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November 2011

Hello Faculty,


Here is the newsletter that I had previously told you about. Every month I will be sending out the list of new films that we have added to our collection with a short description and a link to the library catalog. If there is anything on the list you are interested in looking at, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. I hope you find this newsletter useful in finding new films to use in your classes.


Looking at next semester, if any of you have films you would like to use that we do not already have in our collection now would be a good time to let me know so that I can have those films ordered and here before the Spring semester starts. If you have any requests for the spring please feel free to e-mail those requests to me at




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The West
The West
Chronicles the history of the American West, starting with the first European explorations and ending with the beginning of the 20th century
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If you know of a new film that you would like us to add to the collection please send me an e-mail  including the title, director, year, and any other information that will help in finding the film.

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 Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century

Looks at the development of the Bauhaus and at the key figures involved in it, including the founder Walter Gropius, ...
Berlin, Symphony of a Great City

A cross section of life in Berlin from dawn to midnight on a late spring day. Uses montage, cutting, and editing to capture the pulse and tempo of this city.  
Berlin's Hidden History

Berlin's Hidden History -Berlin, the capital of reunified Germany is a city with a glittering present and a dark past. A historian leads the viewer ...

Carbon Nation 


A documentary movie about climate change SOLUTIONS. Even if you doubt the severity of the impact of climate change or just don't buy ....

Carrying Health to the Country    

Civil Action, A  

  A Civil Action  

A high-priced personal injury attorney takes on a case that becomes an epic  legal battle ... one that may cost him his career, reputation and all that he owns.  


Civil War, The  


Ken Burns' Emmy Award-winning documentary brings to life America's most destructive and defining conflict. The Civil War is the saga of ...  

Clan of the Cave Bear, The 

 Clan of the Cave Bear

The story of a Cro-Magnon woman orphaned as a child and raised by a group of Neanderthals. 

Edge, The 


The action takes place shortly after the end of the Second World War in the Siberian hinterland, among Russians and Germans ...  (Russian language)    

Everything is Illuminated 

 Everything is illuminated

A young American man, with the help of a local who speaks weirdly brokeEnglish, journeys to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II in a Ukrainian village that was ultimately razed by the Nazis.

Forest of Bliss 


A film without voiceover commentary, involves the viewer in an intense encounter with daily life in Benares, India's most holy city, from ... 

Gideon's Trumpet 


Henry Fonda portrays Clarence Gideon, the destitute prisoner whose handwritten plea for justice changed the course of American ...

Home Economics 


Reveals the deep human costs of suburbanization and automobilization through candid interviews with two working mothers and a teenage...

In Whose Honor?  


Takes a critical look at the long-standing practice of "honoring" American Indians by using their names for mascots and sports ...

Inherit the Wind

A small Tennessee town gained national attention in 1925 when a biology schoolteacher was arrested for violating state law and teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom.
La Bete HumaineLa Bete Humaine
Train engineer Jacques lusts after the wife of his co-worker Robaud. Robaud kills his boss and Jacques witnesses the murder. In order to keep Jacques ...  
(French language)

Le Jour se Leve 


Besieged by police, a murderer waits in his apartment recalling his past before killing himself at daybreak. (French language).

 Lost Civilizations 


This Emmy-Award winning series for Outstanding Informational Series features original location cinematography in 25 countries, ...



A 1950 update of the Orphic myth by Jean Cocteau that depicts a famous poet scorned by the Left Bank youth, and his love ... (French language)  

Patriot, The 

A hero of the French and Indian conflict, Benjamin Martin had renounced fighting forever to raise his family in peace. However, when British troops arrive at his South Carolina ...  



Wife of a Greek shipping tycoon has a love affair with her stepson.  

Reconstruction Reconstruction

The story of the tumultuous years after the Civil War during which America grappled with how to rebuild itself, how to successfully bring the South back into the Union ... 
 Transcontinental Railroad

On May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah, a boisterous crowd gathered to witness the completion of one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century: ... 

Washington Square 


Catherine, a lonely young woman, is swept off her feet by the handsome Morris Townsend. Suspicious of the young man's true intentions, ... 

The West West, The

Chronicles the history of the American West, starting with the first European explorations and ending with the beginning of the 20th century. Examines the impact of the white  ... 
Wrestling with manhood Wrestling with Manhood

Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, they [Sut Jhally and Jackson Katz] show how so-called 'entertainment' is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence.