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President's Message 
By Randy Kurohara, President 


It's hard to believe that a year has passed and we're again planning for our Installation Dinner - this year being our 61st annual.  I am excited for all the wonderful new members that have joined our organization and look forward to working alongside them in the weeks and months to come.  I ask that we all embrace them and include them in our various chamber activities.


I am so grateful for the guidance and support I have received from my officers, board of directors, members, past presidents, and administrative staff over the past year.  This chamber exists, rests, and moves forward on a strong foundation laid by those who for the past 60 years have put the organization's best interests ahead of their own.  


I would especially like to thank both Jean Tung and Harris Hirata for their many years of dedication and service as executive assistant and editor of Oshirase. I wish you both the best as you enjoy your retirement.  


Looking back over the past year, there have been a number of positive experiences to reflect on.  We've made great strides in membership, governmental affairs, social and cultural committee, as well as logistical and product advancements in our newsletter, website, and marketing initiatives for the chamber.  But the one that exemplifies the essence of this organization is the coming together and collaboration for our Japan Relief effort.  Our chamber's generous donation of money to the Aloha Japan fund as well as volunteering of time to help at a community fundraiser speaks volumes of the character of the people in this organization.

I am excited about where this organization is heading and am confident in the leadership that incoming president Mike Kaleikini will bring.  Above all, I am excited for all of you in that the membership value this chamber offers continues to grow with new and exciting programs and an increasing number of opportunities for relationship-building.    


I would also like to thank Lei Momi Fujiyama for doing such a great job keeping our office operating efficiently and for working so well with our membership and leadership team over the past year. 


Mahalo nui loa to all of you for allowing me to be your 60th President.  It has been an honor to work with you and I ask for your continued support and participation as Mike Kaleikini takes over on July 1st.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu....Okage sama de.

Randy Kurohara
President, JCCIH

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Incoming President's Message

By Michael Kaleikini, Incoming President



It is amazing that our new chamber year will be commencing in less than a month.  I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve as your president during our chambers 61st year as part of our East Hawai'i, Hawai'i Island and State of Hawai'i business communities.

As we begin our 61st year, I promise to continue to work closely with our officers, directors, and committee chairs to meet the goals and objectives of our chamber. 


We plan to continue to provide a lineup of programs and services intended to increase the value of your chamber membership.  This will provide all of our members a platform to build solid, long lasting relationships for many years to come.  The focus of our chamber will always remain YOU, our valued members, without whom we would not exist.


I will also work closely with other chambers and business organizations to provide a consistent and unified voice when it comes to promoting the general welfare of Hilo, Hawai'i Island and the State of Hawai'i.  This includes our collective legislative priorities and initiatives.


I am very lucky to say that I have a very supportive family.  Sandie, my wife, along with our two sons Reed and Keegan and many other family and friends who have been there when needed.  In addition, I am most fortunate to work for a company that supports and understands the importance in participating with our chamber.  Puna Geothermal Venture, a subsidiary of Ormat have been very supportive of our chamber over the years.


Read more about Incoming President Michael Kaleikini here.


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61st Annual Installation Dinner 
By Carol VanCamp, 2nd Vice President 

The chamber's 61st Annual Installation Dinner is set for Thursday, June 23rd at 'Imiloa Astronomy Center.   Governor George R. Ariyoshi will be the keynote speaker and will highlight the installation of new President Mike Kaleikini and the accomplishments of Outgoing President Randy Kurohara.



GeorgeAriyoshiGovernor Ariyoshi was a three-term governor of the State of Hawai'i, and was noted as a farsighted architect of Pacific-Asian affairs.  In addition to serving as the nation's first Asian-American governor, he was also the state's lieutenant governor, a territorial and state Senator, and a member of the Territorial House.  He held elected office from 1954 to 1986.  Read his bio here


The event will be held in Moanahoku Hall, with cocktails at 5:30 pm and dinner at 6:30pm. The Sky Garden Restaurant will provide a buffet dinner that includes prime rib,  teriyaki chicken,

Former Hawaii Governor Ariyoshi Played Role In Statehood

Video: Former Hawai'i Governor Ariyoshi Played Role In Statehood

salt & pepper shrimp, mixed vegetables, a variety of salads, fruits, desserts and coffee.


The cost is $45 per person, or $360 for a table of 8.  The reservation deadline is Monday, June 13, 2011 with an anticipated sell-out, so book your tickets early!


For more information, or to make reservations, contact the Chamber office at 934-0177 or email [email protected]


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Oshirase & Website Sport New Look
By Nico Leilani Verissimo

Nico_photoWelcome to the new online version of Oshirase!   I have the pleasure of serving as your new editor and filling the GIGANTIC shoes of Harris Hirata, who served as a truly talented and witty editor for 11 years... and I thought I had pretty big feet!    


Shoe size aside, I look forward to working with all of you and togiantshoes creating new memories following in his footsteps - so mahalo nui for this opportunity.


We've made a few changes to how we share updates with you and hope you like what you see.  A few of the enhancements we've made include a new format that utilizes an email broadcast tool and design software called Constant Contact.    


Oshirase's new visual link-driven format includes photos and links to videos of events and news - all without requiring you to download a large PDF file (if you prefer to receive it in PDF - we can do that too!).  Use the links listed at the top of this page under In this Issue to quickly access the articles you find most interesting.  

To share with a friend, click on the buttons that look like this:



If you prefer to receive news by snail mail,  just let us know!


The new Oshirase also offers increased visibility for our advertisers - just click on their company logos to check out their websites.  And speaking of websites, we now have a seamless integration between Oshirase and the Chamber's new website - use the links at the top of Oshirase under the masthead or visit .


A special mahalo to Hurai Rody and the team at  Koa Consulting for their design work on the new website - they were great to work with and helped us through the process with patience and detail. 


I'd also like to say mahalo Howard Meguro, Lei Momi Fujiyama, and Carol VanCamp for their kokua through the re-design process - what a great team!   


Please send comments, feedback and input or shoe size  to [email protected]

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Harris - It's OUR Turn...

                           ... to say Thanks!


Harris HirataA special mahalo to Harris Hirata who, for the past 11 years, has championed Oshirase as a sharp-witted editor with a great sense of humor and some thought-provoking questions and Dijanos?


Thank you for your sense of humor for your years of sharing the things that make us go "hmmm...." 


Harris, your words and insight will be missed.  


In tribute to Harris and the spirit of dijano... 


Dijano?  Owl
...venetian blinds were invented in Japan?

...owls can't move their eyes side to side?

...Tiger Woods' real first name is Eldrick? astronaut can be up to 2 inches taller returning from space (the cartilage discs in the spine expand in the absence of gravity)?

Thank you Harris for your words of wisdom and years of editing Oshirase!   

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Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.  
Og Mandino
Chamber Aloha for Japan

By Art Taniguchi 


On behalf of Consul General of Japan Yoshihiko Kamo and myself, I would like to thank the members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hawai'i for their tremendous support of the Japanese people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. 


Many of our members, as well as members of the community, mobilized and concentrated their efforts on fundraising to help the Aloha for Japan campaign.  Our Chamber gave a generous donation of $25,000.   In addition, President Randy Kurohara's company Creative Arts donated a generous $10,000 in proceeds from t-shirt sales.  The various groups that have Japanese ties in both Hilo and Kona donated in excess of $125,000.  This amount is exclusive of all of the personal donations made through the financial institutions on our island.



Art Taniguchi, President Randy Kurohara, Consul General of Japan Yoshihiko Kamo, Incoming President Mike Kaleikini
 present $25,000 check for Aloha Japan Relief Effort Fund


Following the lead of the Japanese Embassy and Consulate in Honolulu, I placed "Books of Condolences" at the Mayor's offices in Hilo and Kona for the public to express their thoughts and prayers.  The Mayor was very generous in allowing us to place the books in his offices, as it allowed for a secure and respectful location.




Randy Kurohara presents $10,000 check on behalf of Creative Arts


We invited representatives of the various groups with Japanese ties to the opening day of the book signing and President Randy participated in the signing.  Walter Kunitake, President of the Kona Japanese Civic Association assisted in getting their representatives to attend the opening in Kona.  The Hawai'i Tribune-Herald and West Hawai'i Today assisted us in notifying the public about the books.


I hand carried the books to Consul General Kamo in May and he expressed his appreciation to the people of the Big Island. 




Art Taniguchi
Honorary Consul General of Japan, Hilo 


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Goji Kara Events Bring Members Together
By Carol VanCamp 



Two exciting Goji Kara events in April and May brought members and guests together to enjoy great food, fellowship and entertainment, and to also learn about the programs and services of their Chamber member hosts.


On April 25, Hawai'i Community College treated attendees to a Kipaepae, or welcoming ceremony, with the Hawai'i Lifestyles program with a variety of refreshments prepared by HCC Culinary Arts students.  The event  included a tour of the architectural, engineering and CAD technology classroom, in addition to  a sustainability display of the applied technical education model home project.  A special feature included a tour of the child care and training facility, and an interactive sustainability "game" that gave attendees the opportunity to win prizes.  Our thanks to Debbie Shigehara for coordinating this Goji Kara, and to Chancellor Noreen Yamane and her faculty and staff for their participation.  




Beehive Ginger


 On May 26th, Pauline Lutkenhouse and her staff at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden invited Chamber members and guests to tour their beautiful  gardens in Onomea that included a 3-tier waterfall feature, Lily Lake, their "Bird House", and  thousands of plant and tree species. 






Carol VanCamp with Pauline Lutkenhouse

After the tour, attendees were treated to live music by Lito Arkangel,  food, fellowship, and door prizes.  Pauline explained the history of the gardens started by her late husband, Dan Lutkenhouse, and gave credit to her staff for the success this attraction is enjoying today.  On average, more than 200 people visit the gardens daily, and that number doubles to more than 400 on cruise ship days.  In addition, they annually invite school classrooms from across the state to visit the gardens free of charge, and many take advantage of this opportunity. 






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By Dr. Saeko Hayashi, Astronomer, Subaru Telescopes



Words of Strength 

Gaman and Omoiyari.  These are the words used when people on the news in disaster-stricken areas are interviewed. Regardless of whether spoken by those affected, or those aiding  relief efforts, the essence of the message is the same. This is particularly true in areas where recovery is a long road ahead.


What is the translation for these words?

refers to the self-control of the individual's ego, or the wanting. These days we tend to use Gaman in a casual way when we talk about stopping youngsters from wasting money or going for extra dessert. In  traditional use, or at least how it was used when I was growing up, Gaman meant perseverance for a greater good and with consideration for others. It meant that a little bit of patience or perseverance from individuals can go a long way in making the bigger group more persistent in adverse conditions.



At a time when agriculture was the main industry where neighbors worked together during the sowing and harvest season to secure their food for the year, Gaman served as an important core value.


There's also another core value that comes with Gaman - it's called Omoiyari.  It means being considerate for others, especially toward less fortunate members of society. Communities where the younger helps the older in physical tasks, and where the latter shares their wisdom with the former, are those that will survive and eventually thrive.


Lately we have heard many tragic stories from northeast Japan or the middle of the continental US. What do we see there? The devastating power of nature, yes, but also the strong will of people who continue on.  The words Gaman and Omoiyari may be different in other languages, but the ideas are universal. Where people help each other, such as sharing three fish among five thousand people, they will live.



Omoiyari happens to be one of the three words that Astronaut Koichi Wakata keeps as his motto. When he visited Hilo briefly in May while on the way from Japan to Texas, he shared his experience with an overflowing crowd at 'Imiloa Astronomy Center. He showed many interesting or intriguing pictures and videos he took while onboard the International Space Station. One of them shows him using a Japanese calligraphy brush, while floating sideways, writing Yume (have a big dream), Tankyushin (being curious and at the same time humble toward the search of knowledge ~ similar to the meaning of 'Imiloa) and Omoiyari (being compassionate) for his New Year'scalligraphybrush resolution. By the way, because of almost negligible gravity, it was easy to do the traditional calligraphy, for the ink did not drip from the brush, he says.


Next time you look up into the sky in the evening, you may see the International Space Station gliding across high above. Who knows? Maybe a Big Island-born astronaut could occupy that station in the future, with a little help from the values of Gaman and Omoiyari.



Astronaut Koichi Wakata


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YWCA of Hawai'i Island Remarkable Person Award

By Jon Arizumi, 1st Vice President 


YWCA of Hawai'i Island held its annual 2011 Remarkable Person Award fundraiser luncheon at the Ka Hale Hi'ilani Hall on April 28, 2011.  It was a pleasure to have the privilege to attend this  event with President Randy Kurohara and Executive Assistant Lei Momi Fujiyama.


Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono was honored andywca_hawaii_island received the "2011 Remarkable Person Award" for her tireless work on behalf of the people of our community and our state.  What makes her remarkable? Congresswomen Hirono was the first immigrant woman of Asian ancestry to be sworn into Congressional office.  She was born in Fukushima, Japan in 1947

and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1959, the same year Hawai'i became a state.


President Randy Kurohara, Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono, 1st Vice President Jon Arizumi, Lei Momi Fujiyama

Congresswoman Hirono credits her two role models who were inspirational in her life: Her mother, a single parent who brought both her and brothers to Hawai'i from Japan to provide them a better life, and Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink.  Patsy shared with Mazie that women can persevere against all odds.  "We stand on the shoulders of women like them and I am honored and grateful for this recognition," said Congresswoman Hirono.


As I reflect on this occasion, I am reminded of a statement that describes Congresswoman Hirono's  sentiment and inspiration - "Okage Sama De," or  I am what I am because of you - in honor of her mother and the late Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink. 


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May Samurai Classic Golf Tournament                                                  
By Randy Kurohara


JCCIH participated in the  Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce's, 34th Annual Samurai Classic Golf Tournament on May 12, 2011.


Six of our most dedicated chamber warriors took to the course at Pearl Country Club in attempts to bring honor to JCCIH.


Golf Warriors Art Taniguchi and Randy Kurohara prepare for battle

We were up against over 200 hostile, but not any more gifted or talented, warriors.  It was a long, six hour battle.  Conditions were hot and the terrain hilly.  There was an enormous amount of iron and wood clashing with white projectiles flying everywhere. 


We returned beaten, humbled....but hoping for another battle opportunity to prove ourselves.  Too chicken for hara kiri.


Mahalo to JCCIH warriors Mike Kaleikini, Art Taniguchi, Eugene Nishimura, Craig Shiroma, Sam Araki, and myself.


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Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation.
 Jack Nicklaus



Hawai'i Community College News 

By Chancellor Noreen Yamane





On behalf of Hawai'i Community College (HawCC), I would like to express how pleased and honored I am to have this opportunity to be part of this wonderful organization.


 Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Noreen Yamane, newly appointed Chancellor at Hawai'i Community College. I was born and raised in Hilo. I began my career at HawCC in 1986 as a math instructor, and served in various administrative roles at the college.


Our HawCC administrative team also include Joni Onishi, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Mike Leialoha, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs; Jim Yoshida, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Guy Kimura, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts and Public Services; Debbie Shigehara, Interim Director of Continuing Education and Training; and Beth Sanders, Interim Director of the University of Hawai'i Center at West Hawai'i. Although these administrators have done a terrific job, I am tasked with recruiting and filling these interim positions on a permanent basis.

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawai'i has and continues to be a very generous supporter of HawCC's student scholarships, academic programs and services. This is the 12th year that the chamber has donated funds through the annual Taste of Hilo (ToH) event. We are pleased to have hosted the planning committee at an annual luncheon to present our report on how the funds are expended. HawCC also recently hosted the Goji Kara event at our Manono Campus for chamber members. 


A lot of great things are happening at HawCC, both here at the Hilo campus and on the west side of the island in Kealakekua. The dedication of the access road at Palamanui in March is the beginning of the next stage of construction for the development of our new West Hawai'i campus. We plan to open our new campus at Palamanui in Fall 2013. We are keeping our hopes for a new campus in Hilo at the Komohana site.

HawCC is rated among the top community colleges in the nation based on the Community Colleges Survey on Student Engagement. We are also one of the fastest growing among our seven community colleges in the UH system.

We embrace the philosophy of Kauhale, which traditionally means the Hawaiian village. Kauhale unites all the components of HawCC into an "academic village without walls" for the overall success of our learners, the learners' communities and their families, in the spirit of E Imi Pono (seeking excellence).

We invite you all to join us in celebrating our 70th anniversary. If you have a story or photo to share about HawCC, please send it to Sandi Alapai via email at [email protected]. Your photos and stories will be posted on our anniversary webpage. If you have any questions, please call her at 933-2342.

Noreen Yamane


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Thirty Meter Telescope Update  

By Sandra Dawson, Community Affairs Manager, TMT

Sandra Dawson


 The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been a strong supporter of Thirty Meter Telescope through a long and sometimes arduous entitlement process. We thank you for your support and will continue to inform you on our progress as TMT continues to moves forward.
This past February the State Land Board unanimously granted TMT a Conservation District Use Permit.
Immediately following, opponents of the project requested a Contested Case Hearing and the Land Board accepted this request and initiated proceedings to appoint a Hearings Officer. State Land Board Chair William Aila subsequently appointed Paul Aoki as the Hearings Officer. 
Hearings Officer Aoki held a prehearing conference in Hilo on Friday, May 13, 2011. The prehearing conference was to determine who has standing in the case and the scope of the hearing. Petitioners Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, K. Kealoha Pisciotta, Clarence Kukauakahi Ching, Deborah J. Ward, KAHEA, E. Kalani Flores and the University of Hawai'i attorneys were in attendance. B. Pualani Case (Case-Flores Ohana) and Paul Neves were unable to attend.
After a long discussion regarding standing in the case it was suggested as a compromise that E. Kalani Flores represent the Case-Flores Ohana with his wife B. Pualani Case representing the ohana in her husband's absence.  Their children, who are minors, were excluded from the Contested Case.
Flores also requested standing for Hawaiian deity Mo'oinanea stating that the deity has a property interest in the land, she resides on the land and that the applicants actions would affect her. He also stated that the definition of "persons" in the statute was broad enough to include the deity. Flores produced an affidavit giving him all of Mo'oinanea's legal rights and powers and stated that the deity can be present and will have a cultural interpreter.
Attorney Tim Lui Kwan,  who is representing the University of Hawai'i at Hilo and is seeking the CDUP on behalf of the Thirty Meter Telescope, countered by saying that the deity didn't meet the definition of a person and should be excluded from the Contested Case.
At the conclusion of the May 13 prehearing conference, Hearings Officer Aoki took everything under advisement.


In a Minute Order dated May 27, 2011, Aoki ordered that: 

  • Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, Clarence Kukauakahi Ching, Deborah J. Ward, KAHEA and Paul K. Neves shall be admitted as parties.
  • Flores-Case Ohana, consisting of E. Kalani Flores and B. Pualani Case, shall be admitted as a party.
  • Recommended that the Board of Land and Natural Resources deny the petition filed on behalf of Mo'oinanea. All of the information presented indicated that Mo'oinanea is a spirit, not a person. Mo'oinanea does not meet the requirements of Hawai'i Administrative Rules (HAR) 13-1-31 and 13-1-2 to be admitted as a party. The definition of "person" in HAR rules does not include spirits.

Hearings Officer Paul Aoki set the contested case hearing dates (August 15-18, 25) with August 11 as the day for the site visit. A Hearing location in Hilo has not yet been selected.


TMT will continue to inform the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry membership as we move forward.   



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Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit.  You are what you repeatedly do. 
Shaquille O'neal
May Surprise at the College of Business and Economics

By Dean Marcia Sakai 

marciasakaiI'll be temporarily stepping out of the role of CoBE dean for a year, effective June 1, 2011, to help UH Hilo carry out the functions of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs.   Leadership for CoBE will be in the capable hands of Hank Hennessey, who will serve as ActingAACSB Dean of the College until the interim dean is named.   Hank has been at UH Hilo since 1988 and has served as the business department chair for the past seven years.  He very closely understands the workings of the college and our responsibilities regarding the College's premier AACSB accreditation.  This assignment was brought on by the announced departure of Debra Fitzsimons for a system chief financial officer position at an Orange County, California, community college system.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the operations side of UH Hilo.  Indeed, it seems like managing a little city!

Hank Hennessey, CoBE Acting Dean 


I'm also proud to be working directly with alums from our business program, who are serving in a range of capacities.  They include Lois Fujiyoshi, UHH budget officer, Dawn Segawa and Kelly (Wehrsig) Kealoha, student service building project management,  and Kirk Mikami, UHH business office.  Indeed these folks are just a few of CoBE alums who serve UH Hilo in a range of capacities.  These include YuYok Pearring, Walter Dudoit, Kyle Fujiyoshi, Kolby Santiago, Chelsea Kay-Wong, Bridget Awong, Joan Iori, and Miles Nagata.


CoBE News:

  • Six CoBE students have been selected to share a $2000 cash prize for their participation in a case competition sponsored by Target Corporation.  Ashley Aurello, Chelsy Johansen, Trebor Waihe'e Yanazaki, Szu-Ting Wang, Peter Woo, and Meilani Yarmola emerged from the closely fought competition to identify the optimum location for a new distribution center for Target stores in theTarget_corporation_logo northeastern United States.  The real-time case study was part of Hank Hennessey's strategic management course.  Michael Kemper and Risa Kincaid, two CoBE alums and Target representatives, judged the presentations.
  • CoBE students  were honored in a May CoBE Awards Ceremony in an intimate reception with the honorees and their families.  Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society inducted four new members for 2011--Naomi Ahu, Amanda Harris, Tracey Niimi, and Tebor Waihe'e Yanazaki.   These students earned their invitation to this honor society by achieving grade point averages that place them in the top 10 percent of the senior class.  Beta Gamma Sigma members graduating in Spring 2011 include, Naomi Ahu, Brie Debus, Shirley Dellinger, Raisa Evora, Tracey Niimi, Lupe Ramsey, Cara Suefuji and Trebor Waihe'e Yanazaki
    Raisa Evora was awarded the Delta Sigma Pi Gold Key, for achieving the highest grade point average  in the Spring 2011 graduating class.  Arlynne Chugen received the Outstanding Economics Major award, for her scholarly achievements among the economics majors.  Thanks go to Derek Kurisu and KTA Superstores for their contribution of a beautiful cake for the event.
  • CoBE is inaugurating the CoBE Freshman Merit Tuition Scholarship, beginning in Fall 2011, to provide financial support to meritorious incoming freshmen.  The following students have accepted the merit tuition scholarship offer:   Maria Basques, Mililani High; Taylor Escalona, Hilo High; Bruce Huelskamp, Christian Liberty; Kiyuna Ku'upuamae'ole, Punahou School; Chung Tong Kwok, Kea'au High; Russ Masuda, Hilo High; Jack Nixon, Waiakea High.  Congratulations to these outstanding students!
  • CoBE is planning to deliver a hybrid model of distance learning and face-to-face sessions for West Hawai'i students.   This '2+2' model  will allow students who have earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree to matriculate into CoBE's upper division business program provided through the West Hawai'i Education Center (WHEC), Hawai'i CommunityWHEC College.   Appropriate equipment has been acquired to upgrade the technology in one of our assigned classrooms at the Hilo campus, and installation is planned for this summer.  Gail Makuakane Lundin, director of the UHH Kipuka Native Hawaiian Student Center, is making grant funds available to the West Hawai'i Education Center to acquire new equipment.  Hank Hennessey and I traveled there in late May and were welcomed for this new partnership between UH Hilo and Hawai'i Community College.  We are working directly with Beth Sanders, WHEC director, and Joni Onishi, Hawai'i CC vice chancellor for academic affairs, who are helping to promote the program.

CoBE Board News: 

  • The CoBE Business Leaders Advisory Board is assisting CoBE in the development ofBankofHawaii_logo funds to furnish a room targeted for student group study and team work meetings  in the new CoBE home planned for the current student services building.  We anticipate occupancy three years out.  The committee is led by board memberKeauhouBeachResort_logorv Gregg Taketa, Taketa, Iwata, Hara CPA LLC, with Kapena Lum, Bank of Hawaii, and Paul Horner, Keauhou Beach Resort, serving as committee members.   Campaign goals are being developed.

    Along the same line of creating different learning spaces for students, CoBE is re-configuring its current business lab area this summer to include more study and meeting space.  This will provide the working experience for us to make optimal choices in usage of the large space dedicated to this purpose in CoBE's new home. 

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In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windsheild.
Warren Buffett




June 2011
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Incoming President's Message
Installation Dinner
Oshirase Online!
Tribute to Harris
JCCIH Aloha for Japan
Goji Kara
YWCA Remarkable Person
Samurai Golf Warriors
HawCC Update
TMT Update
UHH CoBE Update
2011-2012 JCCIH Leadership
Taste of Hilo Ticket Sales
Advertising Opportunities

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What's Happening

June 13
Board of Directors Meeting
Encore Restaurant 11:30 am

June 16
Taste of Hilo Committee Meeting
Chamber Conference Room 5:30pm   

June 23    
61st Annual Installation Dinner
'Imiloa Astronmy Center 5:30pm
July 12    
Board of Directors Meeting
Encore Restaurant 11:30 am





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2011-2012 Officers & Directors  


Executive Officers

Michael Kaleikini, President

Jon Arizumi, 1st Vice President

Carol VanCamp, 2nd Vice President

Naomi Menor, Japanese Secretary

Darren Nishioka, Treasurer
Donn Mende, Assistant Treasurer

Ivan Nakano, Auditor

Randy Kurohara, Immediate-Past President



Directors - term expiring 6/30/12
Jason Hayashi
Merle Lam
Howard Meguro
Stephen Ueda
Marcia Sakai

Directors - term expiring 6/30/13
Barry Mizuno
Kimo Lee
Howard Ainsley
Chad Ogata
Ka'iu Kimura
Seth Murashige
Eugene Nishimura
Jessica Yamamoto
Dwayne Mukai


Directors - term expiring 6/30/14
Phoebe Lambeth
Marvin Min
Tommy Goya
Russ Oda   




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 Ticket sales kick off on June 23rd at our 61st Annual Installation Dinner.  For ONE NIGHT ONLY, great prizes will be given out in  random drawings for early ticket purchasers who attend our Installation Dinner so don't miss out! 


Ticket price is $40 in advance and $60 the day of the event.  Taste of Hilo 2011 will be on Sunday, October 16, 2011. 









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