have our special guests from our sister chamber Higashi-Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce: Chairman Masayuki Kishida; Vice Chairman  Takashi Higashi; Vice President Ryuichi Sasaki; President Hirofumi Suekuni; and Assistant Manager Tomoaki Ekita; along with Honorable Mayor Billy Kenoi;

Representative Clifton Tsuji; Honorary Consul General Art Taniguchi; and representatives from our other chambers and associations.



Left to right:  Higashi-Hiroshima President Hirofumi Suekuni, Higashi-Hiroshima Chairman Masayuki Kishida, JCCIH President Mike Kaleikini, and JCCIH Immediate-Past President Randy Kurohara



As I reflect back on this beautiful occasion, I can only think of the statement that describes Governor Ariyoshi - the Japanese proverb Okage Sama De - I am what I am because of you.


Mahalo to the Installation Committee for their hard work: Nico Leilani Verissimo, Carol Van Camp, Janice Bueltmann, Danielle Pacheco, Allan Onishi, Dwayne Mukai, Eugene Nishimura, Mike Kaleikini, Shelly Ogata, Tracy Yamaguchi, Lei Momi FujiyamaRandy Kurohara, and Mike Miyahira.



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Chado & Peacefulness Through a Bowl of Tea
By Art Taniguchi   


ArtTaniguchiJuly was a special month for the Urasenke Hawai'i organization and our Urasenke Tantokai Hilo chapter and included a special tea ceremony on the Arizona Memorial as well as an event honoring the contributions of Grand Tea Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen as a Japanese national treasure and cultural icon.   


On July 19, a special Kencha-shiki (ritual tea offering) was held at the Arizona Memorial in memory of the deceased from World War II.   The ceremony was performed by 15th generation Grand Tea Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen, founder of the Urasenke Hawai'i Chapter, which is the organization for tea in Hawai'i.  Russ Oda is the President of the Urasenke Tantokai Hilo Association and I serve as Vice President - we consider it an honor to serve as part of this special organization.     


Art Taniguchi, 15th Generation Grand Tea Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen, Russ Oda, Barbara Taniguchi (seated L), and Aki Oda (seated R).  

Special guests, including Russ and Aki Oda, were seated at the memorial site with other guests seated at the Visitor Center, watching the ceremony on closed circuit monitors.  


The ceremony was followed by a luncheon and evening dinner reception at the residence of the Consul General of Japan Yoshihiko Kamo.  My wife Barbara and I flew to Oahu and met up with Russ and Aki in time to join them for a spectacular dinner hosted by Dr. Sen for close to 500 of his friends and supporters on the 20th of July.   



The young Dr. Sen and his late wife Tomiko (foreground) demonstrating tea to Hawai'i students.  

Photo credit:







Dr. Sen celebrated his 88th birthday, or Beiju in Japanese, this year - it's considered a very special year.


On Saturday the 23rd Russ & Aki and Barbara and I attended a dinner at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where Dr. Sen was honored by the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i as a Japanese national treasure and cultural icon during their annual "Celebration of Leadership and Achievement" dinner.     


The Urasenke Hawai'i Chapter has a sixty-year history in Hawai'i.    Dr. Sen's passion for the ceremonial sharing of tea gave birth to the chapter in 1951 and made Hawai'i the first place outside of Japan to teach Chado, or The Way of Tea.


He hoped that through tea, people would understand and appreciate Japanese culture, and that

Japanese would interact with and understand foreign culture, so that another great war would not happen through misunderstanding.  Over the course of 60 years, the school has grown to five branches on four islands and was the catalyst for growing a beautiful cultural practice which now spans the globe.     



The four precepts of tea: Wa, Kei, Sei and Jyaku, or Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility.


Dr.     Sen's lifelong goal and mission is to share tea around the world while promoting his message of peace and profound motto "Peacefulness Through a Bowl of Tea."  Through his practice and teachings on Chado, he shares the virtues of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility in the hope that it will reach around the world and contribute to the attainment of world peace and happiness.       

To learn more about Urasenke Hawai'i and Grand Master Dr. Genshitsu Sen, please visit:     

To learn more about Chanoyu and Chado (The Way of Tea), please visit:     


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HMC Proves to Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!
By Carol VanCamp 



More than 60 Chamber members and guests were on hand to learn about the latest and greatest new technologies and changes underway at Hilo Medical Center (HMC) and throughout the East Hawai'i region during our July 26th Goji Kara event at the hospital.





Regional CEO Howard Ainsley reminded guests that HMC is "our" hospital and that many improvements have already been made over the past couple of years and many others are in the works.  This includes the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Records system, the hiring of many new doctors to cover needed medical specialties, the expanded Emergency Room, the hospital's new trauma center designation, the Community Beacon Grant, the medical residency program, and numerous initiatives aimed at improving the quality and delivery of healthcare in our community.   



The hospital's newly renovated lobby came alive with music, delicious "hospital" food, and gifts of Ti plants provided by HMC employee, Tandy  Newsome.  


Lori Rogers and Dawn Pung from the HMC Foundation were also on hand to outline their efforts HMC_foundation_logoto raise funds for much-needed hospital projects and to encourage others to support their efforts.   


Several East Hawai'i Regional Board members were also on hand to meet and greet Chamber visitors.  Tours of the "new and improved" Emergency Room, which happens to be the second busiest in the State of Hawai'i, were also offered.


Many thanks to Howard and his staff for their hospitality and for reinforcing that healthcare in East Hawai'i is in good hands.  Stay tuned for even more improvements yet to come.  


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  Fall seven times, stand up eight.


Japanese proverb

Natsu Matsuri Summer Festivals

By Dr. Saeko Hayashi, Astronomer, Subaru Telescope



One can tell the arrival of summer season in Hilo by listening to the taiko drums for Bon Dance. Buddhist temples in East Hawai'i take turns to hold a dance session at night on weekends as soon as the school is on summer break. Dancing outside at night throughout summer seemed to have taken root in the community here in the Island of Hawai'i. It is another way of making social networks, isn't it?




It is almost the same in Japan in summer - people in local areas start to practice the taiko drums and other traditional music instruments. You can find elder 

people recalling steps of traditional dances and teaching the youngsters. If you happen to be in Tohoku, the northeastern part of Japan, please do visit Sendai, Aomori, and Akita in early August where the larger scale festivals take place. Early August is the traditional Tanabata Festival season there. Tanabata, the seventh day of the seventh month of the year in lunar calendar is actually in August in modern day calendar, after the rainy season is over.  


Sendai became known to us as one of the major cities hit hard by the March 11 disaster of the year. You may remember watching video clips of its airport near the coastline being completely inundated. Shinkansen, the express train system, was also interrupted. Now both Sendai Airport and Shinkansen are serving to carry essential aids and helping hands to those disaster-hit areas. The northern-most station of Shinkansen is Aomori, the capital city of the northern-most prefecture in Honshu, the main island. By the way, Akita is to the west side of Iwate Prefecture, and its capital of Akita is where I graduated from high school.

This year, there was a very special nebutagathering in Sendai in July. Why a big festival in the middle of the tsunami-stricken area? There are three big Tanabata festivals in Tohoku area - Nebuta (decorated trolleys and jumpy dance) in Aomori, Kanto (lantern-filled tree representing rice stalks) in Akita, and special Tanabata decoration in Sendai. As a special tribute to this year's disaster, and as part of a prayer for the people affected, these three festivals plus three other festivals from Tohoku area convenedakita kanto at Sendai. Nebuta dancers and trolleys and Kanto decorations with musicians traveled from their native places to meander in Sendai City and the surrounding areas. These festivals also have some component of purification or getting rid of evils.


Traditional summer festivals Tanabata_decorationselsewhere in Japan include dances in a variety of styles, flowing lanterns in the river, fireworks, and so forth. This year there will be many "Hatsu-bon"s - the first Bon to commemorate the people who died this year. Bon, around mid-August, is the time of family gathering, and to reminisce the ancestors. Or it could be the time for family making trips.

The Hatsubon this year for the family members of those who perished in March 11 disasters, this will be a significant step toward restoring their strength. Many families have to make do with where they are, far from their homes, and their neighborhood. All together, they will rebuild their lives step by step, based on their happy memories of past and hope for the future. That is my Tanabata wish


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13th Annual A Taste of Hilo
By Randy Kurohara, Immediate-Past President

ARE YOU READY TO GRIND??!!!RandyKurohara


Our 13th Annual "A Taste of Hilo" is right around the corner and tickets are now available and going fast.  Pickup your tickets at our chamber office or through any JCCIH Board member or Taste of Hilo committee member.


This year's event will take place Sunday, October 16, from 1pm - 3pm at the Sangha Hall.  Presale ticket price is $40.00 ($60.00 if you try and buy at the door). 


We will feature Hawai'i Island Grass Fed Beef specially prepared for you by a celebrity chef as well as the best from over 30 local purveyors of food, dessert and beverage.


Our committee is working hard to make this year's event an extra special get your tickets early!


And as always, we are committed to supporting higher education with proceeds from this event going to Hawai'i Community College Scholarship fund to prepare our next generation workforce and leaders.

A hui hou! 


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Whatever you are, be a good one.


Abraham Lincoln

Words of Wisdom

By Tommy Goya

The following message was written for the Japanese Community Association's (JCAH) September 2007 Newsletter as part of my report on my Sister-City representation at the Ikaho Hawaiian Festival honoring King David Kalakaua held each August.   From its humble beginning, it is now one of the must attend hula festivals in Japan.  President Kenji Kawai will be representing the JCAH at this year's festival.  The contingent includes members of a local halau, Luana Kawelu representing the Hilo Merrie Monarch Festival and a kumu craft practitioner.  Amy Aoyagi is serving as the group escort.  


"As I sat on the tatami mat floor of our breakfast dining room at the Fukuichi Hotel in Ikaho, I would contemplate the day's activities by looking at the ikebana display and calligraphy on the scroll in the tokunoma (alcove).  On the second day, I asked for a translation of the writing on the scroll.  I was told ichigo ichie or "one time, one meeting." How profound and simple.  Every encounter counts, for it will only occur once.   


We should live our lives as simply as ichigo_ichiethe wisdom of ichigo ichie.  We should treat each encounter as life building for, in the end, all we have is our precious memories of good people and things we have done to enrich our lives."



To teach is to learn.


Japanese proverb

New UHH and HCC Faculty Reception October 19


Mark your calendars for the annual "Hello and Aloha" reception for newly arrived faculty for UH Hilo andWailoaPark Hawai'i Community College. 

This event is sponsored by the Education Committees of  our JCCIH Chamber, the Hawai'i Island Chamber of Commerce, and Hui Ka Ua.  It will start at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at the main pavilion at Wailoa State Park.   


Join us in welcoming the Big Island's newest university faculty to the community! 




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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John Maxwell

OMKM Update
By Stephanie Nagata, Interim Director

logo_office of MaunaKeaMgmt 

The Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM), Kahu Ku Mauna, and UH Hilo joined the Mauna Kea Management Board (MKMB) at its June 28 meeting to jointly recognize and thank Ed Stevens for serving as the spokesperson of the Kahu Ku Mauna council since it was formed some 11 years ago. "Uncle Ed" will continue as a member of Kahu Ku Mauna, but has handed the role of spokesperson to fellow council member, noted Master Polynesian navigator Chad "Kalepa" Baybayan.


Chad, UHH Chancellor Donald Straney, MKMB Chair Barry Taniguchi, Institute for Astronomy (IfA) representative Bob McLaren, former UH Regents Allan Ikawa and Billy Bergin, and I were among those who thanked Ed for his inspired leadership and unflagging commitment to protect Mauna Kea's spiritual and cultural integrity.



Members of the Mauna Kea Management Board recognize Ed Stevens with a framed resolution thanking him for his exceptional service to the Mauna Kea management process. (L-R): Stephanie Nagata, Lisa Hadway, John Cross, Ed Stevens, Ron Terry, Pat Bergin, Barry Taniguchi and Dennis Hirota.

Speakers recalled Ed's role in answering the challenges of formulating and implementing the 2000 Mauna Kea Science Reserve Master Plan over a decade ago. The biggest challenge, they recalled, was to earn the public's confidence by involving the community in the management process. Kahu Ku Mauna, a nine-member council or Hawaiian cultural resource people, was formed to do exactly that by advising OMKM, MKMB and UH Hilo Chancellor on all Hawaiian cultural matters affecting Mauna Kea.

Ed got involved from a very early point in the process, having been tapped by U.S. Sen. Daniel K. Inouye to serve as a member of Ahahui Ku Mauna, which helped to shape and finalize the Master Plan itself. 


At great personal sacrifice, Ed continued to donate his time and knowledge over the years to lead Kahu Ku Mauna. He has made many long drives from his home in Kona to attend Kahu Ku Mauna meetings, MKMB meetings, study and review proposals, and, in consultation with other respected cultural consultants, present recommendations to help us preserve and protect his beloved Mauna Kea.

Everyone knows and respects Ed's heartfelt vision that, someday, Mauna Kea's summit will be clear of all man-made constructions. Rather than simply vent angry protest, however, Ed chose to get involved and always retained his calm, reasonable and respectful demeanor while helping to shape decisions to make things right for Mauna Kea. He has always been willing to educate others as to the spiritual significance of the mountain, and people listen to Ed because of his deep spiritual convictions and his ability to work with people.

It is clear that we would not have made the progress that we have in improving management of Mauna Kea without Ed Stevens. It is my hope that his example will continue to serve as a model and inspiration to everyone as we continue our efforts to fulfill the important mission before us.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela



Kagura Festival
The Music of the Gods



Live from Hiroshima Japan, the Kurisu 

Kagura Dan will perform The Music of the Gods on Friday August 19th, 2011 from     6 to 8:00 PM at Sangha Hall. 


The performance is a celebration of peace, friendship and cultural respect told through the music, dance and art of Japan.  Special guests performing alongside the Kurisu Kagura Dan are the sister violin and piano sensation Duo Hinotsume


Tickets are $15 for General Seating and can be purchased at KTA Super Stores Puainako or call the JCCIH office at 934-0177.   



A smile is the beginning of peace.
Mother Teresa


Japanese Culture Day

By Tommy Goya


Please mark your calendar and join the Japanese Community Association of Hawai'i (JCAH) at its biennial Bunka no Hi Japanese Culture Day celebration at Sangha Hall on Saturday, November 19th.  


Activities include traditional arts and craft, entertainment, food and Shichigosan kimono picture taking for 3, 5 and 7 year old children.  CultureDay_SanghaHallWe will again be recognizing and honoring individuals who have made significant contributions to the preservation and perpetuation of the Japanese culture and arts on Hawai'i Island.


Cultural Treasure nominations are welcome.  Jan Higashi will chair the event again this year and we expect nothing but the best when she's in charge!  Volunteers are welcome to participate on the various committees. 



Hawai'i Community College Update

By Chancellor Noreen Yamane


As Hawai'i Community College celebrates our 70th anniversary this year, we will open the  2011-12 academic year with a dramatic increase in student enrollment.  Last year's fall opening headcount enrollment was 3,850.  We expect to open this fall 2011 semester with well over 4,000 students.

The enrollment figures for the past few years have shown that HawCC is the fastest growing in the University of Hawai'i System and, as a result, we've outgrown our Manono Campus.  We received funding from the Legislature to update the plans for a new Hilo campus at the Komohana site.  We hope to gain the support of our community in building the momentum to make our hopes for a new campus in Hilo a reality.

As a two-year institution in the University of Hawai'i System, Hawai'i Community College prides itself in how we prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributors through our 26 programs including our Liberal Arts Program.  This year we are introducing the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Program and re-vamping our Electronics Technology Program to better meet the needs of the industry.

Hawai'i Community College is known for producing quality graduates who have gone on to private industry, politics, education, health, and other careers.  In the spirit of E 'Imi Pono, seeking excellence, we are very proud of the quality learning and grooming that takes place within our students under the direction of our committed, dedicated, and passionate faculty and staff.  Our students' high quality experiential learning projects and achievements are evidenced through these various community outreach projects: our Model Home Project (we just dedicated our 44th Model Home in May), Kipaepae, Heart Walk Health Fair, International Education Week, E Ola Health and Future Fair, Earth Day Fair, Kamoleau Project in Panaewa, Educational Talent Search and Haakumalae Protocols Program.

We are happy to announce that our East Hawai'i Culinary Arts Program was reaccredited by the American Culinary Federation, the Nursing Program received accreditation for a maximum of 8 years by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc., and the Children's Center under the Early Childhood Education Program received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children until 2016.  Each of these programs worked hard to meet their industry's requirements and standards.

Hawai'i Community College is part of the Rural Outreach Services initiative which is a partnership among federal, state, county governments, and private non-profit agencies to provide access to government and community resources at the North Hawai'i Education and Research Center (NHERC) in Honoka`a.  In addition to offering English 102 at NHERC this fall semester, our Admissions, Counseling, Financial Aid and Office of Continuing Education and Training units will visit the rural community on a rotating basis.


We appreciate this opportunity to keep you updated with new developments at Hawai'i Community College.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Helen Tupai at our Information Center at 974-7611 or   


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Keizoku wa chikara nari

Perseverance is strength



Thirty Meter Telescope Update  

By Sandra Dawson, Community Affairs Manager, TMT

Sandra Dawson


The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai'i and the Hilo community have been extremely supportive of TMT's efforts to site the world's next generation telescope on Mauna Kea.


Where Are We Today?

Earlier this year the Land Board unanimously approved a Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) allowing TMT the opportunity to build our telescope on Mauna Kea.

Six opponents, Clarence K. Ching, Honolulu-based KAHEA, Deborah J. Ward, Paul K. Neves, Flores/Case ohana and Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, filed a petition to appeal the issuance of the CDUP through a Contested Case Hearing process.

Land Board Chair William Aila appointed attorney Paul Aoki as the hearings officer and hearing dates have been scheduled for Tuesday, August 16, Wednesday, August 17 and Thursday, August 18 in Hilo.

If the Contested Case hearings should last longer than four days, the Contested Case hearing will be continued on Thursday, August 25. Contested Case hearings will be held in Hilo at a location to be announced.


We Ask for Your Support and Kokua Once Again!


Over the last few years, Japanese Chamber members have come out in force to demonstrate support for TMT throughout the public process. Many of you testified at public meetings, and many of you attended these meetings wearing TMT Yes! buttons to illustrate your support of the project to decision makers.


We need supporters in the audience at the Contested Case hearings and wearing the yellow TMT Yes! buttons at the hearings, which will be held August 15-18 in Hilo.


It would be great if you could show your support for an hour. Your support has been instrumental throughout the process.  Those of us affiliated with the Thirty Meter Telescope project certainly appreciate your time and dedication.


Call Laura Aquino at 326-7820 or email: if you are able to attend any of the Contested Case Hearings (August 15-18).


Once again, mahalo nui loa to the membership of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai'i for your continued kokua.



If you only do what you know you can do - you never do very much.
Tom Krause




August 2011 
In This Issue
President's Message
2011 - 12 Installation Dinner
Chado & The Way of Tea
Goji Kara
13th Annual A Taste of Hilo
Words of Wisdom
New Faculty Reception
OMKM Update
Kagura Festival
Japanese Culture Day
HawCC Update
TMT Update
2011-2012 JCCIH Leadership
Advertising Opportunities


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What's Happening

August 16
Governmental Action Committee Meeting
Chamber Conference Room, 5:00 pm
August 17
Joint - New Faculty Reception Meeting
WDD, 11:30 am
August 18
2011 Workforce Summit Event
Hilo Hawaiian Hotel, Moku 'Ola Room,
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
August 28
Irieto Memorial Service
Alae Cemetary, 2:oo pm
September 7
Joint Education Meeting
WDD, 11:30 am

September 9
Taste of Hilo Committee Meeting
HCC, Building 385A, Room 1, 12:00 pm
September 12
Board Meeting
Encore Restaurant, 11:30 am
September 12
Social & Cultural / Membership
Committee Meeting 
Chamber Conference Room 5:00 pm
September 15
Membership Orientation
Encore Restaurant, 5:00 pm




Big Island Toyota 2011 

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2011-2012 Officers & Directors  


Executive Officers

Michael Kaleikini, President

Jon Arizumi, 1st Vice President

Carol VanCamp, 2nd Vice President

Naomi Menor, Japanese Secretary

Darren Nishioka, Treasurer
Donn Mende, Assistant Treasurer

Ivan Nakano, Auditor

Randy Kurohara, Immediate-Past President



Directors - term expiring 6/30/12
Jason Hayashi
Merle Lam
Howard Meguro
Stephen Ueda
Marcia Sakai

Directors - term expiring 6/30/13
Barry Mizuno
Kimo Lee
Howard Ainsley
Chad Ogata
Ka'iu Kimura
Seth Murashige
Eugene Nishimura
Jessica Yamamoto
Dwayne Mukai


Directors - term expiring 6/30/14
Phoebe Lambeth
Marvin Min
Tommy Goya
Russ Oda

Arthur Taniguchi  



Oshirase Newsletter  

Nico Leilani Verissimo, Editor 
Lei Momi Fujiyama, Executive Assistant 

Welcome New Members!   

Mark Foster
Sales Manager
Hawai'i Paper Products
935-9796 or 989-5434


Reiko Hamano  
Writer, Photographer, Coordinator
Reiko Aloha Services


Linda Iwata
Vice President
Sanford's Service Center, Inc.  

Janice Koya
Janice Koya
959-6724, 936-0580


Amanda Lee
Energy Services of HELCO
969-0131, 345-4718


Shelly Ogata
Co-Owner of Direct Link
966-6145, 640-2062


Hidie Pagud
Assistant Branch Manager
American Savings Bank
933-7500, 936-5820


Lianne Sato
Branch Manager
American Savings Bank

Nina Tanage
Nina Tanabe
HICH Manager
UH Hilo
933-8611, 938-6701







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Advertising runs on a fiscal year calendar beginning on July 1 and ending June 30. 

The first issue for FY 12 will be August 2011 so send in your camera-ready artwork in black & white or color. 


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